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Too Much Egg in my Carrot Cake

Observation/Introduction: After trying a recipe for carrot cake, observations were made that
the cake had an eggy taste to it. While using the same recipe, changes will be made, to figure out
how to get the eggy taste out of the cake without damaging the structure and texture of the cake.

Question: Why does the cake taste eggy and how can it be prevented without changing the

Hypothesis: By cutting down the amount of eggs in the recipe by half, it will get rid of the eggy
taste but have the same texture. In an article by Fred Decker, it states that the egg ratio might be
off, and to fix it, you can use less egg (, para. 5). “The eggy flavor may be caused by
unreacted baking soda.” said Neal Ricks a Food Science Professor at BYU-Idaho. The second
trial will cut the amount of baking soda in half.


I am going to make the original recipe. Then cut down the amount of eggs for trial one, and cud
down the amount of baking soda for trial two.

1. Make the control batch

a. Measure each ingredient according to the recipe
b. Weigh each ingredient and write it down
2. Make the trial one
a. Measure the ingredients by using the weight that you got from the control batch
b. Cut the amount of egg in half (variable 1)
3. Make the trial two
a. Measure the ingredients by using the weight that you got from the control batch
b. Cut the amount of BAKING SODA in half (variable 2)
4. Grease three 8x8 inch pans
5. Lightly flour each of the pans
6. Pour in cake batter labeling each trial with a number
7. Bake for 35-40 minutes at 325 degrees
a. While waiting, prepare the sample tray to perform the taste test.
i. Get a napkin for 12 people
ii. Set up water cups for each person
iii. Also label napkins with the random numbers assigned to each sample
8. Take cake out when you can poke with a tooth pick and it comes out clean
9. Let stand for 10 minutes
10. Flip onto cooling racks and let cool for 15 more minutes
11. Cut into squares.
a. You want about 16 or more squares
12. Place once square of each kind, labeled, on a napkin for testing.
13. Preform a sensory test
a. Take the napkins with cake and go find other people to test
b. Have them fill out the taste test ballot
c. Make sure they sign a waver
14. Preform a Sheer test
a. Instrument
i. Stable Micro Systems
b. Probe
i. Sheer Test