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US Pink Sheets: ALTSF

Alturas Minerals Corp.

A diversified discovery-stage junior company with
GOLD and COPPER Projects in PERU

June 2009
Forward Looking Statements

This presentation includes certain "forward-looking statements" under

applicable Canadian securities legislation. All statements other than
statements of historical fact included in this presentation, including,
without limitation, statements regarding potential exploration results,
future plans and objectives of the Company are forward-looking
statements that involve various risks and uncertainties. There can be
no assurance that such statements will prove to be accurate and
actual results and future results, events and objectives could differ
materially from those anticipated in such statements. Important
factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from Alturas
Minerals’ expectations include exploration and other risks detailed
from time to time in the filings made by the Company with securities

Alturas Minerals – Why Peru?

(+50 Moz gold)
• Politically and economically stable..and improving
• Growth for 2009 projected to be 3-4%
• Outstanding Mineral Exploration Potential
• World Class Discoveries: Yanacocha, Pierina, Alto
Chicama, Antamina Pierina
• World Mining Heavyweight (Production)* (+8Moz gold)

• #1 in Silver #2 in Copper
#5 in Gold #2 in Zinc
• Free Trade Agreements with U.S., Canada, China
• Investment Grade Status – Fitch (April 2008) Antamina
(+9Mt copper eq.)
• Pro-mining Government Support

*Source: Peruvian Ministry of Energy and Mines

Alturas Minerals – The Essentials

• Focused on GOLD and COPPER discovery in PERU

• Decades of discovery experience in the country

• Team led discovery and development of some of Peru´s largest gold and
copper deposits (Yanacocha and Antamina)

• Four high quality, drill-ready key projects

• Pipeline of eight other exploration projects

• Joint Venture strategy being pursued for some projects

• Positioned to lead next round of world-class discoveries

• Outstanding shares: 53.1 million; Fully diluted: 57.1 million

• Listed on Toronto Venture Exchange, Lima Exchange and US Pink Sheets

Alturas Minerals – Value Creation Strategy

• Acquire High Quality Mineral Properties

• Explore Quickly and Efficiently

• Advance Value Projects Aggressively

• Joint Venture / Sell Longer Term Projects

requiring major capital injection

Alturas Minerals – Project Generation Business Model

Key Tenets of Mineral Exploration:

• Over time, intelligent exploration results in discovery

• Exploration and discovery is a risky, but high reward business

Project Generation Strategy (JV of Multiple Projects):

• Capitalizes on a junior´s local knowledge of a region or

deposit type to generate the best quality projects

• Passes on most of the high costs and risks to better funded

JV partners

• Shareholder dilution is minimized

• Shareholders have greater chance of success

Alturas Minerals – Capital Structure

Shares outstanding: 53.1 million

Options @ $0.58 (weighted avg.): 3.5 million

Private Placements (C$): $17.0 million

- April 2006 @ $0.645: $ 7.0 million
- May 2007 @ $0.50: $10.0 million

Current cash position (C$): $ 1.3 million

Market Cap (C$): $ 8.5 million

Stock Symbol (TSX-V, BVL): ALT

US Pink Sheets: ALTSF
Alturas Minerals - Share Trading over 52 Weeks

Alturas Minerals - Team

Dr. Paul Pearson – B.Sc, PhD, President, CEO, Director

Has worked for 25 years throughout Australasia and Latin America in gold and base
metals exploration. Has held senior technical geological roles, including Project
Generation and Acquisition, with a number of major resource groups that includes
Mount Isa Mines, North Limited, Teck Cominco and SRK Consulting.

Dr. Miguel Cardozo – B.Sc, M.Sc, PhD, Chairman of Board, Director

Over 35 years of gold and base metals experience throughout South and North
America. Senior management roles with Newmont, North Limited, Teck Cominco, and
consulting roles to Placer Dome, AurionGold amongst others. Responsible for the
exploration program that led to the discovery of the Yanacocha gold district, Peru, in

Ing. Augusto Baertl – B.Sc - Mining Eng, Director

Mining Engineer who has held a number of Senior Positions with national and
international mining companies in Peru. Served as Mine Manager, President and
CEO of Compañía Minera Milpo, one of Peru 's largest mining companies. From 1997
to 2002, served as President and Executive Chairman of Compañía Minera Antamina
and oversaw the exploration, feasibility and startup of the project.
Laurence Curtis – Director, formerly Intrepid, High River Gold, Wheaton River
Andre Falzon – Director, formerly Senior financial position at Barrick Gold
Ernest Cleave – CFO, Corp Secretary, formerly Goldcorp, Bata, PwC
Angel Rosas – Exploration Manager Peru, formerly Teck Cominco
Alturas Minerals – Operational Highlights

• Experienced, discovery-oriented management and board

• Recent reorganization to optimize use of resources

• Intention to expand Investor Relations outreach (Peru, US, Canada)

• Projects prioritized during 2006-8; positioned for discovery

• Drill ready projects:

9 Chapi Chapi- Utupara copper-gold (flagship project)
9 Ccaccapaqui gold
9 Sombrero copper-gold
9 Huajoto gold-zinc

• Intention to complete drill program at Chapi Chapi - Utupara

• Successful completion of Joint Venture negotiations will guarantee continued

exploration of other projects and steady news flow

• Impeccable social and environmental performance

Alturas Minerals – Project Pipeline

Alturas Minerals – Project Location Map

Options, JVs: 15,278 ha

100% owned: 21,920 ha
37,198 ha


Chapi Chapi - Utupara Copper-Gold Project
Los Chancas (Southern Copper Corp)
Eocene-Oligocene Cu-Au
200 Mt @ 1% Cu, 0.12 g/t Au
Porphyry / Skarn Belt
Las Bambas (Xstrata)
+508Mt @ +1.14% Cu, 0.02% Mo
Haquira (Antares)
156 Mt @ 0.49% Cu
SX-EW bottoms in primary Cu-Mo
Constancia (Norsemont)
320 Mt @ 0.51% Cu, 0.13%Mo
Tintaya (Xstrata)
261 Mt @ +1.34% Cu (current resource)
Antapaccay (Xstrata)
472 Mt @ 0.74% Cu, 0.14 g/t Au
Chapi Chapi-Utupara
Trapiche – (Buenaventura)
Antilla (Panoro) Cu Porphyry
114 Mt @ 0.71% Cu recent high-grade intercepts 13
Chapi Chapi - Utupara Copper-Gold Project

Recent Progress:

• 1:5,000 geological mapping and soil/rock geochemical sampling over key

targets complete

• Chapi Chapi Target: + 3 kilometer long corridor of magnetite skarns with

very strong copper-gold anomalism. High grade copper-gold results
returned from trenches (up to 18 meters @ 12.7 % copper, 0.13 g/t gold
and 18 meters @ 1.58 % copper, 2.84 g/t gold )

• Huarajo Target: + 1.1 x 1.1 disseminated gold target within fractured and
pyritized sandstone. Representative bedrock geochemical sampling (21
samples) over the soil anomaly returned gold values averaging 0.25 g/t,
with a peak value of 1.15 g/t. Possible leached cap over a concealed
copper-gold porphyry system

• Chama Target: 250,000 ozs Au grading 0.5 g/t gold (oxide) on adjacent
property offered to Alturas. Extensions within our property

Chapi Chapi - Utupara Copper-Gold Project

Chapi Chapi - Utupara Copper-Gold
Copper in soils Cu (ppm)


See photo

Chapi Chapi
Skarn Copper-Gold
>3.0 x 0.25 kms
Chapi Chapi - Utupara Copper-Gold Project

18 metres @ 1.58% copper, 2.84 g/t gold

18 metres @ 12.7 % copper,

0.13 g/t gold

High grade copper-

gold in skarns of
Chapi Chapi Target 17
Chapi Chapi - Utupara Copper-Gold
Gold in soils
Disseminated Gold
(>1.1 x 1.1 kms)

See photo

Au (ppb)

25 18
Chapi Chapi - Utupara Copper-Gold Project

1.15 g/t gold

in sandstones of
Huarajo Target
Ccaccapaqui Gold Project

Corihuami (IRL)
0.5 Moz Au Liam Miocene Au-Ag
(Hochschild) Epithermal Belt
Pico Macahay (Aquiline)
0.5 Moz Au
0.5 Moz Au
Antapite (Buenaventura) Arcata
1 Moz Au (Hochschild)
1 Moz Au
1-2 Moz Au
(Buenaventura) Orcapampa
1 Moz Au (Buenaventura)
1-2 Moz Au
Tukari Pucamarca
(Aruntani) (Minsur)
2 Moz Au 1 Moz Au
Ccaccapaqui Gold Project

Recent Progress:

• Geological mapping and systematic rock sampling completed

• Strong gold-silver within high-sulfidation epithermal system
• Mineralized silica / alunite outcrops in small erosional windows define
a coherent anomaly of +1.50 x 0.50 kilometers
• System open at both ends, passing under younger cover, extending
potential to +2.50 kilometers of strike length
• Pervasive silicification of tuffs - a key ingredient in bulk-mineable, low
grade, high-sulfidation epithermal gold-silver deposits
• Potential for mechanically transported gold in glacial moraine
deposits, akin to the Yanacocha gold district
• Drill ready
• JV currently in negotiation with major operator

Ccaccapaqui Gold Project

Gold-Silver Target
>2.5 x 0.5 kms

Ccaccapaqui Gold Project

Extensive glacial cover

Outcrops reporting up to 3.19 g/t Au, 194 g/t Ag

Alturas Minerals - Proposed Budget Summary (US$ ’000)

Jul ´09 to Jun ´10 (All Values in %

US$ ‘000’s)
Utupara / Chapi-Chapi drilling 1,100 43%
Ccaccapaqui or Sombrero (700) 27%
drilling (depends on JV neg.)
Other Projects 50 2%
Sub-Total Projects 1,150 / (1,850) 72%
G&A / Working Cap 720 28%

TOTAL 1,870 / (2,570) 100%

Alturas Minerals – Strategy and Outlook 2009

• 16,000 meters of drilling completed during 2007-2008

• Drill targets defined at Chapi Chapi, Ccaccapaqui, Sombrero
and Huajoto
• Intention to drill Chapi Chapi during 2009 (5,000m)
• Intention to drill one other project (Ccaccapaqui or Sombrero)
during 2009 (3,000m)
• Ccaccapaqui JV deal currently in negotiations
• Strategic partner/s search for the development of all other
projects currently in progress
• Contract issue with Inversiones Sol now resolved

Taking Discovery to New Heights…

June 2009