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Field Visit Report to CBM Well

The Site

Jharia CBM Block is located within Jharia coalfield, about 25 km. east of Bokaro Steel city. Total
area of Jharia block is 84.5 sq. km. Out of it area of Parbatpur area is approx. 18 sq. km. and the
area under present early pilot scheme is 6 sq. km. in central Parbatpur. The field is being operated by
Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, ONGC.

Detail of Visit

Visited CBM producing wells at Parbatpur, Jharia Coalfield on 28th June, 2018 under the supervision of
Mr. Parmanand Jee Singh, SE (Electrical) along with Mr. Jaywardhan Kumar, Scientist, CSIR-CIMFR.

Field Description

The Parbatpur area, under present discussion forms the south-eastern part of Jharia coalfield and is
located towards south of river Damodar in Bokaro district. This U/G Block (as per mining industries)
covering an area of 18 sq. km. (Approximately) forms a part of Survey of India Toposheet No. 73 I/06
(RF 1:50,000). The area is located between Latitude - (N) 23o39'30' - 23o42'06' and Longitude - (E)
86o19'15" - 86o23'28".

Jharkhand consists of total 6.178 tcf of CBM reserves with Jharia contributing about 2.407 tcf. The
Jharia well site comprised of Nine Producing wells named JH#1, JH#1A, JH#2, JH#3, JH#4, JH#7, JH#8,
JH#9, JH#10 along with gas gathering stations (GGS). Total peak production of the field is as high as
10,000 SCM/D. The operating party, ONGC sales the produced gas to Calcutta Compressor and
Liquifaction for various uses. The gas reservoirs are under-saturated and require dewatering
techniques. Currently, the production is on hold due to low demand.

The surface facilities present were sucker rod pump, well head comprising of casing and tubing heads,
spools, valves, packoff seals and in-house power generation system which comprised of gas generators,
gas generating station and metering valve systems. Sucker Rod Pump (SRP) and Progressive Cavity
Pump (PCP) are used for the dewatering purpose whereas SRP is operated by a Variable Frequency
Drive to obtain variable stroke’s length thus gas production.

Well Description

1. Most of the Boreholes have been drilled up to shallow depths (600m - 800m) by the
mining industries for fulfilling their mining objectives. (Exception JH#1A – 1100m).
2. The wells are drilled using horizontal in - seam multilateral technique.
3. Casing Plan – Conductor Casing – 12 ½ inch
Surface Casing – 9 ½ inch
Production Casing – 5 ½ inch
4. Tubing – 2 7/8 inch
5. Minimum sump required of 30m to prevent sucking up of the formation.
6. Water Production – JH#7,8 – 250 m3/day
JH#10 - 40 m3/day
JH#9 - 80 m3/day
A Proposed Jagadishpur-Phulpur-Haldia pipeline will be passing along this CBM Blocks. There is also
plan for establishing CGD network in Ranchi, Dhanbad, Singhbhum etc. from this proposed pipeline.
This will help in distributon of CBM to far-off areas.

Map of Jharia CBM block showing  Overlap area with

overlapping Parbatpur Coal Block Parbatpur Coal block
and FDP wells of SAIL: ~ 8.0 Sq.Km.

 Effect: 27 FDP wells;


 CBM & Coal Mining

activity suspended by
DGMS since July,


 Delivery at Arms
Length – at the fence
of ONGC production
Anticipated Production of Jharia premises.
during FDP
 ONGC shall deliver
the gas at 0.5 Kg/cm2
to 1.5 kg/cm2.

 CBM Gas to be sold

at ONGC discovered
price and as approved
by GoI.

Figure 1: Sucker Rod Pump (SRP) established for dewatering

Figure 2: Gas gathering station (GGS)