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Test 5 Speaking

Examiner’s copy
Part 1
Find the differences

140 Test 5, Speaking Part 1

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Part 2
Information exchange Examiner’s copy

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Sam’s pet Daisy’s pet

Kind of animal ? Kind of animal rabbit

How old ? How old 3
What / called ? What / called Betty

Test 5, Speaking Part 2

Like / eat ? Like / eat carrots

What colour ? What colour grey

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Photocopiable worksheets
Worksheet 1

hair blonde

beard curly

moustache straight

thin fat

belt shorts

striped pocket

scarf sweater

coat glasses

sitting lying

smiling laughing

standing playing

running throwing

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Worksheet 2


Time of lesson: 10.45 Time of lesson:                         

Day of lesson: Tuesday Day of lesson:                         

Name of teacher: Mrs White Name of teacher: Mr                         

Teacher’s tel no: 852669 Teacher’s tel no:                         


Time of lesson:                          . Time of lesson: 9.15

Day of lesson:                          . Day of lesson: Thursday

Name of teacher: Mrs                          Name of teacher: Mrs Black

Teacher’s tel no:                          Teacher’s tel no: 377643

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Worksheet 3

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Worksheet 4

12 12 12
11 1 11 1 11 1
10 2 10 2 10 2
9 3 9 3 9 3
8 4 8 4 8 4

7 5 7 5 7 5
6 6 6

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Worksheet 5

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Worksheet 6

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Worksheet 7

butter a taxi

an an an
envelope umbrella ambulance

a waiter maths wood

glue a shelf fog

an an
a snack
astronaut airport

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Worksheet 8

Vicky: Hi, William. Did you have a good weekend?

William: Yes thanks, Vicky. I went to the cinema.
Vicky: Great! What film do you see?
William: It was called ‘Monkeys in space’. Have you seen it?
Vicky: Not yet, but I want to! Did you go with your mum and dad?
William: No. My uncle took me.

Jack: Hi Daisy. What are you doing?

Daisy: Oh, hi Jack. I’m doing my history homework.
Jack: I love History. Does Mr Jones teach you history?
No, my teacher’s called Mrs Hart. She’s really nice. This homework’s
very difficult.
Jack: Let me see. Maybe I can help you.
Daisy: Thanks, Jack.

Ben: Hi, Emma. Are you going to watch the comedy on TV?
Emma: I’m not sure Ben. What time does it start?
Ben: It starts at 2:30 pm.
Emma: OK. Where are you going to watch it?
Ben: At my house. Sam’s going to come too.
Emma: Great! I’ll see you later.

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Worksheet 9

broke cut grow steal pulled decided

brushing leaving knife drum bin chopsticks

insects factory tights pocket bored brave

dry excellent friendly heavy important untidy

Read and complete.

1 I                             a scarf out of my rucksack.

2 He always uses                             if he is eating rice.

3 I saw that new film yesterday – it was                             !

4 ‘Do you like my new spotty                             ?’ asked Vicky.

5 She doesn’t like                             her hair in the morning.

6 He was sorry that he                             the vase.

7 The new boy at our school is very                             .

8 There were a lot of                             in our tent when we went camping!

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Worksheet 10

Read and complete.

1 My name is Joe and I have a little brother called Robert.

Joe has                             called Robert.

2 Yesterday, Robert and I had chocolate ice cream after lunch.

Robert and Joe ate some                                           yesterday after lunch.

3 After the ice cream, we took our kite to the park.

Joe and Robert played with                                           in the park.

4 ‘You’ve broken our kite!’ I shouted at Robert. I felt very angry.

Joe was                             because Robert broke their kite.

5 ‘It’s late. We should go home now,’ I said to Robert.

They went home because it was                             .

6 Robert said, ‘Sorry’, and then we went home.

They went home after Robert                                           .

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Worksheet 11
Healthy teeth
If you want healthy teeth you should be careful about
                     what you eat and
drink. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables and try not to have too                            
sugar. If you                             a lot of sugar you may get toothache.
You also                             to brush your teeth twice a day – once after
breakfast and once before bedtime. It                             important to brush
all of your teeth, not just                             front ones. You should spend at
least 2 or 3 minutes each time you brush. It is also important to change
                            toothbrush when it gets too old. You should get a new
toothbrush                             3 months.
Brushing your teeth is important, but you also need to visit your dentist                            
keep your teeth strong and healthy. It’s important to visit your dentist twice a
year.                             you visit your dentist he or she will                            
at your teeth to check for any problems.

Example for about on

1 many lots much
2 eat ate eating
3 need must should
4 are be is
5 the a an
6 its your their
7 every all each
8 for with to
9 Since When During
10 look looking looks

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Worksheet 12
Look, read and match.

1 take TV a

2 get on homework b

3 meet a mistake c

4 send a race d

5 do a photo e

6 make a bike f

7 ride a friend g

8 win the answer h

9 guess a bus i

10 watch a letter j

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Worksheet 13
Monday 9th May

Dear Vicky,

are you? It’s my birthday soon and I’m (1)                             a party.
Hi. How _____
Would (2)                             like to come? It will be on Saturday 21st May at
7pm (3)                             Gino’s Italian pizza restaurant.
I’m inviting some friends from my school and my cousins. You (4)                            
stay the night at our house on Saturday if you want.
I hope you can come – it will be lots (5)                             fun.

Love from,

1 The worst holiday 2 The clever dog 3 The windy day

4 The naughty kitten 5 Snow fun 6 The hockey match

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Worksheet 14

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Flyers grammar and structures list
Verbs Tag questions
(Positive, negative, question, imperative That’s John’s book, isn’t it?
and short answer forms including Adverbs
I haven’t bought my brother’s birthday
Present simple passive (only with ‘make’ present yet.
and ‘call’)
The table is made of wood. Conjunctions
I didn’t want to walk home so I went on
Past continuous the bus.
I was walking down the road when
I saw her. If clauses (in zero conditionals)
If it’s sunny, we go swimming.
Present perfect
Have you ever been to the circus? Where clauses
He’s just eaten his dinner. My grandmother has forgotten where she
put her glasses.
Be going to
It isn’t going to rain today. Before/after clauses (not with future
Will I finished my homework before I played
Will you do your homework this evening? football.
I won’t buy her a CD because she doesn’t
like music. Be/look/sound/feel/taste/smell like
What’s your new teacher like?
Might That sounds like the baby upstairs.
Vicky might come to the park.
Make somebody/something + adj
May That smell makes me hungry!
The bus may not come because there is a
lot of snow. What time ...?
What time does the film start?
Shall for suggestions
Shall we have a picnic in the park? What else/next?
What else shall I draw?
You could invite Robert to the football See you soon/later/tomorrow, etc.
game. See you next week, Mrs Ball!

Should we take a towel to the swimming


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Flyers alphabetic vocabulary list B

B cu n
Grammatical■ ey
c p c n( ruc s c ) co ect v
ad d ecti e
e ore adv con co ege n
adv d er
egin v com n v
con con unction
e ie e v competition n
det determiner
etn concert n
dis discourse m r er
ett n con ers tion n
e cl e c m tion
ic c e n coo n
int interrog ti e
in n coo er n
n noun
iscuit n ( coo ie) coo ie n ( iscuit)
poss possessi e
it n corner n
prep preposition
ored ad cou d v ( or possi i it )
pron pronoun
r e ad cro n n
v er
re v cut v
ridge n
rig t ad (o co our)
m ( or time) ro en ad
d ngerous ad
cross prep rus n v
d r ad
ctor n ui ding n
d te n ( s in time)
ctu adv urn v
id n
d enture n usiness n
de r ad ( s in e r rr )
d ice n usinessm n om n n ecem er n
ter adv con utter n decide v
go adv utter n dentist n
gree v descri e v
ir n C desert n
irport n c end r n di r n
one ad c me n diction r n
re d adv c mp v dinos ur n
so adv c rd n drum n
m u nce n c rtoon n during prep
n one pron c st e n
n t ing pron c en
n ere adv centimetre n ( centimeter) e c det pron
Apri n centur n e r ad adv
rri e v c nne n e st n
rt n c e p ad ese adv
rtist n c emist( s) n mm n
stron ut n c ess n empt ad
August n c opstic s n end v
utumn n ( ) ristm s n engineer n
adv circus n enoug ad pron


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Flyers alphabetic vocabulary list

entr nce n ur n
en e ope n uture n ice n
en ironment n i con
e er adv i ad
e er ere adv import nt ad
g te n impro e v
e mn
e ce ent ad e cl geogr p n in orm tion n
e cited ad eorge n insect n
e it n get m rried v instrument n
e pensi e ad get to v interesting ad
e p in v g ss ad itse pron
e tinct ad go en
g ue n v
go out v mn
go n nu r n
ct n
go d ad n o n
ctor n
go n oin v ( c u )
n( utumn)
group n ourn ist n
o er v
gro v ourne n
r ad adv
guess n v u n
st ad adv
une n
e ru r n
ust adv
ee v
etc v ad n
e det ppen v
nd out v t n
rd ad adv
nger n eep v
rr n
nis v e n
te v
re n i ometre n ( i ometer)
e dte c er n
re engine n ( re truc ) ind ad
e rv
re st tion n ing n
e ad
rem n om n n ni e n
e en n
erse pron
s ig t n ( torc ) L
ig ad
our n ngu ge n
i n
og n rge ad
imse pron
ogg ad te ad adv
o o v istor n
ter adv
oot er n o n
or prep of time one n e ev
orget v ope v e t ad n ( s in
or n orri e ad direction)
ridge n ote n et v
riend ad our n etter n ( s in m i )
ront ad n o ong adv int ie v ( s in ie do n)
u ad urr v i t n (ride)
un ad n us nd n i tv


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Flyers alphabetic vocabulary list

ig t ad n ne sp per n prep re v
itt e ad ne t ad adv pri e n
itt e adv det nois ad pro em n
ondon n no one pron progr mme n ( progr m)
oo ter v norm ad pu v
oo i e v nort n pus v
o e ad o em er n p r mid n
o ad no ere adv
uc ad

O u rter n
M o c oc adv ueen n
m g ine n cto er n uite adv
m e sure v octopus n
rc n o course adv
m rried ad o ce n
once adv r ce n v
m tc n ( oot )
m t sn( m t ) on ine ad r i n
n ot er det pron re d ad
m v o er adv prep remem er v
me n rep ir v
mec nic n repe t v
P rest ur nt n
medicine n
p m ( or time) ric ad
meet v
p inter n ic rd n
meeting n
p per ad n rig t ad n ( s in direction)
mem er n
p rtner n ring n
met ad n
p ssenger n o ert n
metre n ( meter)
p st n prep roc et n
ic e n
p t n ruc s c n ( c p c )
midd n
pepper n
midd e n ad
per ps adv
midnig t n S
p otogr p er n
mig t v s tn
piece n
mi ion n s me ad
pi ot n
mind v
pi n r n
minute n
p net n s ev
missing ad
p stic ad n science n
mi v
p er n scissors n
mone n
poc et n score n v
mont n
po ice st tion n screen n
muc adv det pron
po icem n om n n secret n
museum n
poor ad secret r n
m se pron
popu r ad se v
post v send v
post o ce n eptem er n
nec ce n postc rd n se er ad
ne s n pre er v s e n


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Flyers alphabetic vocabulary list

s orts n sung sses n use v

s ou d v sure ad usu adv
si er ad n surn me n
since prep s nn
singer n s ing n v
ie n
sing e ad
io in n
s in v
T isit v
s n
t e v ( s in time e g it t es o e n
s edge n v minutes)
sme n v t pe recorder n
sn c n t ste n v W
sno n t in iter n
sno o rding n te c v rm ad
sno m n n te m n n
so adv con te ep one n est n
so p n tent n ee n
so t ad t n v ere pron
some ere adv t e tre n isper v
soon adv t ous nd n ist e v
sound n v t roug prep i en
sout n tid ad v i d ad
sp ce n tig ts n i v
spe v time n i i mn
speci ad timet e n in v
spend v toe n ing n
spoon n toget er adv inner n
spot n toi et n inter n
spotted ad tomorro adv n is n v
spring n tonig t adv n it out prep
st ge n (t e tre) torc n ( s ig t) onder u ad
st mp n tour n ood n
st v tr cn oo n
ste v turn v orried ad
sti adv turn o v
storm n turn on v
str ig t on adv t ice adv et adv
str nge ad
ou re e come e cl
stripe n
ourse pron
striped ad
student n um re n
stud v un riend ad
su ect n un pp ad ero n
suc det uni orm n
sudden adv uni ersit n
sug r n untid ad
suitc se n unti prep
summer n unusu ad


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