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Full Serve copy ServiceS
let our trained copy & print centre Associates complete your project for you. print brochures, flyers, presentations and more! Want your presentations to stand out? Get noticed, print in colour! colour copy And printinG letter Size legal Size ledger Size
printed on 28lb. 98 bright bond paper.

49¢ 69¢ 99¢

pricinG For 3000+ quAntitieS letter Size 39¢ legal Size 49¢ ledger Size 79¢

BlAck & White copy And printinG quantity 1 - 99 100 - 499 500 - 999 1000 - 9999 10,000 +
printed on 20lb. 96 bright paper

letter Size 10¢ 8¢ 6¢ 5¢ 4¢

legal Size 10¢ 8¢ 6¢ 5¢ 4¢

ledger Size 17¢ 14¢ 11¢ 9¢ 6¢

SelF Serve copy & print ServiceS
Self-serve copying makes it fast and easy to get your copies done. colour SelF-Serve copy ServiceS letter Size (8.5" x 11") legal Size (8.5" x 14") ledger Size (11" x 17") 49¢ 49¢ 99¢

BlAck And White SelF-Serve copy ServiceS letter Size (8.5" x 11") 7¢ legal Size (8.5" x 14") 7¢ ledger Size (11" x 17") 11¢
Self serve copies are printed on 20-lb. 92 bright bond paper.

AdditionAl ServiceS
desktop publishing services. need something extra? We’ve got you covered. you dream it. We’ll design it! diGitAl ServiceS desktop publishing/creation Service digital file opening cd Burning photo scanning documents scanning
*Price list subject to change without notice.

$40.00 per hour $1.00 per file $5.00 each $5.00 each $5.00 for the 1st page, 50¢ per page after the 1st

03/sheet $0. $0.39 ea.01/sheet $0. $3. letter-size cover Gloss.29 $2. letter-size card stock pastel. ledger-size letter-size tabs $0.98 $1. letter-size neon paper. $1/per cut. $7. Flyers. ft. legal-size pastel paper. $5.88 $0. per 100 sheets $0.99 ea.99 ea. $2.25 ea. letter-size card stock neon.SpeciAlty pAper choose from a variety of paper selections including resume. $0.49/sheet $1.25 ea.00/sheet $0.88 $0.95 ea. $0. $2.05/sheet $0. $2. $3.84 ea. letter-size resume paper.40/sheet $0.90 ea. $5.65 ea.99 $2. glossy and transparencies 3-hole punch paper recycled paper colour transparencies Black and White transparencies pastel paper.99 sq.50/set 5 printed FiniShinG ServiceS Why stop at copies? there are dozens of ways we can turn your projects into professional looking presentations. custom printed covers available for an additional fee.01 $0.06/sheet $0. $0.20/sheet $0. $5.49 $2.03/sheet $0. Machine Folding (6 types of folds) Folding by hand cutting Machine Stapling Booklet assembly Bundling laminated business card laminated badge card laminated luggage tag or index card letter-size lamination legal-size lamination ledger-size lamination roll laminating (3mm) Foamcore mounting WireleSS Book BindinG† Bind 1-60 sheets Bind 60-90 Bind 91-120 Bind 120-150 Bind 151-180 Bind 181-240 Bind 241-300 Bind 301-360 Bind 361-430 Bind 431-500 rebinding hardcover *Price list subject to change without notice. letter-size cover Gloss.65 ea. Brochures Manuals †price includes standard covers.49 sq. $5. ft.85 ea.10/sheet $0.75/set 5 blank or $1.02/per page $40/per hr. .25 ea. $2.25 ea. $17.85 ea.02/sheet $0.05/sheet $2.

99 per square foot $129.25/ea. Front and back linen covers $1.79 .75/ea.99 $29. Bind up to 112 sheets 5/8" $2.30/ea. Bind up to 55 sheets 3/8" $1.65/ea. Bind up to 70 sheets 10mm $3. Bind up to 156 sheets 20mm $4. Front and back linen covers $1.50/ea. Bind up to 425 sheets 2" $5. BuSineSS cArdS We’ve got ready made design templates to choose from or got an idea of your own? let our design team create a business card for you. BAnnerS & BAdGeS custom Signs Magnetic Signs Banners Brass & Aluminum Badges *Price list subject to change without notice. Bind up to 127 sheets 3/4" $2. Bind up to 195 sheets 25mm $4.30/ea. Bind up to 125 sheets 16mm $4.28 from $102.54 from $13.30/set premium regency covers $1.40/ea. Bind up to 86 sheets 12mm $3.00 extra SiGnS.99/per 250 custom Business cards from $20. Bind up to 300 sheets 1-1/2" $4. letterhead. stamps and more! choose from dozens of templates and logo’s to choose from or bring us your own.85/ea.55/ea. cheques.40/ea.99 $19. 18" x 24" poster 20" x 30" poster 24" x 36" poster custom Sizes up to 42" x 100' Banner Stand holds posters 22" x 80" $14.65/set coil BindinG – choose from a selection of spine colours Bind up to 31 sheets 6mm $2. from $25.30/set premium regency covers $1.05/ea.63 from $51.99 $5. Bind up to 84 sheets 1/2" $2.50/ea.99/per 250 colour template Business cards from $49.80/ea.99 (poster extra) cuStoM printinG ServiceS tools that move your business! Business cards. Bind up to 168 sheets 1" $3.20/ea.FiniShinG ServiceS cerlox BindinG – choose from a selection of spine colours Bind up to 40 sheets 5/16" $1.15/ea.65/set Manuals Wide ForMAt poSter printinG Make it BiG! create a poster. or make banners and signs. Black and White template Business cards from $22. Bind up to 46 sheets 8mm $3.

50 cheques with Starter kit included from $100.99 ShippinG ServiceS purolator courier canada post xpresspost canada post postage Stamps – canadian.06 embossers from $32. labels. 7 .03 FAx ServiceS local transmission long distance transmission international transmission per page $0.cuStoM printinG ServiceS letterheAd. your business runs on this stuff. envelopeS. signature stamp.00 date Stamps from $25. chequeS & ForMS invoices.99 custom letterhead from $82. cheques.00 cuStoM StAMpS Why write it when you can stamp it? Address stamp.99 invoices & Statements from $61. design choices and advice. packing slips.89 per page $1. logo stamp.49 $5.99 custom envelopes from $145. uSA and international postage Stamps Fedex drop Box in select locations. *Price list subject to change without notice. promotional letterhead from $58. rubber Stamps from $7.44 pre-inking Stamps-made right in-store! from $17.49 labels from $17.52 Self-inking Stamps from $11. We’re ready to help you with plenty of options.99 promotional envelopes from $68.

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