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welcome to
the collection /3
In many ways Ambient & Chill is the Yet more melodic magic can be found
natural successor to our Chillwave in the ‘inspiration kits’ folder. Here you’ll
collection. Mining the same rich find 17 song-starting folders containing

seams of underground electronica, the broken-out stems of complete

chillout and downtempo, Ambient melodic motifs. Use them as they are to
& Chill blazes a new trail, eschewing get your creative juices flowing or treat
the eighties influences of Chillwave in them as sampler fodder to re-build at
favour of more fragile, esoteric and will. All kits are key- and tempo-labeled
organic flavours. Created with an to make it easy to mix and match loops
abundance of live instrumentation, across kits to open up hundreds of
vintage hardware and lo-fi production unique arrangements.
techniques, the final result is one of
electro-organic bliss. One-shot lovers are well catered for
too. We’ve bundled in 70+ chord shots
The beats are as varied as the and 240+ drum hits which are ready
collection’s title suggests. Lazy and to load into your sampler of choice. loose four-to-the-floor workouts rub Kits for Kontakt, Battery, EXS24, NN-XT
shoulders with more unconventional and Ableton Drum Racks are bundled
rhythms inspired by the broken beats as standard. As ever, each and every
of classic hip hop and post-dubstep hit has been carefully honed and
electronica. Crafted from a rich processed, with 12-bit downsampling
palette of orginal live breaks, organic and cassette deck re-taping aplenty.
percussion, analogue drum machine
sequencing and found-sound samples, We’ve rounded things off with a
the drums have been downsampled, folder of found-sound ambiences,
diced and distressed to capture the including rural field recordings, urban
all-important lo-fi aesthetic. soundscapes and a selection of key-
labeled pads and textures to underpin
Melodic inspiration permeates the dense, drifting and dreamy
throughout. Twilight synths rub shoulders atmosphere that defines the collection.
with lilting keys that shine with woozy,
late summer sunshine whilst fireside
guitars muse on indie-rock sensibilities. The Producers
kit list the Ambient
& Chill studio /5
Roland TR 707
Linn Drum LM1
Akai MPC 60
Akai MPC 1000
Akai X7000
Ensoniq Mirage-DSK
Korg DW-8000
Roland Juno 106
Dave Smith Poly Evolver
Nord Lead 2
Dynadio BM7a
MOTU MIDI Express 128
Korg Kontrol 49
Fender Telecaster
Ibanez Artcore
Marshall MG100
Ampeg B2RE
Rode NT-5s
Zoom H4N
Custom built Hydrophones
1971 Yamaha FG-160
Fender Telecaster
SSL Duende
pro tips making more
of the sounds /6
Get real Keep it simple
Leave the studio and find some real No matter how complex an
instruments to record. Head to a local arrangement, the rule ‘less is more’ is
church, music shop or school and grab pivotal in much ambient production.
even the roughest recordings of the Carefully select the sounds you use.
upright or grand piano, for example. Spend time considering the character,
Record single shots and import them tone and feel of each element and
into a sampler. Instantly you’ve got what it brings to the mix. If the raw
some real – and lo-fi – keys with all the sounds are right then you can keep
added control of your sampler. arrangements simple to let them shine.

Rough it up Lose the start

Running sounds through tape, tape Cutting samples up and re-arranging
simulating plugins or any sort of bit/ them is a great creative technique to
sample reduction plugin can help you put your own stamp on a sample. But
achieve the trademark lo-fi sound. Don’t another, perhaps simpler, idea can be
be afraid to push your tools to the max to place the start of the sample on a
to get rough and grainy sounds – heavy 16th or 8th beat other than the 1st of
processing on music buses or even the the bar. This is particularly effective with
master bus can yield great results. rhythmic samples such as hi-hats, tops
and percussion loops – throwing up
Reverb completely new grooves in an instant.
Reverb is a staple tool in the ambient
producer’s arsenal. Lush reverbs with It’s a swing thing
lots of tail add depth, texture and Be bold with swing settings, pushing
movement to sounds. Play with the them as far up as 65%. For fills,
room sizes, diffusion and post reverb automate swing values to keep the
filters or EQ to sculpt the sound to stop listener on their toes. The combination
it bleeding throughout the mix. Reverb of a regular high swing setting as well
can also be added to the master as swing variation/s topped off with a
bus to give it extra depth. To give kick driving the sidechain of a drum bus
reverb movement, automate wet/dry compressor can yield highly effective
balances and tail length. sucking and pumping results in beats.
folder setup accessing
the files /8 credits Ambient & Chill
created by /9
Collection created by Other Sample Magic releases
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