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Celebre Aesthetics is a hair transplant and beauty clinic specialized for Hair
Transplant in Surat. In Célèbre Aesthetics, the specialized surgeon performs
the different type of hair transplant surgery according to patients need. The
trained and experienced surgeons of the clinics perform the hair
transplantation treatment in such a natural way that no one can figure out
that the person had undergone a hair transplantation treatment.

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In FUE hair transplant surgery, Micro Follicular units from donor site harvested with
help of a small tubular punch individually (each follicle in a separate manner),
followed by their placement into micro slits made (0.7 – 0.8 8mm size) in the
recipient area. It is best suitable for small hair transplant (Typically 1000-1500

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In FUT hair transplant surgery, an appropriately sized strip of skin containing hairs
with intact roots is harvested from back and side of the head and resulting area is
closed carefully by meticulous Plastic surgery suturing under magnification to give
least conspicuous scar in this area. Individual grafts (follicular units) are being
separated from this strip of skin under magnification and implanted in the same way as
FUE inside micro slits.

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Hair fall or alopecia is a common and demoralizing problem faced by many people
at one or the other point in their lives. In men’s generally, frontal hair loss is a very
common problem. But do you know what’s even more disheartening than the hair
loss problem itself? It’s the inability to find out the actual cause of hair loss and
further the right treatment to subtle down the issue. So male hair loss
treatment should be done on time and also in women.

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PRP (Platelet-Rich-Plasma) therapy widely used to combat various hair problems.

Recent research and technology provide the new understandings of wound and
tissue healing. As results of these scientific studies, we tend to acknowledge PRP is
an all-natural autologous process performed for scalp, skin, and hair stimulation to
restore hairs.

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Low-Level Laser Therapy is a revolutionary treatment for those who are suffering
from alopecia hair loss or other hair loss problems and looking for hair fall
treatment. In this technique, laser light is used to target balding areas to rejuvenate
the skin and stimulate the blood flow. There are three phases of hair growth-
Anagen, Resting, and Shedding.

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Dandruff is one of the most common problems faced by millions of people

around the world. It may look harmless to most of the patients but in reality, it is
one of the reasons for hair loss. Dandruff occurs due to many different reasons
including fungal infection, dry skin, sensitivity to hair products, seborrhoeic
dermatitis, and many others. In simple terms, dandruff is characterized by flaking
of the skin of the scalp.

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Traditional hair removal procedures like Threading, Waxing etc. have been painful
and time-consuming. Nowadays, Science and medicine has developed cutting
edge innovative laser technology that removes hair permanently & safely. Laser
Hair Removal is the most popular and effective procedure, to remove unwanted
hair from any part of the body. At Celebre Aesthetics, we use the Latest Laser
Technology for Hair Removal procedure.

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It is a procedure where healing agents, pigment reducing medications, vitamins,

growth factors, hair growth solutions, etc. are being introduced in the layers of skin
by superficial microinjections just below the epidermis, into the target tissues.
‘Mesotherapy’ in itself, means the administration of highly localized treatment by
micro-injections in mesoderm, which is the middle layer of skin. The treatment is
virtually painless and absolutely safe when done professionally.

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Celebre Aesthetics

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