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Search results, data security, and integrated management

Will Pollard

Intro, swicki links quality and learning

This paper tries to put assurance in the context of the wider discussion around safety. The management of
assurance is usually as part of other concerns such as quality of outputs and the sustainability of organisations.
Previously I have found that many academics usually resent forms of quality assurance and do not see associated
theory as helpful. I am trying to find a theoretical context for working with assurance as if it might have real
positive consequences. The first section will explain why the web is a useful source for this. The second looks at
ISO 27000 , especially the Plan-Do-Check-Act learning cycle. The third looks at some recent search results and
continuing questions.

Academics have concentrated on “quality” as a discourse. Wilmott and Wilkinson (1995) describe the word as
having “no meaning”. Perhaps the introduction to the book could be seen as about the effects of the discourse
around "quality" rather than about any practice as such. The Web is breaking down the barriers maintained by
academic disciplines. Terms such as "networked learning" or "technology enhanced learning" sometimes obscure
a more general discussion in which quality ideas are easier to include. David Weinberger has published
"Everything is Miscellaneous" following a series of talks. Swickis are a way to show groups of keywords. The
"learn9" Swicki connects learning and quality. There is also a Swicki linking ISO27000 and Protection Science.

Two film ideas

CPS - online fraud -

Bailrigg - campus trip starting with info21 -

Flickr with script as comments

Plan -Do-Study Act or Plan-Do-Check-Act

I hope to continue looking at ISO27000 and connecting ideas about management learning with the Deming SIG of
the CQI. The Management School is less involved with this conference than with the KBE event but theory about
learning organisations is relevant to both.

Recently I have concentrated on Ishikawa's book "What is Total Quality Control?" and discovered that Deming
changed the word "Check" to "Study" as in the USA checking might just be ticking a box. Translation is a
problem. The title might be better put as "company wide quality management".

Later I would like to look at Soft Systems with the idea that documentation could be seen as model or basis for
learning. In "Learning for Action"(2006) Checkland and Poulter show clearly how learning and systems can be

Over time the Swickis will show how widely the ideas about assurance and learning are shared. One problem is
that Eurekster stopped hosting the Swickis for several days earlier this year and their traffic seems to have
dropped off. Why this should happen is a mystery but this will be investigated. Meanwhile I back up some sample
results every few weeks and suggest you do the same.

The learn9 blog will be updated frequently in the weeks before and after the conference but maybe not during it so
much. Photos will appear on Flickr. Suggest tag nsop2008
This text and others will be on Scribd -