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We are asking for your help in answering some questions about your role as a liaison librarian, and how this role has changed in recent times - particularly in relation to the support of research dissemination. The project will feed the results of this survey, plus more specific qualitative data taken from a number of institutional partners into the setting of strategic recommendations that will be used to help promote alternative routes to research dissemination. NOTES: The survey should take no more than 20 minutes to complete. The survey is open until the 31st October 2010 Questions are mandatory unless marked otherwise. Note that once you have clicked on the CONTINUE button your answers are submitted and you can not return to review or amend that page Some demographics This is information about you and some information about your organisation - it will be held securely by the project and any details will not be shared with any third parties 1. In which country are you based?

2. Please indicate your subject area from the following list (multiple answers are allowed) (select all that apply) Physical Sciences Engineering & Technology Life Sciences Clinical, Pre-clinical & Health Social Sciences Arts & Humanities Other (please specify):…



Online Surveys - Admin

3. How long have you been a subject/liaison librarian Less than 1 year 1-2 years 3-4 years 5-6 years More than 6 years 4. How many subject/liaison librarians (Full Time Employees) are there working at your institution overall 0-10 11-20 21-30 More 5. Can you let us know how the liaison librarians at your institution are distributed by subject area? (we acknowledge that one FTE librarian can be responsible for multiple subject areas) Number of Liaison Librarians a. Physical Sciences b. Engineering & Technology c. Life Sciences d. Clinical, Pre-clinical & Health e. Social Sciences f. Arts & Humanities g. Other

Section A - Perceptions of Change In this section, we would like to find out about how the role of the liaison librarian has changed over recent years 6. Would you say that your role as a Liaison Librarian has changed in recent years? Yes No 7. If your answer to question 6 was 'yes' can you please let us know to what extent the focus of your role has changed. If you answered 'no' please skip to section B (Optional) (select all that apply) The role is more focused on research The role is more focused on learning and teaching support The role is more focused on collections management Other (please specify):…



Online Surveys - Admin

8. Does it involve; (Optional) (select all that apply) More information literacy teaching/training Less information literacy teaching/training More direct engagement with researchers and academic staff Less direct engagement with researchers and academic staff Other (please specify):

9. What do you think has been the major driver behind these changes? (Optional) (select all that apply) Demand from researchers Demand from library users Management and university administration demands (for example; to support research assessments) Anticipated needs identified by liaison librarians Other (please specify):

Section B - Supporting Dissemination This project is specifically interested in identifying how liaison librarians are engaging with researchers in order to support and promote the dissemination of research. 10. In the support of research dissemination, please say to what extent you engage in the following activities with researchers and academics Please rate Daily A few A few times A few Rarely Never times per per month times per week year

a. Providing advice on alternative publishing models, including for example, the use of the institutional repository services. b. Promotion of the principles of open access and open scholarship approaches c. Providing advice on compliance requirements for local policies surrounding scholarly communications (e.g. open… 3/7


Online Surveys - Admin

access mandates, research data management planning) d. Working with and on behalf of the research teams to design and implement improvements in repository functionality e. Participation in the procurement and development of new tools and services for research. f. Advice on the management of grey literature and other artefacts of research g. Advice on data management -- for example approaches to data curation which should take place during the research process. h. Advice on alternatives to traditional peer review i. Advice on on copyright and intellectual property rights j. Assistance in 'marketing' of academic research to the subject and academic community through alternative means -e.g.'web 2.0' services k. Provision of bibliometric and usage stats reporting etc (via reporting or online through syndication and aggregation tools), for both traditional and alternative publishing models

11. Please let us know of any other services that you deliver at your institution, and that are not listed above, which support the dissemination of research. (Optional)

12. If there are new services being delivered, are these: (Optional) As well as traditional services Instead of traditional services If the answer is 'instead of traditional services' can you provide examples of the services are no longer being delivered? (Optional)

13. Has demand for new services such as those mentioned above been officially recognised by your institution, and changes made to support arrangements and your job description? (Optional) Yes No If yes, can you explain what? (Optional)…



Online Surveys - Admin

14. Do you think that such services *should* be part of your job description, or should they be provided from elsewhere in the organisation (Optional) Yes No If 'no', please say which part of the organisation would be more appropriate: (Optional)

15. Does your institution recognise the training and development needs required for support staff to become expert in these services (Optional) Yes, training and development programmes are being provided Yes, but no formal development programmes have been initiated No

Section C - Use of Web 2.0 and Social Networking to support research dissemination This following section is specifically aimed at librarians who use web 2.0 tools and social networks in the course of their work. 16. Do you believe web 2.0 tools and approaches are important in the support of research disseminiation (Optional) Yes No Don't know 17. Do you personally make use of web 2.0 tools as a method of supporting research dissemination (Optional) Yes No 18. Please indicate which web 2.0 services you have used as a means to communicate and disseminate research (Optional) (select all that apply) Blogging Online Video Social Networks (for example Twitter, or Facebook) Podcasting Photo Sharing Newsgroups/forums Wikis Social Bookmarking Instant Messaging Virtual Worlds Other (please specify):… 5/7


Online Surveys - Admin

19. Do you think the development of subject focused social networks (online communities) is a important role for the liaison librarian in order to disseminate information about research (Optional) Yes No Don't Know 20. Are you able to cite examples of how you have built or participated in the development of social networks relevant to your role (Optional) Yes No If yes, can you provide us with a little background to these networks and how you have participated? (Optional)

Section D - Local attitudes to use of web 2.0 and social networking This section is looking to establish the level of local (institutional) support for participation in the use of web 2.0 approaches and though engaging in social networks 21. Do you think your institution values the existence of social networks and web 2.0 tools as a means to support research dissemination (Optional) Yes No Don't know 22. Are you offered any institutionally led development opportunities or training that supports the use of web 2.0 tools and social networks (Optional) Yes No Don't know

Section E - Sharing experiences 23. Would you say that the use of web 2.0 tools and social networks in support of your role has been a positive or negative experience? (Optional) My experiences have been positive My experiences have been negative If you are happy for us to do so, then may we contact you for further information about your experiences? Please provide an email contact address. (Optional)…



Online Surveys - Admin

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