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Greetings from Florida and

A Good Daughter Elder Care A Good Daughter Elder Care Managers

Management Do you know the best living Provide the following services for
situation for your loved your parents or loved one:
• Advocacy at medical appointments.
Are you stressed and find that
your relationships are suffering • Supervision of caregivers
due to the care you are provid-
ing to a far-away parent?
• Medications management
Have you noticed changes in
your loved one’s memory or • Crisis Intervention and counseling
ability to perform simple daily
tasks? • Transportation

Have you seen your mom or

• A partner in caring who will call and
dad’s driving ability deterio-
rate? email you every step of the way.

Do you worry about your par- • Entitlement or benefits applications

ent paying their bills on time
and with accuracy
• Hurricane planning
Are you concerned about your
parent’s financial decision- • 24—Hour on-call service
making skills?
• Relocation Assistance

• High quality referrals to experts in

dementia care.

When the Best matters, only A Good Daughter knows — Professionals who care enough to do their very • Concierge Care Services
The GCM The Assessment
The Founder
This is a one to two hour in-home,
Olga Brunner, M.S., CMC-CRTS
hospital, or facility meeting to de-
termine a variety of issues that Is a Certified GCM with over 20 years in
Generally, the process starts with include: hospital administration. Olga com-
a phone consultation, followed by pleted her undergraduate degree in
The client’s independence level
a home visit to the client. The health services administration at The
client’s goals and concerns are Home Safety City University of N.Y. and interned at
taken into account as well as the Cognitive Status the School of Public Health at Columbia
concerns of other family mem- Signs of memory loss Presbyterian Hospital. She received a
bers. Medical need Master of Science degree in gerontology and
Financial / Legal issues Nursing Home Administration at Lynn Univer-
Following the Assessment and
Social needs sity in Boca Raton completing her training as
depending on the recommenda-
Assistant Administrator and accepting a posi-
tions contained in the care plan,
tion as the Activities Director for a 170 bed
the client may require ongoing The Care Plan
long term care facility where she was respon-
Care Management or periodic
Formation of the care plan is based sible for her residents’ psycho-social welfare.
monitoring. This is especially true
on the individual’s goals and needs. Olga is proud to have been a member of the
when family members are not
This process takes between five to management team responsible for bringing
living locally.
six hours by a senior care manager the facility a five star rating that year. She
and a registered nurse in-office returned to her first love, Geriatric Care Man-
before the plan is presented to you. agement, attributing her aunt for the name of
the company; it was her aunt’s mantra re-
peated many times during the period that
Olga was her mother’s caregiver when af-
flicted by Alzheimer’s disease. On Thanksgiv-
ing Day, 2009, her agency was featured on
the PBS Nightly Business Report during the
segment, “Careers for the Next Decade—
A Good Daughter, Inc.
Patient Advocates”. 500 N.E. Spanish River Blvd
Suite 204A
Boca Raton, Florida
When the Best matters, only A Good Daughter knows — Professionals who care enough to do their very Best! web:
Who Uses Geriatric Care Management? Are Care Management Fees
When caring for a loved one, it is often difficult to know
Covered under Medicare?
what his/her needs are and what programs are available
to meet those needs. As family members, we generally do Care Management fees are billed pri-
not have the training or the objectivity to assess the situa- vately on a fee-for-service basis. They

tion and make unbiased decisions. are not covered by Medicaid, Medicare,
or by most health insurance policies.
Care managers are both knowledgeable about local
However, clients may be able to bill
resources and trained to look for problems that commonly
some services to Long Term Care Insur-
occur with the seriously ill. These professionals are not
ance, depending on the history of the
medical practitioners but are more like social workers. A
individual case. Care Management Fees
care manager's services can do much to relieve the anxiety may also be paid by credit card for your
families experience when they try to do everything them- convenience.
selves. The objective opinion of an outside professional is
also helpful if there is discord in the family about care-
giving issues.

What is the difference between Patient Ad-

What should I look for when hiring a vocates and a Professional GCM?
Care Manager for my Parents?
The National Association of Professional Geriatric Care In the segment prepared by PBS which aired on Thanksgiv-
Manages recognizes the following designations for a ing Day of 2009, the Nightly Business Report correspondent
“Certified Care Manager” — CMC, CCM, C-
C- carefully compared the practice of a GCM with that of a
SWCM. Each of these requires testing and continuing Patient Advocate. GCMs must have an advanced degree in
education. In addition, the NAPGCM suggests asking: gerontology, social work, nursing, and/or counseling; they
How long have you been providing care management must be a member of the National Association of Profes-
A Good Daughter, Inc. sional Geriatric Care Managers, and they must be certified
services? Can you provide me with references from
past clients? by their professional boards (designated at the left). A Pa-
500 N.E. Spanish River Blvd tient Advocate does not have to meet any of these require-
To find a GCM go to: Suite 204A
Boca Raton, Florida ments.
Property Downsizing & Home Sale Additional Services at Move-In:
Today it’s common for family members to live in
different cities. When an unfortunate circumstance • Organize kitchen, bath, closets
occurs it makes it very difficult to deal with it from out
• Hang pictures, make beds, connect phone
of town. Our Senior Move Management Services will:
and TV
• Coordinate all details without you having to make • Remove boxes and debris.
numerous trips to do so. • Meet contractors for home repair services

• Our Staff of move managers will keep your fam- • Liquidation Services
ily’s best interests at heart. • Escort service by an R.N. to ensure safe travel
to new residence.
• We will ship to you those cherished items that fam-
ily members want to keep.

• We will go through all items, designating those

items for sale and those to be donated to charity.

• If hoarding is a problem, we have an in-house ex-

pert with experience.

How we price a job depends upon many different
FIND YOUR PEACE OF MIND! factors. Every move is different. Because down-
sizing and preparing for a move is very labor in-
• Let us de-clutter your parent’s home Senior Certified Relocation and tensive, there are many variables that need to be
• Sort and organize belongings Transition Specialist, CRTS considered. The contents of a 5 room home, a 3
• Sell designated items room home, a 2 bedroom apartment, or a 5,000
• Pack and ship family heirlooms A Good Daughter, Inc. square foot home can be quite different. We
• Arrange for home repair
arrive at an estimate by talking with you about
• Work with your realtor towards a sale.
• Assist with your loved one with the move to 500 N.E. Spanish River Blvd
the job, looking at the room size, and conducting
a new residence. Suite 204A an on-site review, if needed. Initial Consultation
Boca Raton, Florida
web: is complimentary.
Find out more at: 561-392-3574
Meet Our Staff Judy Hendler, M.S., Assistant Care Manager

Judy began her career as a recreational aide in a nursing home

Karelyn Stahl, R.N.
facility. She obtained her Master’s degree in counseling educa-
Karelyn has worked as a nurse in Boca Raton for many tion and became the Director of Social Service in another nurs-
years. She is well known and respected by the medical ing home where she thoroughly enjoyed the connections with
community at Boca Raton Community Hospital having both residents and their families. For seniors who have made
worked on the medical-surgical floor for 10 years. She the decision to age in place in their own homes, Judy has de-
has also worked for a well-known cardiologist in Boca cided to enrich life beyond the very necessary medical compo-
Raton and lives in Boynton Beach with her husband. nent of their days. As socialization is key to an older adult’s
emotional well-being, she is filling our client’s days with ballet,
Karelyn manages our client’s medications, taking care
movies, lectures, lunches, the zoo, beach, discussions about
of refills and doctor’s orders. She diligently assesses
the latest book read over a cup of coffee, etc. Our clients get
vital signs and spends time counseling our clients when
dressed to go out and experience an adventure. It is Judy’s am-
she makes weekly home visits and doctor appoint-
bition to encourage seniors to get out and enjoy themselves.
ments. Our clients just love her Welch accent!
As Judy states, “By providing stimulating and enjoyable activi-
Karelyn is also a long distance caregiver to both her
ties I hope to give my clients joy and enrichment.”
parents who live abroad, in the U.K.

“Remember when the Best matters, only A Good Daughter knows….Professionals who care
enough to do their very Best!
A Good Daughter, Inc.
500 N.E. Spanish River Blvd
Suite 204A
Boca Raton, Florida
Meet Our Staff Paula Allen, Recreation Assistant

Kim Cotet, Senior Moves Paula’s former career was in senior housing having worked at
Century Village in Boca Raton for 30 years. After the foreclosure
Kim comes from a background in senior care having worked crisis in South Florida, Century Village was forced to let go some
at the Henderson Mental Health Clinic, assisting with activi- of their key staff and Paula came to us recommended by a highly
ties of daily living and front office administration at a home regarded Registered Nurse in the Boca Raton community. Paula
health agency, and as Director for the Central Supply Depart- has fit into our crew of assistants and is adept at performing any
ment at a Boca Raton skilled nursing facility. But Kim’s area function, whether it is office administration or move manage-
of expertise in hoarding management began when she paid ment. She is currently being trained as a recreation assistant in
an unexpected visit to her mother who lived out of town, dis- keeping with our Mission to keep in balance the total needs of
covering the state of depression which had caused her our clients. We intend to fulfill this mission by offering oppor-
mother’s addiction to television shopping networks. She tunities and experiences to work with the total person in meet-
personally gathered the strength and resources necessary to ing not only our client’s medical but also the psycho-social
downsize, liquidate, and move her mother to South Florida needs of our clients. Meeting the need for exercise, emo-
where she resides today. With her first hand knowledge of tional, mental, social, and spiritual stimulation, will help us
senior care and hoarding experience, she will be a tremen- achieve our mission as activities are an integral part in pre-
dous asset to our senior move division. venting rapid cognitive decline.

“Remember when the Best matters, only A Good Daughter knows….Professionals who care
enough to do their very Best!
A Good Daughter, Inc.
500 N.E. Spanish River Blvd
Suite 204A
Boca Raton, Florida
Our Favorite Charity: Cancer Hope Happens Here!
Meet Our Staff
Peer Support Network:
Josie Piccione, Concierge Care

Josie is a mature and gentle recreation assistant who has

lovingly cared for our clients for the past two years. She
is a local resident who enjoys family life, whether it is en-
hancing the life of our clients through yoga or a cooking
class, Josie does what she loves and loves what she
does. If a client is not thriving because of lack of social
stimulation, she plans activities such as floral arrange-
ment, cooking classes, or simply stays in, playing scrab-
ble for fun. She is open and receptive to enhancing the
lives of all she serves and has been well trained in serv-
ing our elders who have recent memory loss. An accom-
plished cook, Josie’s daytime family benefits from her art-
ful presentations of Old World dishes and Florida cuisine.
She is a joy to be around and every bit a professional.

“Remember when the Best matters, only A Good Daughter knows….Professionals who care A Good Daughter, Inc.
enough to do their very Best!
500 N.E. Spanish River Blvd
Suite 204A
Boca Raton, Florida
Long Term Care Planning

Please note that the Congress has passed sweeping legislation

that significantly effects Medicaid Nursing Home benefits. Member of:
The new law imposes punitive new restrictions on the
● National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers
ability of the elderly to transfer their assets before qualifying for
● Florida Chapter of Geriatric Care Managers Association
Medicaid coverage in a nursing home. These changes can have
● Nationally Certified through NACCM
far reaching implications regarding your ability to access quality
and affordable long term care. Some of the more draconian provi-

sions are: A Good Daughter Elder Care Management

• The look back period is extended from 3 to 5 Call us toll free:

years. 1-800-963-3877

· The value of a house that can be exempt is

$500,000. Or see us on the web:
· Annuities and many other planning tools will
be eliminated.
· Monthly gifts are severely curtailed.
Remember, when the Best matters, only A Good Daughter
knows—Professionals who care enough to do their very Best!
I strongly encourage you to readjust your long-term care path
based on this potential new legislation. Preplanning is now in-
creasingly more important in order to maximize the possibility of
saving all of the family's assets. Once illness strikes the options
become fewer. If you’d like to receive our e-brochure “Family
Guide to Keeping Seniors Safe at Home—Basic Things You Should
know About.” Call our office at: 561-392-3574

A Good Daughter Elder Care Management

Remember, when the Best matters, only A Good Daughter

knows—Professionals who care enough to do their very Best!

Toll Free: 1-800-963-3877