Usually completed at the Hospital by a Doctor or Nurse The original form is sent to the Office of the Registrar General (ORG). According to the Vital Statistics Act, nobody can take a copy because FORM 1 is the instrument creating the original title to a newly-created TRADEMARK NAME

( long-form ) ( Public document )
Proper God-given Christian Name is “Given” by parents

“The Name” = Christian name Adoptive heir to the estate of Christ
The BENEFICIARY to the PUBLIC TRUST ( It's the “Spirit of the invention” belonging to Christ ) and the Registrar General said that it was “Sufficient and Correct” The innocent child could never be harmed in law and the Christian child is protected by the Guardian Act and the Common Law We've never seen our real name because the Vital Statistics Act required that the name was changed to protect the innocent child. This is: A Trust Deed A peace treaty between the Christian & secular jurisdictions A false accusation which was never filed It's an unproven “Statement of Claim” ( “Writ of Error” ) NOTE: There is NO EVIDENCE of anything having to do with the innocent child on the STATEMENT OF BIRTH no DNA, no picture, no signature Only a government minister has the official signing authority for this instrument, being the Provincial Deputy Registrar General & Provincial Seal ( we have no official signing authority) – – Seal means “Treaty” and “I fully intend to be bound by this treaty (promise)”

Office of the Registrar General (ORG) Operates the birth registration system under the Vital Statistics Act
● ● “The Office of the Registrar General registers “Events”, the ORG does not register people.” The short-form BIRTH CERTIFICATE is a “Token of Value” ( which is defined in the DICTIONARY OF CANADIAN LAW as a “Counterfeit Token of Value” ) ----- SOURCE: Judith M. Hartman, Deputy Registrar General of Ontario

The publication of Vital Statistics Reports and tabulations (i.e. SOB) does not divulge the identity of individuals” ----- SOURCE: Handbook for Births & Deaths, 1939 ● The original documents you have submitted to our office have been forwarded to our Corporate Security Department.” ----- SOURCE: Sandra Leonetti, Director (A), Office of the Registrar General Why would the Office of the Registrar General (ORG) need or have a Corporate Security Department ?????????? Is the ORG running a bucket shop and are they selling counterfeit securities, being the shortform BIRTH CERTIFICATE, which is being pledged for the debt of another?????

Had the child stopped here, since everything was “Sufficient and Correct”, there would be no problem with the Christian identity of the BENEFICIARY (“Joint Heir”) to Christ's estate according to God's will. But, Nooooooooo ----- we wanted to be our own gods and we
voluntarily applied & consented to ACT as surety & guarantor for another, leading to a false offer and a false identity which we take on as an ASSUMPTIVE TRUSTEE by mis-take and error (SEE NEXT PAGE).

a name added to the name) to the proper God-given Christian name (“The name”).” (like the mistake of the bullet) If we fail to object to the mistake of the TRADENAME it is fatal. interest.” It is really treason against God for not respecting his will for you to rest. It is a false image (imagination) creating a unholy alliance and an uneven yolk under an ambiguous TRADEMARK “NAME” ( i. “Pay given to a state hireling for treason against his country.the body corporate. “Strawman”) TRADENAME is recognized. profit. EMPLOY means “for ploy”. . that's the (God's) rest. So. it's an illusion. The proverb says. that's the remainder.Unfortunately. not working for the PUBLIC ) And. It falsely joins a pagan surname (surtax. The Office of the Registrar General does not register people. TRADENAME ) It is the PRIVATE property ( “Counterfeit Token of Value” ) for the secular world. If you do what's right. And. a man or woman is NOT recognized in the Canadian law. the debt of another. It is: ● ● ● This is the fictio ( legal fiction ) & this is also known as the “Strawman” It is NOT you & it is NOT yours. mirroring the Bible by representing the criminal “Barabus”. Hireling = Infidel (unbeliever) = Mercenary = does anything for money = Prostitute The use of the BIRTH CERTIFICATE TRADENAME (TRADEMARK) which leads to the SIN identity you take on the persona of an illegally enlisted “PERSON” ( you ignorantly enter the PRIVATE army. This is the REGISTRATION of an “Event” which is the corps (dead entity).Unfortunately. the DICTIONARY of CANADIAN LAW ( Thomson Carswell.FORM 3 BIRTH CERTIFICATE “Counterfeit Token of Value” ( Required if you do not respect God's rest ) ( Required for commerce. you are NOT the Deputy so you do NOT have official signing authority for it. who was released instead of the innocent Jesus Christ. Pages 929 & 930) says: “ The only legal person known to our [Canadian] law is the corporation --. for PRIVATE dishonest gain. it's not real.” To be clear. which Samuel Johnson's Dictionary defines as.” In law this is called the “Doctrine of Transferred Intent. which is defined as “Public work for private dishonest gain” by Webster's dictionary. This instrument is a security or BOND (bondage). the Canadian law does not recognize people.e. most people use the SIN to get a JOB. It leads to legal self-slavery by voluntary application and consent Social Insurance Number (SIN) The back of the 9-digit SIN card says: “ THIS IS NOT AN IDENTITY CARD” ---. what's going on here? When you ignorantly ACT (impersonate) under the assumptive PRIVATE TRUSTEE identity and unlawfully use PUBLIC TRUST property you are NOT the BENEFICIARY to the PUBLIC TRUST By trying to be in charge by being our own gods we blindly assumed (deceived) ourselves by mis-take and error and we assumed the debt of Her Majesty. surcharge. or “for deceit” This lead to a PENSION. the legal fiction (meaning “Lie”) (aka fictio. you get what's left. Therefore. Third Edition. usury ) “Extract” from the birth registration system ( not to be confused with the STATEMENT OF BIRTH ) It is symbolic. “ THIS CARD IS NOT AN AUTHORIZATION TO WORK IN CANADA” --. And. “He who is surety for another will surely smart for it. This is the secular (unbeliever) pagan Old Testament idea of the scapegoat or sacrifice (victim). The publication of the STATEMENT OF BIRTH does not divulge the identity of people. most people use the SIN for identification purposes.

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