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Go to the Source Forge website: Go to the download tab pictured below. Choose the version of Audacity you want to download (We used the 1.2 Series.) Choose your operating system. Click the link to download the program. Save the rule to your computer or run it, to install it, right from the site.

1. Find a link to the LAME encoder on the Audacity download page (pictured below). 2. Read the LAME download directions at the linked site and follow the next link to download. 3. Save the LAME file to:

The first time you export an Audacity project file to MP3 the program will ask you to locate the LAME file. You will need only locate it and click it for the MP3 export feature to work.




• Open Audacity • Click the record button and • St t t lki to record your voice Start talking t d i • Voice track will appear in Audacity window. • To stop recording click the Stop button y your PODCASTING Folder • Save your track to y For more Audacity tutorials use Google to search: audacity + sound editing + tutorial

• Add an audio track • Find a sample sound file • Drag and drop the file into Audacity • It will create a second t k b ill t d track beneath your voice th i • Now use Audacity tools to mix/blend the two

Selection Tool: works like a cursor to highlight what you want to change or edit

Envelope Tool: fades out sounds and allows you to set fade points d ll f d i Time Shift Tool: moves tracks to t e e to g ts t gt et e the left or right shifting the time they will be heard

Use the time shift tool to drag your voice beyond the music

Use the Selection Tool to highlight the last segment of the music Go to the EFFECT menu > choose Fade Out

See how the shape of the sound changes?

LAME MP3 encoder To encode your podcast You must have downloaded the LAME MP3 encoder

• Preview your recording ( y g (rewind it and click p y to listen to it) play ) • If you don't like the track or just want record it again, delete it by clicking on the black x on the top left of the track you want to delete • Clicking on this button deletes the track. This action is undoable. •O Once you are satisfied with your recording, go to: Fil > select E ti fi d ith di t File l t Export as t MP3. Export the file to your documents or other folder.

Go Public! Upload your podcast to:  Personal website  Blog  Email / Instant Messenger P d Podomatic htt // ti d ti / iTunes Podcast Alley y p p y

If Your Students Need . . . Help coming up with a topic Listing “I’m interested in . . . “


Brainstorming with a circle map or other graphic organizer g p g p g Ideas for show names and introduction Organizing their script/ show Listening to sample podcasts online at iTunes, Podcast Alley or the Education Podcast Network. One of my favorites for quick demo lesson’s is the Princeton Review Vocabulary Word Minute. y Find student podcasts that you can analyze; try to pull an outline or script from the actual show. Podcasts are free to download from iTunes. Check out: Willowdale Elementary School’s radio show produced by various grade levels and published to the web and to iTunes nd followed by Red Studio a teen created podcast from the Modern Museum of Art