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Bromum is best suited to people with an

underlying restlessness who tend to stay on the
move or run away from situations. They are
prone to anxiety and subject to the delusion that
someone is behind them.


Kali phos.

Kali brom.


Cerebral anemia
Therapeutics indications
China officinalis
This remedy justly stands at the head of the list of remedies for anemia, when stands at the head of the
list of remedies for anemia, when caused by excessive loss of animal fluids, as in hemorrhage, diarrhea,
leucorrhoea, spermatorrhea and over lactation. Its best effects are observed only after the drain upon
the system has been arrested. The symptoms calling for it are: Headache, especially in the morning;
ringing in the ears; pale, cold face, coldness of the extremities; great debility; tingling and trembling, or
twitching, of the muscles of the limbs; palpitation of the heart; faintness, which is relieved by lying
down; insomnia; vertigo, especially on raising the head.
Arsenicum album
This is a good blood-making remedy, and is best adapted to cases where the blood has become too
watery, or depraved, as in malarial fever, chronic quininism and chlorosis. It is also suited to cases
aggravated by injudicious use of Ferrum. The indications are: great prostration, with rapid sinking of the
vital forces; hammering headache; coldness of the extremities; restlessness; bloating of the hands, feet
and face; thirst for small quantities of water; nausea; tendency to syncope on raising the head; vertigo,
with vanishing of the senses; chilliness; mental depression.
Ferrum metallicum
Cerebral anemia dependent on hydraemia, as shown by great pallor of the face, lips and buccal mucous
membrane; bellows-sound of the heart; muscles flabby and weak; beating headache; slight exertion
produces shortness of breath and exhaustion. This remedy is generally best adapted to chlorotic cases
and to those resulting from passive hemorrhages.
Avena sativa
Coldness of different parts of the body, depending upon want of nerve-force; brain-fag; nervous debility
of schoolteachers and professional men; women who have become anemic and debilitated by
household cares, worry, over-nursing, etc.
Nux vomica
Anemia from mental exhaustion or overwork, as in students and professional people; also the anemia
resulting from debauchery and over stimulation, the long-continued use of ardent spirits, late hours and
high-seasoned food. Especially indicated in all cases where there is gastric irritation, indigestion or
constipation; nausea and vomiting, with frequent eructation of sour-smelling fluids or food; insomnia;
muscular twitching; trembling of the hands; frequent cramps.
Camphora officinalis
Sync opal form, resulting from the rapid loss of vital fluids, and causing great embarrassment of the
respiration and circulation, spasms and convulsions; coldness of the body, vertigo and loss of
consciousness. This is a transiently acting remedy, but very useful in meeting the primary symptoms,
especially when caused by diarrhea, cholera, etc.
Ignatia amara
Cases occurring in weak, hysterical subjects, or in women who have become anemic through grief or
mental anxiety; melancholy, taciturn, nervous, seeks solitude, frequently gives way to tears; sinking
sensation at the pit of the stomach; constipation; over lactation.
Helonias dioica
Cases resulting from diseases of the female sexual organs, menorrhagia; leucorrhoea, with general
atony; prolapsus uteri; loss of sexual appetite; pains in the back from weakness and congestion;
pulsative pains in the top of the head, increased by stooping, and attended by vertigo.
Pulsatilla pratensis
Cerebral anemia due to impoverishment of the blood and associated with menstrual irregularity,
especially in young girls approaching the period of adolescence; amenorrhea, with vertigo, chilliness,
peevishness, acting pain in the small of the back, beating headache, aggravated by stooping, bloating of
the face, hands and feet; hysterical cases, with pale face, disposition to faint and tremulous weakness.
Cina maritima
Hydrocephaloid cases, with marked paleness of the face, especially around the nose and mouth;
transient dizziness, with double vision and obscuration; dilated pupils; spasms and convulsions; paresis;
verminous irritation, producing irritative fever.
Anemia produced by summer complaint in children, and attended with nausea, with or without
vomiting, pale face, with blue margins around the eyes, coldness of the extremities; restlessness and
sleeplessness, or else great drowsiness; convulsive movements of the limbs; stools frequent, emerald-
green, fetid, and ejected with great force.
Calcarea phosphorica
Chronic cases, caused by malnutrition; anemic headache of schoolgirls; weakly, anemic children, with
retarded development, especially of the teeth and osseous structures; hydrocephaloid cases.
Zincum metallicum
Well adapted to old chronic cases, especially when caused by the abuse of potassium bromide. Great
mental and bodily depression; cold extremities; twitching of the muscles, with paralytic weakness;
aching in the forehead after reading, writing or study; loss of memory; restlessness at night, with
frightful dreams.
Zincum phosphoricum
The indications of the employment of these remedies are: brain-fag of business men, teachers and
professional men, who have become pale, haggard, weak and sleepless from overwork, worry and
prolonged mental exertion.
Zincum bromatum
The indications of the employment of these remedies are: brain-fag of business men, teachers and
professional men, who have become pale, haggard, weak and sleepless from overwork, worry and
prolonged mental exertion.
Zincum picricum
The indications of the employment of these remedies are: brain-fag of business men, teachers and
professional men, who have become pale, haggard, weak and sleepless from overwork, worry and
prolonged mental exertion.
Veratrum album
Acute cases caused by violent purging, attended with fainting, spasms and convulsions, and followed or
accompanied by paralytic weakness.
Secale cornutum
Anemia complicated with diarrhea or metrorrhagia, or with spasms and convulsions; small, intermitting
pulse; tinnitus aurium; delirium; loss of consciousness; numbness and coldness of the limbs.
Natrium sulphuricum
Watery condition of the blood; constant chilliness; hydrogenoid constitution; trembling of the body,
with jerking of the limbs; great languor and prostration.
Natrium muriaticum
Cerebral anemia due to malarial poisoning; profound melancholy; circulation excited by every
movement of the body; great weakness and constipation; pale, sallow complexion; effects of onanism.
Chronic cases, occurring in cold, phlegmatic, scrofulous constitutions; also when preceded or
accompanied by eruptions, or when caused by their suppression; also as an intercurrent remedy, or
when indicated medicines fail to produce any lasting benefit.


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Therapeutic indications
Great heaviness and weariness from the least exertion; extreme mental and physical prostration;
bruised feeling in the back and limbs; myelasthenia.
Chininum sulphuricum
Neurasthenia following severe and exhaustion illness, loss of vital fluids, or overexertion, either bodily
or mental; nervous trembling; weakness and trembling of the lower limbs; coldness of the extremities.
General nervous debility, the slightest exertion being attended by fatigue; mental depression, with
anxiety and palpitation of the heart; oppression of breathing arising from nervous debility; sleeplessness
and disinclination to work or move about; constipation, with abdominal distension; fainting spells from
nervous weakness; coldness of the limbs.
Arsenicum album
Constant disposition to lie down; sensation of weakness in the small of the back; weakness of the lower
limbs, preceded or accompanied by copious watery stools; trembling of the limbs from debility; thirst for
small quantities of water; sleeplessness and restlessness, especially at night.
Calcarea phosphorica
Nervous prostration, with great depression of spirits; sore, bruised feeling in the back, with inclination
to lie upon it; coldness and weakness of the lower limbs from defective circulation in them.
Strychninum phosphoricum
Aching pain, sometimes burning, extending from the back to the front of the chest, causing a feeling of
nausea and anxiety; tenderness on pressure over the dorsal region; sleeplessness; cold feet, covered
with clammy perspiration; great weakness of the lower limbs from exhaustion of the spinal motor
nerve-cells; myelasthenia.
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Avena sativa
Neurasthenia of business and professional men, teachers, and women who have become exhausted by
household cares and worry; coldness of different parts of the body depending on weakness of the
circulation from lack of nerve force; cerebrasthenia.
Nux vomica
Nervous debility arising from debauchery and dissipation, late hours, high-seasoned food and abuse of
ardent spirits; mental exhaustion of students and professional men; insomnia produced by overwork,
business cares, etc. Indicated in all cases where there are a disordered stomach and constipation.
Zincum metallicum
Chronic cases, attended by great mental and bodily depression; headache produced by mental exertion;
loss of memory; cold extremities, with paralytic weakness; frightful dreams.
Nervous exhaustion caused by excessive sexual indulgence, onanism or loss of vital fluids; great mental
depression; nocturnal emissions followed by great prostration; headache, backache and loss of memory,
with inability to perform either mental or physical labor.
Epiphegus virginiana
Nausea and general languor; severe pain in the forehead caused by any unusual demand upon the
system; aggravated by rising and going about, always better by rest in a supine position and by sleep.
Zincum bromatum
Cerebrasthenia caused by anemia; mental and bodily weakness, with tendency to paralysis of the lower
extremities. This remedy is preferable to Zinc alone, as it has a quicker action and is more readily
Picricum acidum
Hale regards this as one of our best restoratives of a wasted and worn-out nervous system; the least
mental or physical effort exhausts the patient and brings on headache; homeopathic to the brain-fag of
students, schoolgirls and literary or businessmen and women.
Zincum picricum
Cerebrasthenia and nervous exhaustion from overworked brain or from sexual excesses; profound
neurasthenia, when the nervous exhaustion has passed beyond the stage of erethism, seminal emissions
or erotomania.
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Calcarea hypophosphorosa
Neurasthenia attended by profuse night-sweats; sleeplessness, depression of spirits, loss of appetite,
emaciation; pale and haggard look; habitual coldness and venus congestion of the limbs from debility;
loss of virile power.
Ignatia amara
Oppression of the chest and breathing from weakness, weakness of memory; depression of spirits;
disposed to weep from the most trifling causes; loss of appetite, with feeling of repletion after
swallowing a mouthful or two; palpitation of the heart on rising in the morning or after eating; complete
absence of the sexual desire; face wan and pale; sleepless and full of fanciful apprehensions.
Phosphoricum acidum
General debility, with feeling of extreme weakness and prostration; cold sweats during the day or on
making any physical exertion; loss of all virile power; profuse night-sweats, followed by chilliness;
mentally as well as physically depressed.
Zincum phosphoricum
According to Hammond, who first introduced the remedy, it is homeopathic to mental depression,
debility and nervous weakness, since in large doses it removes these symptoms when caused by
cerebral congestion. Small doses, on the other hand, have in our experience frequently relieved these
symptoms when dependent on cerebral anemia.
Physostigma venenosum
Irritable spine, nervous headache and mental exhaustion; eyes feel weak and swollen; smarting, sore
feeling on the tip of the tongue which feels as if scalded; aversion to cold water; mental exertion tends
to produce nausea.
Consult, also, spinal, anemia and spinal irritation.
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