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Computer Application 2
Part I Encircle the letter only Date: July 12, 2018
1. It is the physical, touchable, materials parts of a computer system
A. Software B. Hardware C. Peopleware D. None of the above
2. Removable media is any type of storage device that can be removed from a computer while the system is running.
A. True B. False
3. The ________________ components of a computer system are the intangible parts.
4. It refers to the people involved in the data processing operation.
A. Tupperware B. Plasticware C. Peopleware

5. Software is also known as _____________.
A device that produces a permanent human-readable text of graphic document.
A. Headphone B. Speaker C. Printer D. None of the above

7. CRT means ___________.
A. Cathode Rey Tube B. Cathode Ray Tube C. None of the above

8. It is a device that provides input by analyzing images, printed text, handwriting, or an object.
A. Xerox machine B. Image Scanner C. X-ray machine D. None of the above

9. A screen that senses the user pressing directly on the display.
A. Silk Screen B. Touchscreen C. None of the above

10. Not a computer monitor
A. CRT B. LCD C. OLED D. None of the above

11. A pointing device uses light to determine mouse motion.
A. Trackball B. Touchscreen C. Optical mouse D. None of the above

12. A sound card also known as ______ card.
A. Audio B. Noise C. ATM D. None of the above

13. Monitors, printers, disk drives, keyboard, mouse are categorize as
A. Storage device B. Hardware C. Software D. All answer are correct
14. How do you call these devices: monitor, earphone, speakers
A. Input devices B. Storage devices C. Output devices D. All answer are correct

15. A mouse is a storage device
A. True B. False

16. You purchased a copy of a computer game “Plants vs. Zombie”. Then you follow the directions on the
package how to install the game. This game is consist of
A. Program and data B. Instruction and a package C. None of the above

17. Disadvantage of Paper data storage is having a small size of the holes on the paper
A. True B. False

18. Most modern automobiles are controlled by a computer. Do you think that the computer in you car
has: A. Input devices? B. Output devices? C. Main storage? D. Secondary storage?

19. Which of the following can be saved on a floppy disk?

A. A game program B. Accounting data (numbers) C. Audio data D. Graphics data
E. Digital photographs F. Video data

20. (Thought question:) imagine that you have just turned on your computer and have yet started any
application. Are any programs running?
A. Yes B. No C. None of the above
Part II Enumeration

A. Give at least 20 examples of Input Device
B. Give at least 20 example of Output Device
C. Give at least 10 example of Application
D. 3 basic type of printers
E. 2 basic types of software
F. 5 elements of computer system
G. Give at least 3 examples of Operating System
H. Give at least 10 examples of Secondary
Storage Device

Part III Essay (Minimum of 50 words)

A. Why do we need computer in our daily life?
B. What is software?
C. What is Comuter?
D. How can you apply the MS Word on your
E.How can you apply the MS Excel on your