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Press Release

European Grass Track Championship

Final at Tayac (France)

The European Individual

Grass Track Championship
Final was a very hard fought
competition staged on an
extremely hot evening at
the Circuit Jacques Rossi-
gnol, at Tayac in the South
of France.
With each of the 20 riders
competing in four qualifying
heats, before earning their
place in one of three Finals
(C, B and A), racing was al-
ways going to be hard and
fast on the 400 metre track.
Unfortunately one of the
pre meeting favourites –
young Dutchman Romano
Hummel – crashed in his
first heat, and after recei-
ving medical attention on
the track, was then taken to
hospital with a suspected
broken leg.
Press Release

With the winner and second placed rider of the B Final being elevated into the main
A Final, this race was always going to be one of the toughest of the evening. Howe-
ver Czech rider Martin Malek leapt from the tapes, chased by defending European
Champion James Shanes. Although Shanes chased hard for 4 laps he was unable to
catch Malek, and the two of them took their place in the ‘winner takes all’ A Final.
The 1500 spectators were then treated to an epic Final with six riders representing
three of the FIM Europe Federations (ACCR, ACU and FFM). French Dimitri Berge
made a lighting start, closely followed by Czech rider Josef Franc and 20 years old
English Zach Wajzknecht. Despite the vast experience of Franc and the enthusiasm
and speed of Wajzknecht, none of them was able to catch Berge, who roared over
the winning line to the delight and applause of the home crowd.
In the photos: 2018 European Grass Track Champion Dimitri Berge being chased by
eventual runner up Josef Franc; the rostrum (left to right) runner up Josef Franc,
2018 champion Dimitri Berge and 3rd placed Zach Wajzknecht.
Full results on FIM Europe website:

The actual issue of FIM Europe MAG is online and can be downloaded here.

nr. 178/2018 - July 8th 2018
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