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Creatures of Allah! There is only one way to avert an approaching disaster:

* Have faith I Allah and His blessed prophet and cleanse your hearts of any
allegiances that are false.

* Continue doing good to your fellow creatures until the Day you are called home.

* Invite others to the Path of righteousness with sincerity.

* And endure with perseverance every test and hardship that comes your way.

These are not our words, but the words of your Lord:

By the declining day, surely man is in a state of loss, save those who believes and do
good deeds, and exhort one another to the truth and exhort one another to the


Remember! Even slight defect in your faith is a cause for damnation . It is only the
sins, mistakes and shortcomings of ours that Allah will forgive through His Mercy.
Our Lord only warns us against placing another object ,idol, or ideology before Him
that is ,He does not allow any kind of association (Shirk).He says this plainly:

Allah forgiveth not that partners should be set up with Him :but He forgivth
anything else to who He pleaseth; to set up partners with Allah is to devise a sin
most heinous indeed.


In the saying of the blessed Prophet we read:

Whosoever fills the entire earth with sins, but then dies without associating any
partner to me .I will meet him with the forgiveness equal to that.


So many nations throughout history have been wiped out because of Association
(Shirk) And Lo! Even today our Muslim community has reached the verge of
annihilation because of our indulgence in it:
Say (O Mohammad , to the disbelievers) : Travel in the land and see the nature of
the consequences for those who lived before you ! Most of them were polytheists
( Mushrik)


In other words, tell them to explore the four corners of the earth and look upon the
ruins of the past. If older civilizations, which were rooted in idolatry (Shirk) can
succumb to disaster and disappear, then can’t we too?

Our Lord testifies that for this Muslim community even as for others there is only
One way to Salvation: Its true sons and daughters must arise and realize that this
world is simply a way station on your journey to eternity and that each one of us is
born to die. For such reasons it is imperative to live our life as successfully and

One must, therefore:

* Protect himself from every kind of Association(Shirk).

* Be firm in affirming the Unity of the creator(Tauhid).

* Pattern his lifestyles after the most successful man in the History, the blessed
Prophet Mohammed (May the peace and blessing of

Allah be upon him).

This is the only way one can transform the approaching disaster into certain
success. If it is not done here and now then an awful fate is inevitable.

Those who believed and did not pollute their belief with Shirk, for them is peace and
safety and they are truly the guided ones (they are going to reach the goal)


(ZULM in this verse has been interpreted as Shirk by the holy Prophet himself)

(Bukahri and Muslim)

Let us be perfectly clear about the meaning of Kalima (the testimony of faith ) and
let there be no doubt about its implications. Then we must learn to hold ton
innovation (the bida) Only Tauhid and the way of the blessed prophet can build our
steps into the hereafter .Our Lord has promised to defend us if we but try with

The meaning of the first part of the testimony of faith,

La ilaha illa Allay is that is neither Father nor Son. Male nor Female, two nor three.
He alone may be deemed worthy of being called:

* The Creator and the Master.

* The knower of the hidden and the clear.

* The Omnipresent, the Watcher and Sovereign.

* He is the Only in whose power are all good and ill.

* He renders help, fulfills needs, lifts sorrow and attends to those who call upon

* He alone is to be remembered and called upon often.

* All trust and hope must be placed in Him and all prayers are directed to Him
alone with no effort and making intermediaries. One should humble himself
physically and spiritually before him alone .Charity and goodwill must be done
in His Name.

* Legislation for the basics of human government and organization begins with his

* All are his creature and no one has any influence or power over Him Whether
living or dead. Neither graves, tombs , people, charms, symbolsnor animals have
any validity in his worship. All are helpless before Him.

Priests, Monks, Rabbis, Sheiks, Imams, Swamis and Piers are mere suppliants with
no power over him.

The acceptance of the second half of the testimony of faith,

Muhammad -ur-rasool Allah implies that:

* The blessed prophet is only a man, a servant of Allah and a messenger.

* the tradition of the blessed prophet shall remain the last word in question
regarding the conduct of human affairs until the end of history .

No words or deed will be acceptable from anyone if it is in contradiction with the

prophet’s teachings. Rash and undue innovation will not be given currency.

* Only the interpretations of this Prophet’s life as done by those who knew him
best i.e. his companions will be considered authentic.
Every sincere believer however much be or she may stumble will eventually enter
the Paradise by the Grace of Allah .Anyone having a different practice of Faith
which deviates from the pristine teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah will not get
even a whiff of

Paradise, a thousands prayers and years of fasting not with standing!

Our Lord! grant to everyone the ability and aptitude to accept this ideology and to
act accordingly.

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