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Martial law is the imposition of direct military control of normal civilian functions of
government, especially in response to a temporary emergency such as invasion or major
disaster, or in an occupied territory. It means that a certain person is given a massive
power to control the country. It may cause chaos and destruction depending on what is
the reason of implementing the martial law. It will cause havoc for days and many
people may be killed because of it. Some of the effects of martial law include the
abolishment of the press freedom and civil liberties. The privacy of the citizens are also
jeopardized because of checkpoints, searches, and citizen spies. Citizens who refuse to
obey the rules and possibly force law enforcement to shoot their own citizens. There are
a lot of people out there who would take advantage of a bad situation for personal gain
(such as looting after a major disaster) and there are people who act like they are the
king of the hill and the rules don't apply to them. A lot of good things happen, like crime
is low, the streets are peaceful, no Tambay at morning even at night. The things on that
time were very cheap and the food on that time were free and very cheap. Basically
there were less poor people on that time because of how the things were priced on that
period. The positives are many. The stability of society and the bringing up of children. It
will be more peaceful and a lot of people will be disciplined.

On the time when martial law is not yet implemented there is no curfew that means
that you can stay out of your house until dawn or until you want. You will not be
arrested by the police just by staying late outside. You still have a control on yourself
and you can still do anything you want. When martial law is implemented there are
curfew around the country and you are restricted to stay until dawn if you disobey it
you would be arrested and force to community service to clean up the streets. During
martial law presidents men had control over the people so they abused their powers
resulting to civilians killed. There were no justice system on that period that results to
presidents men do whatever they want without getting punished. One positive side was
that women had rights to protest just as men were. You had the rights of men too. In
fact, after the dictatorship, a Filipina (Filipino woman) became a president. She was the
first woman to ever become president in the Philippines as well.

A positive side was that weren’t charged so much for tax. The only problem is, the tax
does not always go to the right places. They often go to many non-governmental areas.
Basically, it goes to the pockets that some might think they are going to; however,
the Philippines continues to work into a better economy and country. The things were
very cheap in that time so cheap that a peso can buy dozens of candies. If you have
more than a peso you can buy a bread that would be costing you 5 pesos. During martial
law many people are disciplined and they follow the rules that are implemented there
are less crimes on that time but high death rate.
RAPSA it means delicious. It’s the reversed order of the syllables of the word “sarap”.
You can use this when you’re eating something. Ex. “Rapsa ng ulam naming kanina!”
LODI it means someone you idolize or look up to. It’s the reversed word “idol”. You can
use it when you are talking to someone that you idolize. Ex. “Sobrang galling mo lodi,
paano mo nagawa yon?”
ISOY it means cigarette. It’s the reversed order of the syllables of the word “yosi” that is
taken from the first 2 and last 2 letters of the word “ sigarilyo”. You can use this when
you’re going to take a cigarette. Ex. “Teka bili lang ako isoy.”