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Company Pitch

Dr. K V Venkatesh, Darshan Shah, Abhishek Koshta

23-Apr-18 Confidential 1
Dr. K V Venkatesh Darshan Shah
Abhishek Koshta
Professor, Chemical B.Tech., Chemical Engg.,
M.Tech., Chemical Engg.,
Engg., IIT Bombay since IIT Bombay, 2015. He
IIT Bombay, 2016. He
1993. He is the pioneer oversees development
leads development of the
of Systems Biology of child metabolic
whole-body metabolic
Research, and one of the model and integration
models and development
first to model human of genomics into the
of the MetFlux Platform.
whole-body metabolism. MetFlux Platform.

Current Team Past interns and team members

Vaibhavi Deshpande
B.E. Computer Science, our back-end developer working on the MetFlux API for our clients. 1. Atul Choukade
2. Akash Moolya
Sowbhagya Suresh 3. Anushree Pawar
B.Tech., Chemical Engg., working on the child metabolic model development. 4. Prashant Sharma
Adresh Solanki 5. Pranav Mehta
Handles marketing, accounts, and finances of the company. 6. Nisha Pujari
23-Apr-18 Confidential 2
About us
• Modeling human metabolism since 2010 – developed a physiology-rich metabolic model
consisting of interactions between various signaling and metabolic pathways, and organ and
tissue networks. This human metabolism model has wide applications in the field of clinical data
analysis, food product formulations, disease management and preventive healthcare.

• We solve the unmet need for such an in-silico simulation platform to study human physiology.
Such a platform would be extremely helpful to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food
companies since they can gain enormous insights about their drugs or food products by
conducting a whole-body in-silico study before progressing to invitro or animal studies.

• We aim to develop a ‘virtual patient’ and ‘virtual human’ platform to serve as a one-stop
solution to automatically extract rich, meaningful insights from health data. Moreover, such a
platform would help to scientifically assess, predict, manage and improve one’s health.

23-Apr-18 Confidential 3
About us
• The physiology-based mathematical model has the ability to scientifically predict body weight
and composition (fat/muscle mass) given one’s diet and lifestyle details, and then automatically
suggest individualized lifestyle changes to reduce disease risks and become healthier.

• Developing the first ever child metabolic model, with the ability to predict child’s height along
with body composition and micronutrient levels for a holistic health assessment.

• Our Mission: To utilize the adult and child metabolic models in an app and web platform format
for different applications – ranging from wellness, disease management and preventive
healthcare to drug discovery and clinical data analysis – and solve the unmet need for such an in-
silico simulation platform.

• Our Vision: To pioneer the use of Systems Physiology towards better health.

23-Apr-18 Confidential 4
Value Proposition
• Develop a universal in-silico platform capable of using our models to provide intelligence to
health-related data for EMRs, corporations, pharmaceutical companies, individuals, etc. Towards
this, we are developing a standardized back-end structure to connect with our clients and provide
them with meaningful insights and prediction reports.
• Parallelly, we are developing a web portal and Android and iOS applications as front-end tools for
hospitals, schools and families to enable easy data capture and holistic health management.
• Our platform will be able to provide intelligent health reports for individuals and doctors,
individualized suggestions to improve one’s health, and manage lifestyle diseases like diabetes.
• We are constantly developing and improving our models, and as more data is available through
our portal, our models become more accurate over time.
• We plan to extend this platform for pharma, food and biotech companies to aid in their drug and
food product design, drug discovery, clinical and pre-clinical data analysis, and in-silico population

23-Apr-18 Confidential 5
Technology Verticals
In-silico physiology rich model In-silico health prediction platform

• Drug discovery • Preventive healthcare

• Clinical and pre-clinical data analysis • Tool for hospitals, doctors, dieticians,
• Population dynamics fitness experts
• Food formulation design • Health insurance companies
• Disease therapy and management • Corporate health and wellness
• Schools, NGOs for child health
• Wellness of individuals and families

23-Apr-18 Confidential 6
In-silico physiology rich model

23-Apr-18 Confidential 7
In-silico physiology rich metabolic model

23-Apr-18 Confidential 8
Typical Lifestyle Simulation

B-Breakfast, L-Lunch, D-Dinner, E-Exercise

Input Qty Time

Exercise-1 1hr 6 AM
Breakfast 50g 8 AM
Lunch 100g 2 PM
Exercise-2 1hr 6 PM
Dinner 50g 9 PM
Night-Rest 11hr

25-Jul-17 Confidential 9
High Carbohydrate Diet study on population
High carbohydrate diet increases body weight, fat mass and cholesterol levels

23-Apr-18 Confidential 10
• We are in the final stages of discussions with an international food manufacturing
company and ayurvedic drug manufacturing company to conduct dynamic population
level in-silico studies for their food products to scientifically validate their health benefit
claims and optimize food constituent ratios.
• We are collaborating with a leading cardiovascular specialist working in AIIMS to
develop a predictive tool for cardiac plaque formation using our model, thereby reducing
and preventing heart diseases.
• We are collaborating with an organization specializing in conducting clinical trial studies
to aid them in their trials by shortlisting patients, and analyzing clinical data.
• We are in talks with a USA based functional medicine company, a Taiwan based Health
AI company and a leading France based in-vitro clinical studies company to assist them
in analyzing their clinical health data and improve their services.

23-Apr-18 Confidential 11
In-silico health prediction platform

23-Apr-18 Confidential 12
The Technology – Human Metabolic Model
Current physical details like age, gender, height, weight
Lifestyle details like diet, exercise, sleep, water intake, etc.
Path lab measurements like LDL, HDL, total cholesterol,
TG, BUN, hemoglobin, fasting and postprandial glucose

MetFlux Platform

Diet breakdown and individualized diet suggestions,
adaptive weight management, organ health and lifestyle
disease risks, predictions of BMI, weight, fat%, LDL, HDL,
cholesterol, TG, BUN, blood protein, disease and infection
management strategies

23-Apr-18 Confidential 13
In-silico health prediction platform
Weight Diagnosis
Height Body Composition
Gender Blood Profile
W/H Ratio Disease Risks
Individual Traits Micronutrient Deficiency
Future overall health
LDL MetFlux Engine
BUN for
Triglyceride Wellness Management
Total Cholesterol
Lifestyle Intervention
Blood Parameters Daily Diet Plans
Diet Lowering Disease Risk
Habits Daily Exercise Activity
Exercise Micronutrient Balanced Diet
Water Intake Manage healthy key blood
Sleep Duration plasma metabolites
Daily Lifestyle
23-Apr-18 Confidential 14
Intermittent fasting Effects on an individual

Body weight and composition changes

can be observed with fasting for one
day in a week while the diet remains
between ±50% of normal diet.

Body weight and fat mass both are

found to reduce by following this
schedule. Fat oxidation increases
which reduces the fat mass.

Blue: Total body weight

Red: Body fat mass

23-Apr-18 Confidential 15
Validation of Predictive Capabilities of model
using a 6-month longitudinal study on kids
BW (kg) BW (kg) Error in BW
Kid No. Predictions vs Actual Values (6 month
Predicted Measured prediction %
longitudinal study)
1 28.9 29.9 3.3 50
2 27.3 29.3 6.9 45

3 41.5 43.3 4.1 40

Body Weight (kg)

4 44.4 44.6 0.6 35

5 30.1 33.2 9.2 25
6 19.4 20.2 3.8 20

7 9.5 10.9 12.8 15

8 14.0 14.4 3.0
9 18.8 19.1 1.7 0

10 24.4 24.8 1.6 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16

Age of child (years)

11 13.9 14.8 6.1
12 18.4 18.2 1.2 BW (kg) Predicted BW (kg) Measured
23-Apr-18 Confidential 16
• We have started engaging with a Dubai based EMR company, to integrate our back-end
intelligence into their iPad app. This app is being used by hospitals to digitally manage
their doctors’ workflow, health assessment and insurance.
• We are in talks with weight-loss and fitness management apps, to integrate our model
predictions into their programs to implement science-driven methodologies for higher
success ratios.
• We are in talks with multiple hospitals and diabetes clinics across India and will start
rolling out our platform to them once our initial development is complete and our
product is market ready.
• Our pilot study with a school for the children metabolic model is in progress.

23-Apr-18 Confidential 17
Business Model
Our focus is working with our clients B2B Clients:
to integrate the MetFlux Platform
EMRs, etc.
with their services. We have initiated
work in this regard and is expected to Hospitals,
finish by November. We expect the doctors, path
labs, dieticians
revenues to start soon after that. Licensing
Schools, NGOs
The development of web portal is for children
progressing, and we expect a beta
version to finish soon. Revenue Model Pharma, food,
Co-development biotech
Over the next few months, we will
publish various blogs, white papers Individuals and
and research articles to help our Subscription
clients understand our technology.
23-Apr-18 Confidential 18
• There does not exist anyone in the market currently using a physiological human metabolic model
to predict and improve health. At best, a handful of companies rely on AI and heuristic based
models that are not too accurate. Tactio is one such company, based in Canada.
• But, these companies lack: (a) Biological models of human metabolism to predict health
indicators (weight, BMI, etc.) few months or a year down the line, (b) Advanced intelligent
optimization techniques to automate diet & exercise suggestions, and (c) Disease risk prediction
& mitigation by lifestyle change.
• A few companies have organ models (Strand Biosciences – Liver model) but there is no company
applying a whole-body-level model to solve healthcare problems.
• We rely on the scientific approach to quantitatively assess future disease risk and predict health
status due to current lifestyle, thereby reducing lifestyle disease risks. We are sure this will
revolutionize the predictive and preventive healthcare space.
• Moreover, our platform is free of human intervention, and as such, will be priced lower than the
currently existing technologies and apps in the market.

23-Apr-18 Confidential 19
Product Vision
Database of foods

Optimization Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Parameter Estimation State estimation

Disease Management
Health Predictions
Proteomics MetFlux Virtual Patient
and Virtual Human Population Dynamics
Metabolomics Platform for adults,
children, infants, pregnant Drug Discovery

Lifestyle and lactating mothers

Wellness Management

23-Apr-18 Confidential 20
Thank you

23-Apr-18 Confidential 21