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Practical Homemaking

Teach basic Principals of Homemaking

Cooking, Sewing, and Home Decor
Lesson Plan 1 Pie Making

Preparation Noes
 Classroom Preparation
o Supplies
 Mixing bowl
 Spoon
 Measuring cups
 Measuring spoons
 Liquid measuring cup
 Flour
 Salt
 Milk
 Oil
 Pie pan
 Pudding mix
 Plastic warp
 Rolling pin
 Oven
o Technology
 Projector
 Camera
o Personal Protection
 Close toed shoes
 Lab coat
o Time
 20min set up
 10min student demo
 15min demo/presentation
 50min lab time
 15min clean up
 Total class time 1hr30min
 Total teacher time 1hr50min
 Preparatory Assignments
o Student demo
 Introduction/Motivation
 Performance Objective
o To successfully make a pie from scratch that looks good
and is edible.
1. Show Youtube clip
2. Do pie Demo
a. Mix flour and salt in a bowl (have prepared at beginning)
b. Add in liquid ingredients (also prepared before)
[Type text]

c. Mix tell dough sticks together

i. Can add more flour and milk if it is needed
ii. Make sure to read and measure carefully
d. Roll dough out between plastic wrap
i. Plastic warp at the bottom and on top
ii. Make sure the plastic wrap does not get under
iii. Try to get it into a circle a little bit bigger than
pie pan
e. Take the top layer of plastic wrap off
f. Lift dough up and place in middle of pie pan
g. Push dough to the outside of pan
h. Do the edges up nice
i. Use fork
ii. Pinch
iii. Spoon
iv. Lattice
i. Poke crust with fork to prevent air bubbles
j. Bake crust
 Practice
o Class will make pies
 Handouts
o N/A
 Worksheets/Activates
o Class makes pies outside of class
 Formative
o Ask question referring to presentation/demo
o Look to see how pies and pie crust turned out
o Look at pictures from their out of class practice
 Summative
o Grade the student demo according to Sister Day’s rubric.