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Çré Yoginé Ekädaçé Issue no:30 09th July 2018

Glories Of Humility

The Haàsa-guhya Prayers

Srila Sukadeva Goswami

A Sädhu Is Never Angry.

His Divine Grace A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami

The Glories Of Humility

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura

The Ideal Example Of Actual

Srila Vrindavana Das Thakura

What Kind Of Devotional

Activity Is Humility?
Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura
Issue no 89, Page — 2 nityaà bhägavata-sevayä
The Haàsa-guhya Prayers living entities are meant to be the food of
Srila Sukadeva Goswami four-legged animals like cows and buffalo;
animals that cannot use their front legs as
The blessed King said to Sukadeva hands are meant to be the food of animals
Goswami: My dear lord, the demigods, like tigers, which have claws; and four-
demons, human beings, Nagas, beasts legged animals like deer and goats, as well
and birds were created during the reign of as food grains, are meant to be the food of
Svayambhuva Manu. You have previously human beings. O pure-hearted ones, your
spoken about this creation briefly [in the father, Pracinabarhi, and the Supreme
Third Canto]. Now I wish to know about Personality of Godhead have ordered you
it elaborately. I also wish to know about to generate population. Therefore how can
the potency of the Supreme Personality of you burn to ashes these trees and herbs,
Godhead by which He brought about the which are needed for the maintenance of
secondary creation. your subjects and descendants? The path
Suta Goswami said: O elevated great of goodness traversed by your father,
sages [assembled at Naimisaranya], after grandfather and great-grandfathers is
the great yogi Sukadeva Goswami heard that of maintaining the subjects [prajäs],
King Pariksit’s inquiry, he praised it and including the men, animals and trees. That
thus replied. is the path you should follow. Unnecessary
Sukadeva Goswami said: When the ten anger is contrary to your duty. Therefore I
sons of Pracinabarhi emerged from the request you to control your anger.
waters, in which they had been performing As the father and mother are the friends
austerities, they saw that the whole entire and maintainers of their children, as the
surface of the world was covered by eyelid is the protector of the eye, as the
trees. Because of having undergone long husband is the maintainer and protector
austerities in the water, the Pracetas became of his wife, as the householder is the
were very angry at the trees. Desiring to burn maintainer and protector of beggars, and
them to ashes, they generated wind and fire as the learned is the benefactor and friend
which spewed forth from their mouths. My of the ignorant, so the king is the protector
dear King Pariksit, when Soma, the king of and giver of life to all his subjects. The trees
the trees and predominating deity of the are also subjects of the king. Therefore they
moon, saw the wind-blown fire urning all should be affordedgiven protection.
the trees to ashes, he felt great sympathy The Supreme Personality of Godhead is
because he is the maintainer of all herbs and situated as the Supersoul within the cores
trees. To appease the anger of the Pracetas, of the hearts of all living entities, whether
Soma spoke as follows. O greatly fortunate moving or non- moving, including men,
ones, you should not kill these poor trees birds, animals, trees and, indeed, every
by burning them to athushes. Your duty is single one. Therefore you should consider
to wish the citizens [prajäs] all prosperity every body a residence or temple of the
and to act as their protectors. The Supreme Lord. By such vision you will satisfy Him.
Personality of Godhead, Sri Hari, is the You should not angrily kill these living
master of all living entities, including all entities in the forms of trees. One who
the prajapatis, such as your patriarch Lord enquires into self-realization and thus
Brahma. Because He is the all-pervading subdues his powerful anger which awakens
and indestructible master, He has created all suddenly in the body as if falling from the
these trees and vegetables as food for other sky, transcends the influence of the modes
living entities. By nature’s arrangement, of material nature. There is no need to burn
fruits and flowers are considered the food these innocent and defenceless trees any
of insects and birds; grass and other legless longer. Let whatever trees still remain, be
Bhāgavata Mahāvidyālaya
nityaà bhägavata-sevayä Issue no 89, Page—3
happy. Indeed, you should also be happy. my respectful obeisances unto Him. As the
Now, here is a beautiful, well-qualified sense objects [form, taste, touch, smell and
girl named Marisa, who was raised by the sound] cannot understand how the senses
trees as their daughter. You may accept this perceive them, so the conditioned soul,
beautiful girl as your wife. although residing in his body along with
After thus pacifying the Pracetas, Soma, the the Supersoul, cannot understand how
king of the moon, gave them the beautiful that supreme spiritual person, the master
girl born of Pramloca Apsara. The Pracetas of the material creation, directs his senses.
all received Pramloca’s daughter, who had Let me offer my respectful obeisances unto
high, very beautiful hips, and married her that Supreme Person, who is the supreme
according to the religious system. In the controller. Because they are merely inert
womb of that girl the Pracetas all begot a son matter, the body, the life airs, the external
named Daksa, who filled the three worlds and internal senses, the five gross elements
with living entities. Please hear from me and the subtle sense objects cannot know
with great attention how Prajäpati Daksa, their own nature, the nature of the other
who was very affectionate to his daughters, senses or the nature of their controllers.
seminally created different types of living But the living being, because of his spiritual
entities by his mind. nature, can know his body, the life airs, the
With his mind, Prajäpati Daksa first senses, the elements and the sense objects,
created all kinds of demigods, demons, and he can also know the three qualities that
human beings, birds, beasts, aquatics and form their roots. Nevertheless, although the
so on. But when Prajäpati Daksa saw that he living being is completely aware of thesem,
was not doing so properly, he approached he is unable to see the Supreme Being, who is
a mountain near the Vindhya mountain omniscient and unlimited. I therefore offer
range, and there he executed severe difficult my respectful obeisances unto Him. When
austerities. Near that mountain was a very one’s consciousness is completely purified
holy place named Aghamarsana. There of the contamination of material existence,
Prajäpati Daksa first executed ritualistic gross and subtle, without being agitated as
ceremonies and eventually satisfied the when in the working and dreaming states,
Supreme Personality of Godhead, Hari, by and when the mind is not dissolved as
engaging in great austerities to please Him. in suñupti, deep sleep, one comes to the
My dear King, I shall fully explain to you the platform of trance. Then one’s material
Haàsa-guhya prayers, which were offered vision and the memories of the mind, which
to the Supreme Personality of Godhead by manifests multifarious names and forms,
Daksa, and I shall explain how the Lord was are vanquished. Only in such a trance is the
pleased with him for those prayers. Supreme Personality of Godhead revealed.
Prajäpati Daksa prayed: The Supreme Thus let us offer our respectful obeisances
Personality of Godhead is transcendental unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead,
to the illusory energy and the physical who is seen in that uncontaminated,
categories it produces. He possesses the transcendental state.
potency for unfailing knowledge and
supreme willpower, and He is the controller Just as great learned brähmaëas who are
of both the living entities and the illusory expert in performing ritualistic ceremonies
energy. The conditioned souls who have and sacrifices can extract the fire dormant
accepted this material manifestation as within wooden fuel by chanting the fifteen
everything cannot see Him, for He is above Sämidhené mantras, thus proving the
the evidence of experimental knowledge. efficacy of the Vedic mantras, so those who
Self-evident and self-sufficient, He is not are actually advanced in consciousness
caused by any superior cause. Let me offer - in other words, those who are Krishna
conscious - can find the Supersoul, who Bhāgavata Mahāvidyālaya
Issue no 89, Page — 4 nityaà bhägavata-sevayä
Top left 4
is situated within the heart by His own without a second and has no other cause. I
spiritual potency. The unpurified heart therefore offer my respects unto Him.
is covered by the three modes of material Let me offer my respectful obeisances
nature and the nine material elements unto the all-pervading Supreme
[material nature, the total material energy, Personality of Godhead, who possesses
the ego, the mind and the five objects of unlimited transcendental qualities. Acting
sense gratification], and also by the five from within the cores of the hearts of all
material elements and the ten senses. These philosophers, who propagate various
twenty-seven elements together constitute views, He causes them to forget their
the external energy of the Lord. Great yogés own souls while sometimes agreeing
meditate upon the transcendent Lord, who and sometimes disagreeing among
is situated as the Supersoul, Paramatma, themselves. Thus He creates a situation
within the core of the heart. May that in this material world within which they
Supersoul be pleased with me. are unable to come to a conclusion. I offer
The Supersoul is realized only when one my obeisances unto Him. There are two
is eager for liberation from the unlimited parties namely, the theists and the atheists.
varieties of material life. One actually The theist, who accepts the Supersoul,
attains such liberation when he engages finds the spiritual cause through mystic
in His transcendental loving service and yoga. The Säìkhyite, however, who merely
realizes Him due to his attitude of service. analyzes the material elements, comes to a
The Lord may be addressed by various conclusion of impersonalism and does not
spiritual names, which are inconceivable accept a supreme cause whether Bhagavan,
to the material senses. When will that Paramatma or even Brahman. Instead, he is
Supreme Personality of Godhead be pleased preoccupied with the superfluous, external
with me? activities of material nature. Ultimately,
Anything expressed by material however, both parties demonstrate the
vibrations, anything ascertained by material Absolute Truth because although they
intelligence and anything experienced by offer opposing statements, their object is
the material senses or concocted within the same ultimate cause. They are both
the material mind is but an effect of the approaching the same Supreme Brahman,
modes of material nature and therefore to whom I offer my respectful obeisances.
has nothing to do with the real nature of The Supreme Personality of Godhead,
the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The who is inconceivably opulent, who is devoid
Supreme Lord is beyond the creation of of all material names, forms and pastimes,
this material world, for He is the source of and who is all-pervading, is especially
the material qualities and creation. As the merciful to the devotees who worship His
cause of all causes, He exists both before lotus feet. Thus He exhibits transcendental
the creation and after the creation. I wish forms and names through His different
to offer my respectful obeisances unto pastimes. May that Supreme Personality
Him. The Supreme Brahman, Krishna, is of Godhead, whose form is eternal and full
the ultimate resting place and source of of knowledge and bliss, be merciful to me.
everything. Everything is done by Him, As the air carries various characteristics of
everything belongs to Him, and everything the physical elements, like the aroma of a
is offered to Him. He is the ultimate flower or colors resulting from a mixture
objective, and whether acting or causing of dust in the air, the Lord appears through
others to act, He is the ultimate agent. lower systems of worship according to
There are many causes, high and low, but one’s desires, although He appears as the
since He is the cause of all causes, He is demigods and not in His original form.
well known as the Supreme Brahman What is the use of these other forms?
who existed before all activities. He is one May the original Supreme Personality of
Bhāgavata Mahāvidyālaya
nityaà bhägavata-sevayä Issue no 89, Page—5
Godhead please fulfill my desires. in that manner and desiring to increase the
Sri Sukadeva Goswami said: The population, He addressed him as follows.
Supreme Personality of Godhead, Hari, who The Supreme Personality of Godhead
is extremely affectionate to His devotees, said: O most fortunate Pracetas, because of
was very pleased by the prayers offered by your great faith in Me, you have attained
Daksa, and thus He appeared at that holy the supreme devotional ecstasy. Indeed,
place known as Aghamarsana. The Lord’s because of your austerities, combined with
lotus feet rested on the shoulders of His exalted devotion, your life is now successful.
carrier, Garuda, and He appeared with eight You have achieved complete perfection. My
long, mighty, and very beautiful arms. In dear Prajäpati Daksa, you have performed
His different hands He held a different disc, extreme austerities for the welfare and
conch shell, sword, shield, arrow, bow, rope growth of the world. It is also My desire
and club, all brilliantly shining. His garments that everyone within this world be happy. I
were yellow and His bodily hue deep bluish am therefore very pleased with you because
black. His eyes and face were very cheerful, you are endeavoring to fulfill My desire for
and from His neck to His feet hung a long the welfare of the entire world.
garland of flowers. His chest was decorated Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva, the Manus, all
with the Kaustubha jewel and the mark the other demigods in the higher planetary
of Srivatsa. On His head was a gorgeous systems, and you prajäpatis, who are
round helmet, and His ears were decorated increasing the population, are working for
with earrings resembling sharks. All these the benefit of all living entities. Thus you
ornaments were uncommonly beautiful. expansions of My marginal energy are also
The Lord wore a golden belt on His waist, incarnations of My various qualities. My
bracelets on His arms, rings on His fingers, dear brähmaëa, austerity in the form of
and ankle bells on His feet. Thus decorated meditation is My heart, Vedic knowledge
by various ornaments, Lord Hari, who is in the form of hymns and mantrams
attractive to all the living entities of the constitutes My body, and spiritual activities
three worlds, is known as Purusottama, the and ecstatic emotions are My actual form.
greatest personality. He was accompanied The ritualistic ceremonies and sacrifices,
by great devotees like Narada, Nanda and all when properly conducted, are the various
the principal demigods, led by the heavenly limbs of My body, the unseen good fortune
king, Indra, and the residents of various proceeding from pious or spiritual activities
upper planetary systems such as Siddhaloka, constitutes My mind, and the demigods who
Gandharvaloka and Caranaloka. Situated execute My orders in various departments
on both sides of the Lord and behind Him are My life and soul. Before the creation of
as well, these devotees offered Him prayers this cosmic manifestation, I alone existed
continuously. Seeing that wonderful and with My specific spiritual potencies.
effulgent form of the Supreme Personality Consciousness was then unmanifested,
of Godhead, Prajäpati Daksa was at first just as one’s consciousness is unmanifested
somewhat afraid, but then he was very during the time of sleep. I am the reservoir
pleased to see the Lord, and he fell to the of unlimited potency, and therefore I am
ground like a stick to offer his respects to the known as unlimited or all-pervading. From
Lord. As rivers are filled by water flowing My material energy the cosmic manifestation
from a mountain, all of Daksa’s senses were appeared within Me, and in this universal
filled with pleasure. Because of his highly manifestation appeared the chief being, Lord
elevated happiness, Daksa could not say Brahma, who is your source and is not born
anything, but simply remained flat on the of a material mother. When the chief lord
ground. Although Prajäpati Daksa could not of the universe, Lord Brahma [Svayambhu],
say anything, when the Lord, who knows having been inspired by My energy, was
everyone’s heart, saw His devotee prostrate attempting to create, he thought himself Bhāgavata Mahāvidyālaya
Issue no 89, Page — 6 nityaà bhägavata-sevayä
incapable. Therefore I gave him advice, ajäta-çatravaù çäntäù
and in accordance with My instructions he sädhavaù sädhu-bhüñaëäù
underwent extremely difficult austerities.
Because of these austerities, the great Lord A sädhu, a devotee, is never angry.
Brahma was able to create nine personalities, Actually the real feature of devotees who
including yourself, to help him in the undergo tapasya, (austerity), is forgiveness.
functions of creation. Although a Vaishnava, a devotee of the
O My dear son Daksa, Prajäpati Pancajana Lord, has sufficient power due to his
has a daughter named Asikni, whom I offer tapasya, he does not become angry when
to you so that you may accept her as your put into difficulty. If one undergoes tapasya
wife. Now unite in sexual life as husband but does not become a Vaishnava, however,
and wife, and in this way, you will be able he does not develop good qualities. For
to beget hundreds of children in the womb example, Hiranyakashipu and Ravana both
of this girl to increase the population. performed great austerities, but they did
After you give birth to many hundreds and so simply to demonstrate their demoniac
thousands of children, they will also be tendencies. Vaishnavas must meet many
captivated by My illusory energy and will opponents while preaching the glories of
engage, like You, in sexual intercourse for the Lord, but Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu
further propagation of popuation. However, recommends that they not become
because of My mercy to all of you, they will angry while preaching. Lord Caitanya
also be able to give Me presentations in Mahäprabhu has given this formula: tåëäd
devotion. api sunécena taror api sahiñëunä/ amäninä
After the creator of the entire universe, the mänadena kértanéyaù sadä hariù "One
Supreme Personality of Godhead, Hari, had should chant the holy name of the Lord in
spoken in this way to Prajäpati Daksa, He a humble state of mind, thinking oneself
immediately disappeared as if He were part lower than the straw in the street; one
of a dream. should be more tolerant than a tree, devoid
— Çrémad-Bhägavatam (Bhägavata Puräëa) » Canto 6: Prescribed of all sense of false prestige and should be
Duties for Mankind » Chapter 4: The Haàsa-guhya Prayers Offered to ready to offer all respect to others. In such a
the Lord by Prajäpati Daksa » Texts 1-54. state of mind one can chant the holy name
of the Lord constantly." Those engaged in
A Sädhu Is Never Angry. preaching the glories of the Lord should be
His Divine Grace A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami humbler than grass and more tolerant than
a tree; then they can preach the glories of
the Lord without difficulty.
Persons who undergo severe austerity
— Çrémad-Bhägavatam (Bhägavata Puräëa) » Canto 6: Prescribed
(tapasya) become endowed with great
Duties for Mankind » Chapter 4: The Haàsa-guhya Prayers Offered to
mystic power, as evinced by the Pracetas,
the Lord by Prajäpati Daksa, Verse: 6, Purport
who were able to create fire and wind
from their mouths. Although devotees
undergo severe tapasya, however, they are The Glories Of Humility
vimanyavaù (devoid of pride), sädhavaù Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura
(obedient to scriptures), which means that
they never become angry. They are always The living entity is by constitution an
decorated with good qualities. Bhägavatam eternal servant of Lord Krishna, and therefore
(3.25.21) states: his eternal nature and duty (dharma) is to
chant the holy names of the Supreme Lord,
titikñavaù käruëikäù whether he simply transits in this material
suhådaù sarva-dehinäm world or permanently enters the spiritual
sky. There is no better means for humanity's
Bhāgavata Mahāvidyālaya
nityaà bhägavata-sevayä Issue no 89, Page—7
all-round benefit and success than chanting the whole world, and as the most lowly and
the Lord’s holy names for such chanting fallen soul. Knowing every atom and the
brings good fortune to others and all kinds infinitesimal spirit soul as the residence of
of auspiciousness to oneself. Lord Krishna, he never mistreats anyone as
The way to avoid offense his inferior. He is never desirous of anything
against the holy name nor does he covet the possesions of others.
How to avoid chanting at the level of Even if he is treated witho enviousness and
nämäparädha and namabhasa. One whose spite, he never retaliates; on the contrary, he
intelligence shies away from Krishna and prays for the well-being of his tormentors.
rushes instead towards the intoxicant of A pure devotee is faithful to his guru
material enjoyment can never perceive The devotee who chants the holy name
his true infinitesimal stature. By the without offense never rejects the devotional
nature of his error, one who tries to be process he received from his guru, nor does
an enjoyer cannot realize the reality of he introduce a new method, replacing the
his insignificance; nor can he be tolerant. mahä-mantra with some concocted and
He is not even slightly inclined to give up imaginary rhyme. A Vaishnava's humility
his false ego and false prestige. A gross cannot be doubted or challenged if he
materialist is unwilling, even incapable, of preaches the glories of the holy name and
acknowledging anyone as his equal. The writes books, as long as he strictly adheres
Vaishnava who experiences ecstasy in the to the instructions of his guru. One who,
Lord's name, on the other hand, is humbler though lacking genuine humility, tries to
than a blade of grass and more tolerant cheat and deceive others, by making a show
than a tree. He is unconcerned—even of it just to gain cheap adoration is not
unwilling—to receive respect, but is eager truly humble. The mahä-bhagavata who is
to offer respect to others. Such an elevated constantly chanting does not see anything
soul alone is qualified to chant constantly. in the material world as available for him
When these pure souls offer their praise and to exploit for personal gain. Rather he sees
worship to the guru and senior Vaishnavas, everything as diverse paraphernalia meant
they do so out of manada. And when they for utilisation in service to Lord Krishna
give advice to disciples and sadhakas to His associates and devotees. He never thinks
chant, they encourage them with words of that this world is his to enjoy. Although he
appreciation. At such times they exhibit becomes proficient in chanting he never
their innate quality of amanina—desiring considers giving up the mahä-mantra. He is
no respect or praise in return. not interested in propagating novel ideas or
The glories of humility personal opinions. He realizes that to regard
A pure devotee understands that oneself as a guru of Vaishnava devotees rings
these words of praise and appreciation the death knell of his humility.
are not empty mundane flattery but Lord Caitanya's instructions
acknowledgement of spiritual qualities; and The plain truth is that one who does not
if the foolish misinterpret this as mundane, heed Lord Caitanya's instructions in the
then he tolerates their causeless castigation, Çikñäñöaka prayers is chasing after material
thus exhibiting deep forbearance. This is gains. His sole intention is to satisfy his
his nature. The unalloyed Vaishnava, who senses, thereby forgetting his true spiritual
chants without offense, considers himself identity as a servant, not a master. He begins
to be lower than the straw in the street to hanker for recognition and the status of
that is trampled underfoot by the walking an elevated Vaishnava and guru, but the
masses. A true saint never thinks himself holy name can never be chanted by such
to be a Vaishnava or claims to be a guru. offenders. Even an otherwise sincere and
He humbly regards himself as a servant of faithful disciple cannot become worthy of Bhāgavata Mahāvidyālaya
Issue no 89, Page — 8 nityaà bhägavata-sevayä
hearing and chanting the pure holy name if have nothing. Krishna is my all in all. Such a
he hears from such an offender. mentality is humility. ”
— Çré Sanmodana Bhäñyam on Çré Çikñäñöaka, Purport by Srila —Jaiva Dharma Chapter 8
Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura, Translated by Sarvabhävana
däsa. What type of devotional service helps in
direct cultivation of Krishna consciousness?
The Ideal Example Of Actual Humility “When one develops deep humility he
Srila Vrindavana Das Thakura certainly attains Lord Krishna’s mercy. As a
result, intemperance and all desire for material
Just as a fruit laden tree is bent low, persons gain, adoration, and prestige are immediately
in the mode of goodness show humility as a destroyed. This leads one to direct cultivation
result of their good qualities. Persons who of Krishna consciousness. This process is by
are averse to the purport of statements like nature very confidential and one must learn
“a little education is dangerous,” “a small it from a bona fide spiritual master.”
fish jumps too much,” and “a castor oil —Caitanya Çikñämåta 6/6
plant grows like a tree” praise their own
small achievements due to being devoid of How is true humility expressed?
good character and thus become reluctant “Though I am a pure spirit soul, due to
to display humility before others. That is my own misdeeds, I am suffering various
why Sri Gaurasundara has taught for the material miseries. Undoubtably, I am a fit for
benefit of people in general that only those punishment. Even though I am an eternal
who consider themselves lower than the servant of Krishna, due to my willful neglect
straw in the street are eligible to serve the of His service, I am entrapped in the cycle
Supreme Lord by chanting the holy name of karma and thus I have to suffer much
of Hari constantly. Constitutionally, the misery. Who is more unfortunate than I am?
living entities possess minute quantities of I am most fallen and wretched .”
the Lord's nature. In the Bhagavad-gétä they —Sajjana Toñaëé 4/9
have been described as parä prakåti, or part What is the mood of a devotee?
of the superior energy of the Lord. While “I have not performed any pious activities,
exhibiting pastimes as the spiritual master nor have acquired any spiritual knowledge.
for the entire world and to demonstrate the My heart is devoid of Your devotion. Please
nature of the living entities who possess tell me how I can attain the shelter of Your
saintly qualities, Sri Gaurasundara has lotus feet. The Vedas declare that Your mercy
shown the ideal example of perfect humility. is causeless and that is my only hope.
—Adi Khanda, Chapter 13, Text 45., Purport by Çré Bhaktisiddhanta
—Kalyäna Kalpataru, Daiëyamayi Prärthanä Song 2
Saraswati Thakura.

What kind of submission to the Lord

What Kind Of Devotional spontaneously flows from the heart of a
Activity Is Humility? pure devotee?
Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura “This ocean of material existence is full of
formidable crocodiles in the form of material
What is the attidude of a devotee? sense objects. The waves of lusty desires
“A devotee should always maintain humility always harass me. I cannot tolerate the urges
within his heart.” of born of previous lives attachemnts, which
—Çré Bhägavatärka Maréci Mälä are like cyclonic winds. My mind is thus
ever agitated because I do not see anyone
What is devotional humility? who can save me.”
“I am a servant of Krishna, I am destitute; I —Kalyäna Kalpataru, Daiëyamayi Prärthanä Song 3

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stand before him in al sincerity. Then, I the link:
will relate my miserable conditions to him laya-sevaks/
crying and begging for respite from the
fire of material existence.
—Kalyäna Kalpataru,Prärthanä Song 1 Bhāgavata Mahāvidyālaya