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Department of Education

Division of City Schools

J.P. Rizal St., BagongSilangan, Quezon City


First Division Meeting of English Department Heads and Chairmen
June 28, 2018 (Thursday)

Attendeer: District I-VI English Department Heads and Chairmen

Meeting Proper:
Meeting started at 9:00 am with a nationalistic song and a prayer headed by Mrs. Nimfa
Gabertan, Division Supervisor in English

A. Reminders on:
School Based Test
- All schools are instructed to create their own Periodical Examination starting this
1st Quarter to the 4th Quarter of this year.
- Periodical Exams. will be prepared by the master teacher and grade level teachers

Assessment Package
- Division memo will be release in to improve the performance of the students
- Further seminars will be provided in accordance to Test Construction

Reminding all the heads to always relate to their respective teachers whatever
important matters discussed to avoid some alibis of the latter that they are not well
informed. Especially, the least mastered skills of the students.

Principal Passers
- Seminar for the department heads. Capability seminar for the department heads.

B. Matters being discussed:

1. RPMS manual seminar (PPST)

- Role in classroom observation
Teachers should be observed at least 4 times in a year.
Portfolio and assessment should be prepared by teachers and head teachers

2. Standard tool for classroom observation

- Standard tool for classroom observation will be provided for observing Master
teachers and Teacher 1-3.
- Lesson plan should be based on the indicators (KRA’s)
Teachers will be classified as:
 BEGINNING (new teachers – starting teachers)
 PROFECIENT (indicators – Teacher 1-3)
 HIGHLY PROFECIENT (Master Teachers)

- Teachers that are underperforming must be observed repeatedly

- Teachers, Master Teacher and Head Teacher should provide self-assessment tool
(study, training and seminars)

3. Result of the assessment tool in English

- Bagong Silangan High School - 45.31 Rank 37
- Bagong Silangan High School - 41.04 Rank 30
4. Calendar of Activities
- Every last Thursday of the Month

June 29 November (Contest Proper)

July 26 December 22
August 30 Jan 6
September 27
October 11 – Planning for the English festival (Inset)

5. Remedial Reading
- Remedial teachers should have a regular class to attend. Especially during class

6. Things to be submitted to Ma’am Nimfa Gabertan

- Periodical Exam will be prepared by the teachers with table of specification and the
key of correction.
- Identify the least mastered skills of the students
- MPS by grade level and over all mean
- List of non-readers and school where they came from.

Meeting adjourned 11:00 am

Prepared by:

Ryan Ric E. Mary