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NĂM HỌC 2012-2013
(Đề thi gồm 04 trang) Thời gian làm bài: 120 phút.

1. He would win the race if he ______ his brother example and trained harder.
A. took B. set C. followed D. repeated
2. You must ______ asleep in the train.
A. have been tired if you fell B. have been tired if you fall
C. be tired if you have been fallen D. be tired if you had fallen
3. If ______ deforestation, we wouldn’t have to face floods of rain.
A. there weren’t that B. we hadn’t had C. it weren’t because of D. there were no

4. The inflation rates have risen ______ the increase in petrol price.

A. on account of B. under surveillance of C. in preference to D. in relation to
5. I’d prefer to find out the truth myself ______ here to wait for him.

A. than to stay B. rather than to stay C. than stay D. rather than stay
6. I am going to ______ all my clothes and decide which to keep and which to give away.

A. get on B. go through C. hand in D. look for
7. For the first time ______, large portions of the universe can be observed simultaneously.

A. since history B. in history C. history began D. of the beginning of history
8. I didn’t mean to make ______ for her. It was all her hard work.
A. allowance B. way C. opportunity D. move

9. She wasn’t ______ for the loss of Fred.
A. blaming B. to blame C. for blame D. being blamed
10. We’ll play tennis and ______ we’ll have lunch.

A. immediately B. after C. then D. so
11. There used to be a well in front of our house, ______?
A. wasn’t there B. didn’t it R
C. wasn’t it D. didn’t there
12. Good pencil erasers ______ paper but hard enough so that they crumble gradually when used.
A. are not soft enough to damage B. are soft enough so that they can’t damage

C. are soft enough without damaging D. are soft enough not to damage
13. Helmet laws were ______ so that traffic fatalities would be reduced.

A. brought in B. taken out C. pulled up D. made up
14. Can you ______ the difference between fact and opinion?

A. separate B. distinguish C. point D. tell
15. Martha will be ______ charge when I’m away on business.
A. off B. to C. over D. in

16. This should be the last time I see you ______ out so late.
A. come B. leave C. stay D. get

17. ______ “orca" means whale, the orca is actually a member of the dolphin family, the delphinids.
A. Why B. It is C. That D. While
18. Which of you ______ to translate it for me?

A. wants B. does want C. do want D. want

19. In summer, George ______ plays tennis twice a week.
A. often B. occasionally C. ever D. usually

20. ______ you’ve given me!

A. What good advices B. What the good advice C. What good advice D. What a good advice
21. Please go ______ this report before we send it to the broad of directors.

A. up to B. off C. over D. past
22. I can lend you some money to help you ______ until you’ve had time to go to the bank.

A. away B. on C. out D. over
23. Don’t be too hard on him, he’s doing the job ______.
A. he can at best B. the best he can C. as best he can D. as best as he can
24. After the accident, there was a considerable doubt ______ exactly what had happened.
A. in the question of B. as to C. for D. in the shape of
25. Let me know when it would be ______ for you to come and visit.
A. fitting B. convenient C. comfortable D. applicable
26. His natural intelligence and his experience enabled him to ______ with the problem.
A. adapt B. tackle C. handle D. cope
27. Do you really believe your memory is clear ______ what happened?
A. with respect to B. in light of C. on condition of D. with a view to
28. Tom: “What do think of my new suit?” – Mary: “______” – April 2012 1

(A) Even you’re unsure of the standard procedures (B) in any situation. claiming C. in C. particular C. join H 5. See you at ten ______. which are usually broadcast in the (8)______ hours of the morning. advance D. present B. B. aim O 10. A. posted D. country S. even years. (20 PTS) 1. studying at the Open University can be a (13)______ N because students have few opportunities to (14)______ each other. (C) is major (D) industrial and shipping centre of the island. in one of the London parks. anyway C 37. However. delight B. fight B. alright. In 1938. B. . That is why the University encourages students to set (15)______ and run informal study groups themselves. attend D. deficient B. have been training C. route D. A. for the purpose of C. Tom: “Could I have some of this wine?” – Mary: “______” A. Students are (11)______ with all the notes and books they need and. Mr. starting D. D. up D. (30 PTS) D The Open University was created in 1968 to give people who cannot afford to (1)______ regular courses of study. A. in some ways C. did the tanks lie O 36. Michael is enthusiastic and ______ at his job. Most Open University students O (4)______ in study while also holding down a job or coping with a busy home life. unit B. A. challenge 6. No problem. sharp B.W At the heart of most courses is a (6)______ of specially written and professionally printed textbooks and workbooks which students receive by post. If you ask me. Tom: “Do you want to go by bus or me to drive you there?” – Mary: “I have to be there before 7. 38. moment D. in favor of 35. A. handed BL 12. I’ve just finished it. 31. A. hoped D. means C. were training 40. introduce B. apprehensive C. Not just now. has been training B. admissible 30. the R opportunity of studying and (2)______ a university diploma or degree. students are (7)______ to watch television H programmes on the BBC network. 3. believe C. meet D. satisfaction C. A. sent B. needed C. either way D. was training D. A. Let’s clean this room for the ______ being and do the rest of the house later. sends C. Each of the Olympic athletes ______ for months. set D. It’d be nice if you didn’t buy it. club C. efficient 34. A. system U 4. minute C. CHOOSE THE SUITABLE WORD TO FILL IN EACH BLANK. provided C. trust D. relevant B. YE 1. On many of the courses. (A) a harbor city (B) in southern Taiwan. A. 2. A. Replace this information with something more ______ please. the tanks lay B.30 ______“ A. given B. On the battle field ______. Kaohsiung. A. method B. time 33. struggle C. first B. in (12)______. just 32. A. (A) In some of the world’s (B) biological richest regions. assist C. A. present B. please don’t hesitate to (C) consult with your (D) supervising manager.wordpress. A. exactly C. joy D. how beings from Mars ES 39. in the sense of – April 2012 2 . The play was put on in the ______ air. effective D. The (9)______ of these programmes is to develop and broaden the study experience. I wouldn’t say I like it. A. C. so that students do not have to (10)______ only AN on the printed material they are sent. sufficient C. growing coffee can have (C) a destructive impact (D) on nature. D. send D. Hawkins requests that someone ______ the data by fax immediately. take C. fit B. 29. reason C. fresh B. taking B. A. that being from Mars B. reaching D. A. being from Mars D. put D. PR A. rely B. IDENTIFY THE MISTAKE IN EACH SENTENCE. battle D. pressure 14. many people listening to the radio heard a report ______ had landed in New Jersey. know C. content D. obtaining 3. any way B. A. A. A. They study at home and their academic performance is assessed by (3)______ of written examinations or project work. M A. confide 11. addition B. which makes him a real asset to the company. end D. open C. cause B. Take it easy. Blogchuyenanh. to send II. I am not ______ nuclear power in view of accidents. early 9. that beings from Mars C. apply 2. some courses also include audio and video cassettes and computer software. C. A. on the point of B. heap C 7. lay the tanks D. accurately D. expected B. return 13. natural D. They study in order to update their job skills or for personal (5)______. Not truthfully. out B. considered G 8. speak 15. off III. A. initial C. A. lied the tanks C.

The result is an increased concentration of noxious chemicals in the air. A. the definition of air pollution will continue to change D. nature’s output of these compounds dwarfs that resulting form human activities. such as sulfur oxides. These are confusing words which you do need to understand to avoid ______. slowed D. Please call a technician to check it today.08 parts per million (ppm). (CREATION) O 4. (RESPOND) 5. in fact the numerical H value tells us little until we know how much of an increase this represents over the concentration that would occur naturally in the area. in terms of (D) the gold standard. (A) disturbing from tourists. Soak the dried mushroom ______ to soften them before cooking. What constitutes an air pollutant BL C. I think it’s poor. which is C about 400 times its natural level. the United States (C) used to define its unit of currency. (PLEASE) 2. quickly C. 6. admittedly D. (COMPLIMENT) ES 10. Simon and Ali. The actual concentration need not be large for a substance to be a pollutant. How much harm air pollutants can cause D. As technology has developed and knowledge of the health aspects H of various chemicals has increased. Lukas and Elliot said (A) that only one of the solutions (B) make sense. A. (NIGHT) 12. changed 5. For example. human output may be dominant and may temporarily overload the natural purification scheme of the cycle. (STAND) 15. carbon monoxide. AN Many of the more important air pollutants. YE In this localized regions. Nancy said (A) that she (B) went (C) to the supermarket before (D) coming home. (20 PTS) A useful definition of an air pollutant is a compound added directly or indirectly by humans to the atmosphere in such O quantities as to affect humans. The word "altered" in line 9 is closest in meaning to ______. The economic impact of air pollution B. soccer has become the most popular sport all over the world. (DENY) 14. 9. ahs a natural level of 0. air pollutants were limited to compounds that could be seen or smelled – a far cry from the extensive list of harmful substances known today. even water vapor might be considered an air pollutant under certain conditions. they became components in biogeochemical cycle. The electric company admitted their ______ for the blackout. However. (SLEEP) PR 13. the concentrations of these pollutants were altered by various chemical reactions. human production usually occurs in a localized area. 5. however. His work is ______ useful to us but there are a few things I don’t agree with. (USE) D R V. I have no idea why people give ______ words to his new collection. (GOOD) M 3. The concentrations at which the adverse effects appear will be greater than the concentrations that the pollutants would have in the absence U of human activities.4. (CONSIDER) 7. One of the disapproved proposals will be taken into ______. (WEAR) 11. She has spent many ______ nights writing the report. and nitrogen oxides. a substance becomes an air pollutant only in cities 4. When the first air pollution laws were established in England in the . animals. Air pollution requires a very flexible definition that permits continuous change. (A) As every (B) other nation.wordpress. vegetations. Her ______ academic record was the main reason for our last-minute decision to intake her. or materials adversely. IV. the dollar. What does the passage mainly discuss? O A. eliminated B. (C) and Evan said he (D) agrees. 8. 10. Carbon monoxide. It can be inferred from the first paragraph that ______. A. The word "adversely" in line 2 is closest in meaning to ______. These serve as an air purification scheme by allowing the N compounds to move from the air to the water or soil on a global basis. most air pollutants today can be seen or smelled C. (PEACE) S. Don’t do anything stupid that results in his ______. Do you know where it ______? (ORIGINAL) C 6. 8.1 ppm and is not usually a G pollutant until its level reaches about 15 ppm. the list of air pollutants has lengthened. Natural predators. 7. Some scientists believed that dinosaurs (A) become extinct (B) when a high asteroid (C) fell on (D) the Earth. (A) Modern airplanes (B) are able to fly very (C) highly (D) because of the fact that they have pressurized cabins. The voice ______ system doesn’t seem to be working. Natural pollutants can play an important role in controlling air pollution for which of the following reasons? Blogchuyenanh. He answered the question so ______ that everyone burst into – April 2012 3 . are found in nature.W fourteenth century. We need ______ clothes to clean this floor. and pollution (B) have all (C) contributed to the (D) decline of the California condor. negatively B. Her tireless commitment to ______ their relationship has been rewarded. Today. 1. SUPPLY THE APPROPRIATE FORMS OF WORDS IN THE BRACKETS. Chad is (A) in the opinion that the woman (B) next to the (C) windows is fond of him because she glances at him (D) from time to time. We’ve got on well thanks to our ______. caused C. The effects of compounds added to the atmosphere 2. As the Earth developed. sulfur dioxide has detectable health effects at 0. In the future. such as a city. (30 PTS) 1. READ THE FOLLOWING PASSAGE AND CHOOSE THE BEST ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS. considerably 3. (RECOGNIZE) 9. water vapor is an air pollutant in localized areas B.

extensive D. According to the passage. driving his Porsche through stop sign and. (ARRIVED)  By the __________________________________________________________________________ 7. Bill was booked for drunk driving. The police records for the arrest have (6)______. O A. Bill has (7)______ commented on his (8)______ past. S.” Can (9)______ with a criminal record become president of the United States? They certainly can. special C. What (4)______? Speeding and driving without driver’s license. Some manage to keep PR their “mistakes” secret. the other substances in the area are known B. In fact. the numerical valued of the concentration level of a substance is only useful if ______. ES VI. Bush had been driving suspiciously slowly. Here is a (2)______ of famous arrests (3)______ might surprise you. But a Microsoft spokesperson said. IN MANY QUESTIONS. (INSTRUCTED) H  Contrary to_______________________________________________________________________ 3. “It’s well . C. The word "detectable" in line 18 is closest in meaning to ______. B. They occur in greater quantities than other pollutants. whatever their score in the competition. All the children will receive a prize. 7. To effectively control pollution local government should regularly review their air pollution laws. (AWARDED)  No matter how ____________________________________________________________________ O 5. Can I use you dictionary for a while? (USED)  Would it _________________________________________________________________________ 10. in 1989. They function as part of a purification process. (30 PTS) 1. a police (12)______ pulled him over. it can be calculated quickly M 9.  No _____________________________________________________________________________ BL 6. It can be dwarfed by nature's output of pollutants in the localized region. And George W. the 30-year-old was drinking in a bar near his parents’ house. I made some mistakes. YE YOU HAVE TO USE THE GIVEN WORDS WITHOUT CHANGING THEIR FORMS IN ANY WAY. SUPPLY EACH BLANK WITH ONE SUITABLE WORD. I occasionally drank too much. It can overwhelm the natural system that removes pollutants. According to the passage.” N VII. But it leaked to the (14)______ just before 2000 presidential election (which he won). This time for speeding. All your wishes will come true. (EFFORT)  He insisted_______________________________________________________________________ THE END OF THE TEST Blogchuyenanh. One of the most important steps in preserving natural lands is to better enforce air pollution laws. H Bush (10)______. Bush kept his arrest secret for 24 years. But on the way. and I did that night. (CAPABLE)  Unless __________________________________________________________________________ U 2. But admitted it was true. “I’m not (15)______ of that. They are less harmful to living beings than are other pollutants. C. noticeable C. In 1976. it is in a localized area C. once again. I’ve learned my lesson. But you can still find O Bill’s mug shot on the internet. In 1977. beneficial B. the naturally occurring level is also known D. We reached the station but we missed the train. They have existed since the Earth developed. He said. But on 29th April 1975 (just two weeks after founding Microsoft) he was D arrested in Albuquerque. It will damage areas outside of the localized regions. It will react harmfully with naturally occurring pollutants. C. driving without a license. B. separable 10. (30 PTS) Paris Hilton. B. measurable D. Which of the following is best supported by the passage? C A. D. harmful B. (WANTED) C  You will _________________________________________________________________________ G 4. Scientists should be consulted in order to establish uniform limits for all air pollutants. It was too icy for people to walk safely on the pavement. New Mexico. (SAFETY)  So _____________________________________________________________________________ 9. he didn’t have very good driving record. D. The advert said we would learn with a native speaker. D. Robert Downey Jr. But the charge was reduced to lesser offence. A. The word "noxious' in line 14 is closest in meaning to A. A. celebrities are often in (1)______ with the law. His three suggestions for the problem seemed far from practicality. Lindsay Lohan. “You must try to solve your financial problem”. 6. His unexpected visit was just after your leave. weak 8. he was arrested again. A few hours (11)______. you can get better marks. REWRITE THE FOLLOWING SENTENCES WITHOUT CHANGING THE MEANING. which of the following is true about human-generated air pollution in localized regions? A. he decided to drive home. Human activities have been effective in reducing air pollution. he said. But others end up their stories all over the tabloids. If you work harder.W known that when Bill was – April 2012 4 . we didn’t. And finally. Bill Gates doesn’t seem like a bad boy. (WHICH)  He suggested three solutions ________________________________________________________ 8. AN The (13)______ president was arrested for drunk driving. But Bill’s rap R sheet doesn’t end (5)______.