student teacher: JEANNETE FREDES Name of School: EDUARDO LEZANA PICHEIRA. Number of students: 40 Date: 29-00-2010 Class: 6TH GRADE

Briefly describe the following aspects: 1. The school: Describe the general background of the school including: the physical location: It`s located in a small town called Reñaca Alto. The school is at the beginning of the town, between a peaceful house`s village. organisation: It`s a very small school, and very organised as well. It counts with a principal, UTP and Inspectoría General, Cuerpo Docente, Personal Administrativo y Paradocente, Personal Auxiliar. student population: 320 students. philosophy and educational and behavioural policies: It’s not very organized, as every school they have duties and student rights. The UTP`s Chief is who take care about students’ behavior, appropriate clothes , hair, etc. 2. The classroom Describe the atmosphere of the room and the levels of engagement in the room. Make notes on seating, sight lines, space, air, light, whiteboard, equipment, etc It´s not the best, because the classrooms are very small and the students are almost 40 what do very difficult to teach. The students don’t listen the teacher and they don’t do the exercises in class or in home, there are some students who pay attention but they are very few. · Students seating: There are tables for two people, and about 2 or 3 individual tables. · Space: The classroom is very small, there isn´t enough space to do different kinds of activities. · Whiteboard location: It’s opposite to the children. · Classroom equipment: Classroom has a VHS player and a tv . 3. The activities & resources a) Make notes on the kind of activities used, the nature of student involvement, balance of student doing things and teacher doing things

b) Describe the resources used and the materials available within the school. How are the resources used in the classroom? Task 2: Student´s learning In this second observation task, you should focus on the things that help to create conditions for effective learning and on the aspects that play a part in preventing learning. 1. The learners How motivated are the learners? Why? To what extent are they taking part in their own learning? To what extent are they expecting the teacher to do the work for them? The students aren’t very motivated, although the teacher does everything she can, they don’t care it. They don’t do the homework, don’t study for test, simple things they don’t do. I think it’s very difficult to find the key to help or motivate them because they don’t have the support of hardly anything and anybody. They don’t take part in their own learning absolutely, they want that the teacher do the work for them, because they don’t care to learn English because it’s not necessary for their life or just they don’t like it. 2. Behaviour during classroom activities Describe the ways students are encouraged to participate in activities. Are there any particular strategies for managing issues and motivating students? Are there any students with special needs? They usually work in their own, but they like to go to computer`s room and play funny games. They prefer do this to be in the classroom. No, there aren’t any student with special needs 3. Discuss the learning styles and levels of English in the classroom. Please do not use names or anything that can be offensive to the school, teachers or University. Well, I think in many schools, and in my actual school as well, there are different ways to teach that aren’t enough to students could learn. Mainly levels of English are very elementary, and usually the teacher doesn’t speak in English, which could be a good input for the students.

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