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• Wu Qu in Wealth

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Wu Qu is one of the money stars. Thus when Wu Qu is in the Wealth palace the person meets with a
lifetime of not needing to worry about being short of money.
There is the likelihood that the native will be a true industry mogul/tycoon/maestro. He or she can hold
enormous power and influence. Regardless of whether the individual takes to political and government
circles or the world of finance, the person possesses an extraordinary amount of endurance and
Wu Qu in Wealth with a high rating means that the native can be born into a powerful and wealthy
home/family. Throughout his or her life the individual is brought together with money by fate.
Should Wu Qu have a low rating in the Wealth palace and the person has to strive and struggle to make
achievements and encounter numerous disappointments and problems, still there's the possibility of
breaking through a crisis; to make a breakthrough; to break through a difficulty. The person can set up a
first class business, enterprise, venture, and amass not a small portion of money
Wu Qu # Lu: The native comes across a lifetime of not lacking money. The individual earns money
tending toward a set pattern of behaviour.
Wu Qu # Quan: The person has both wealth and influence. He or she can collect materials from
place noisy. The native is in control of money entering or exiting.
Wu Qu # Ke: This star combination is beneficial for both wealth and fame. The individual can
smoothly and steadily keep watch over his or her money. Middle-aged, if flourishing, there's money for
the person to guard for the remainder of his or her life.
Wu Qu # Ji: Wu Qu is a wealth star and with the presence of Hua Ji the person suffers financial losses
and encounters bankruptcy.
Wu Qu and Tian Fu: The native has a lifetime of plenty and abundance. This star combination is the
most ideal and perfect what with money luck.
Wu Qu and Tan Lang: With the presence of lucky stars the individual is able to accumulate much
money. With the attendance of ominous stars, there's the case of 破敗不堪 pobaibukān = crushed;
utterly defeated. After the age of thirty the person can have development and prosperity.
Wu Qu and Tian Xiang: There is plenty of wealth and money. Riches and wealth are first-class and
Wu Qu and Qi Sha: Empty-handed the native starts to make money and establishes him- or herself.
Wu Qu and Po Jun: When young money comes and money goes. During his or her later years the
person is able to amass money.

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