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School: Colegiul Tehnic “Alesandru Papiu Ilarian”, Zalau
Teacher: Hossu Cristina
Date: March 27th 2009
Time: 50’
Form: XC
Level: E22
No. of Students: 12
Text Book: Enterprise Plus
Unit 12: “Curricular Cuts”
Topic: “Writing an Article”

Aims: Familiarize the students with the structure of an article
To describe a place and its people
Enrich vocabulary

Skill focus: Writing, Listening

Teaching techniques: Pair work, Group Work

Materials: Students’ book, CD and “Writing Proficiency”
Handouts, Pictures

Anticipated Problems:
- students may find it hard to express themselves fluently in English
- Students may not know what to say about the place given
Solutions to problems:
- Teacher should group weaker students with more advanced ones so as
the former to be helped by the latter.
- Teacher should also direct students to previous lessons where other
attempts of describing places have taken place.

Aim: . Teacher directs the conversation towards ways of learning about new touristic locations. Students are given handouts (from “Writing Proficiency”) on which they have to complete with details from the text then they have to match the description to the structure given in the learn the exact structure of an article . Teacher insists on the importance of the above mentioned structures in the description of a place. Teacher groups the students in pairs and gives them hand. Students discuss the check the appropriate writing of an article Interaction: student-teacher 8 minutes . introduce the topic of travelling and description of places in a relaxed environment . then they listen to the description of a place. Aim: .to listen for specific information Interaction: individual work. Interaction: familiarize the students with the topic of the new lesson 5 minutes Writing Stage: Students are exposed to the description of a place and are then asked to produce one as well. Interaction: frontal. whole class activity Aim: .To use the learnt vocabulary in context Interaction: students-students 20 minutes Post writing: students read their articles. noise monitor. Each pair has to write an article about a place they have listen to the description of a place and notice the correct order of the paragraphs . time keeper.outs to practice descriptive vocabulary. teacher-students 7 minutes Language acquisition stage: Teacher asks students what attracts them to a touristic write an article . and presenter. 10 minutes While writing: students are grouped in groups of four. newspapers. Students have 20 minutes to work Aim: . Students mention magazines. Teacher elicits pictures and also adjectives and adverbs. Pre-writing: The students look at the Tip for writing a descriptive article. Each person in the group has a certain part: scribe. Development of the lesson Warm up: Teacher shows students pictures of different touristic see examples of descriptive adjectives used in drills. students-teacher Aim: .