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1. Work quietly & give your full attention to the job you are doing.
2. Keep your tools & Equipment under control.
3. Keep jack handles out the way.
4. Never indulge horseplay or other foolish action.
5. Never put screwdrivers or other sharp object in your pocket.
6. Make sure your clothes are right for the job.
7. Do not wear any rings, bracelet, or watches when working
around moving machinery or electrical equipment.
8. Wipe oil & grease off your hands & tools. You need a good grip
on tools & parts.
9. If you spill oil, grease, or any liquid on the floor clean it up. Help
prevent injury from slips & falls.
10. Never use compressed air to blow dirt from your clothes.
11. Always wear eye protection when liquid spray or particles
are flying about.
12. Watch out for sparks flying from grinding wheel or a
welding job. The sparks can set hair or clothes on fire.
13. When using solvents or other chemicals, wear goggles to
protect your eyes.
14. When using a floor jack, position it properly.
15. Always use the right tools for the job. The wrong tool could
damage the part you are working on or could hurt you.
16. Keep your hands away from the engine fan & accessory
drive belts when engine is running.
17. Do not stand directly in line with the engine fan when it is
running or turning.