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Police Report Writing (Technical English)

Definition of Terms:

 Affidavit - summary judgment. The  Police Report - report made by the

kind of affidavit necessary to support a police containing the initial statement
summary judgement is that affidavit made by the victim at the time she or he
from which it may be clearly drawn that reported the crime. A police report
certain facts pleaded by either party are consists of a testament, specific details
certain, undisputed and indubitable of the event and names of people
which dispense with the hearing or trial involved.
of the case.(PNP definition).  Index Crime - are very serious crimes
 After operation report - it is a report that happen frequently or regularly that
that may be rendered after any successful they can serve as index of the crime
police operation that leads to the arrest of situation. Index Crime is basically
any member or some members of anything that is physically pursued by
syndicated crime group. the person committing the crime while
 After soco report - it is a report non index crimes consists of non
rendered by the team leader of the SOCO physical confrontation.
that conducted the scene of the crime  Non Index Crime - refers to all crime
operations, processing or investigation. not classified as index crime. These
 Agents report - it is a report rendered by crimes are mostly victimless.
a documented agent who answers an  Crime Solution Efficiency - means the
intelligence requirement. number of crimes solved after the arrest
 Agreement - Proposal. A proposal of the suspects and filing of charges
remains an offer even if not answered against them.
and irrespective of the length of time that  Crime Clearance Efficiency - means
has passed. It only becomes an the number of crimes considered solved
agreement when accepted by the other because the suspects have been
party.(PNP definition). identified and charged but they remain
 Book of account - a book containing at large.
charges and showing a continuous  Crime Incidence - the number of
dealing with persons generally. To be crimes reported as index or non index
admissible in evidence, it must be kept as crimes within a given period.
an account book and the charges made in  Crime Volume - is a basic indicator of
the usual course of business. the frequency of known criminal
 Case officer - the person responsible for activity. It represents the number of
and in charge of the investigation of the reported offenses.
case.  Crime Trend - represents the
 Police blotter - a record or log where all percentage change in crime based on
types of operational and under cover data reported in a prior equivalent
dispatches shall be recorded containing period.
the 5 "W" and 1 "H"(Who, What, Where,  Crime Rate - the measure that gives an
When, Why, and How of an information. index of crime occurring in a particular
 Spot report - refers to an immediate jurisdiction for a specific time period.
initial investigative or incident report
addressed to higher headquarters
pertaining to the commission of the
crime, occurrence of natural or man-
made disaster or unusual incidents
involving loss of lives and damage of
 Tactical interrogation report - the
report rendered by an interrogator which
contain the following information: 1.
Personal and family background 2.
Educational background 3. Professional
background 4. Criminal
activities,associates/armaments 5. Plans
 Summary of information (SOI) - an
intelligence report rendered regarding
any illegal activity or violation of laws
being observed by intelligence operatives
within a given area of responsibility.
This is the usual basis of case operations
hence, information received should be
cared, validated, countered checked,
analyzed and evaluated.