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(continuation of week 1)

Date: July 9, 2018

Time: 7:30-9:00am
Strand: ABM/STEM/GAS 11

I. Objectives

A. The learners are expected to define personal effectiveness.

B. Identify and describe different personal effectiveness characteristics.

II. Content

A. Topic: Personal Effectiveness (ESP-PD11/12KO-Ia-1.1-1.3)

B. Reference: Curriculum Guide page 1, PerDev Teachers Guide page 5-7
C. Materials: Board, chalk, paper, etc.

III. Procedure

A. Motivation:
Ask the students to identify:
(2) skills they already have,
(2) they want to develop,
And write three (3) ways for them to improve on each of their identified skill.


This activity is a showcase of talents of students which they previously planned and
prepared. The class groups perform at the Talent or Variety Show. Audience gives
feedback on the performances.

C. Analysis
The leaders of each group shall rate the performance of each group based on the
following criteria:
Originality = 4 points
Creativity/Resourcefulness = 4 points
Teamwork = 4 points
Audience impact = 4 points
Total of 16 points.
Each student will write about their experiences as a group/member in this activity.

D. Abstraction
Let the students share their outputs and then after that the teacher will collaborate
their answers and give inputs about defining the concept of the personal

In the spaces indicated by numbers, write down the following:

1 and 2 two things I do very well

3 and 4 my two greatest achievements in life
5 what in myself am I proudest of
6 my happiest moment
7 positive words that my friends use to describe me
8 a personal goal that I have already achieved
9 three blessings for which I am most thankful to God
10 three of my positive qualities
11 difficulties, challenges and problems that I was able to solve and
IV. Evaluation

Fill in the blacks the correct answers:

1.__________ means making use of all the personal resources- talents, skills, energy and time, to
enable you to achieve your goals.
2.__________ includes knowledge and skills that we acquire in the process of cognitive and practical
3.__________ it is a skill that allows you to find extraordinary ways to carry out a specific action that
no one has tried to use.
4.__________ it is a skill that helps you achieve goals using new, original, unconventional ideas.
5.__________ it is a skill that makes you keep moving forward regardless of emerging obstacles.
6.__________ it is a skill that helps you combat stress that arises in a daily life from the environment
and other people.
7.__________ it is a skill that appears in the process of personal development, as a result of getting
aware of yourself.
8.__________ it is a skill that allows you to focus only on achieving a specific goal without being
distracted by less important things or spontaneous desires.
9.__________ it is a skill that help you cope with the problems encountered with lack of experience.
10._________ it is required for setting goals, defining an action plan to achieve them and risk
V. Assignment

In your journal notebook, write a journal reflection from “my banner activity”.

1. What do you consider as your weaknesses, abilities and talents?

2. What are the remedies you will take to improve or compensate for your weakness?
3. How can you further enrich your assets and strengths?
4. Where and how do you use it to your best advantage?

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