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Cultural Barriers to Climate

Change Adaptation:
A case study from Northern Burkina Faso

An anthropology report by Shaira June K. Rubia and Mary Vail B. Lunor

Nielsen, J., & Reenberg, A. (2008). Global Environmental Change. Cultural barriers to climate change adaptation: A case
study from Northern Burkina Faso, 142-152.

The Paper’s Locus .

Focusing on livelihood diversification in the face of the most recent of droughts in the Sahel. The Fulbe’s culture acts as a major barrier to Paper’s embracing 4 of the most successful livelihood: ◦ Labour migration Locus ◦ Working for development projects ◦ Gardening ◦ The engagement of women in economic activities .

Paper’s Locus Adaptation to climate change by focusing on livelihood diversification. . How culture presents a barrier to adaptation to climate change in the small Sahelian village of The Biidi 2 in Northern Burkina Faso.

How contemporary Fulbe strategies are created The in a setting of Fulbe cultural values played out in Paper’s a wider historical and political context defined by the end of slavery. political legislation and the Locus arrival of international projects. .

Terms and Variables .

or already occurring. due to past and present carbon and emissions Variables —understood as modification of behaviour believed to either alleviate adverse impacts or to realize new opportunities in response to observed or expected changes in climate and associated extreme weather events . Adaptation — widely recognized as fundamental and necessary response to the threat posed by the Terms climatic changes that will occur.

Adaptive Capacity — is “highly heterogeneous within a society or locality” and often influenced by factors such Terms as class. health. gender. social status and ethnicity and Ethnic Variations Variables — known to be an important factor influencing agricultural strategies Labour Migration — cross-border movement for purposes of employment in a foreign land .

Cultural Pluralism — term used when smaller groups within a Terms larger society maintain their unique cultural identities. and their values and practices are and accepted by the wider culture provided they are Variables consistent with the laws and values of the wider society Pastoralism — livestock raising .

PLCE/BN — translates as Program for the Fight Against Sinking in the Niger River Basin — a larger project that work in the village Terms over many years (up to 5 years) and are often involved in major undertakings such as planting and trees and bushes fixate the dune or constructing Variables dikes in the fields against water and soir run-off — provide salaried work for the Rimaiibe Development Project Committee — consisting of a president and a treasurer is in in charge of the payment of these salaries .

Transhumance Terms and — the action or practice of moving livestock from one grazing ground to Variables another in a seasonal cycle. typically to lowlands in winter and highlands in the in summer .

The System Connection .