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Subject: - Complaint HC Ramesh Singh 12364/DP.

With due respect it is stated that I Suresh Kumar
r/o House No 2536, Dwarka, New Delhi request to your good
self that: -

1. That father of the applicant Late Sh Mohan Lal was retired

from Delhi Police in the year. He was posted at the Police Lines. He
had worked with full dedication and created a reputation of a good
police officer among his colleagues and seniors.
2. That father of the applicant owned a House No 1988, Sector
10, Rohini New Delhi, allotted by Housing Board. He gave this
house to HC Ramesh Singh 12364/DP (Delhi Police) in year 1998-
99. It is also pertinent to mention here that the applicant is not in
possession of any rent deed executed between my late father and
HC Ramesh Singh.
3. That father of applicant unfortunately expired on 17.05.2009
and after the death of my father; I got the above mentioned house
transferred to my name.
4. That after the transfer of above said house in to my name, I
requested HC Ramesh Singh 12364/DP to execute a rent deed with
me and to pay rent to me, but he flatly refused to execute any rent
deed and to pay any rent.
5. That when I asked him to vacate the house, he threatened me
and my mother of dire consequences, as such he is neither paying
any rent nor vacating the house and illegally residing in my house
along with his family. It is worthwhile to mention here that my
mother is suffering from hyper-tension and other related ailments.
6. That being a son of retired police officer who served in Delhi
Police, I request for the kind indulgence of yours goodself to do the
needful and got my house vacated from the illegal occupant Ramesh
Singh as I intend to solve this matter amicably.
You are therefore requested to use your good office to
vacate my above said house from the illegal occupant as he is
serving in Delhi Police.
Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely