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SPORTS Volleyball seeks to enhance leadership, pg. 14

OPINION sainz not the rep of female sports journalists, pg. 13
EntertainmEnt Youtube: modern ten minutes of fame, pg. 8

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 29, 2010 – VOL. 46, Number 2 –
pg. 6

APU takes part in ‘Coach to Cure MD’ See PG. 5

Jeff Schlotzhauer photo
Kenneth Parker, front left, and Josh Coburn, back left, pose for a picture with Nicholas Innabi, who visited practice on Friday, September 24 as part of the
“Coach to a Cure” event APU football coaches participated in this past weekend.

Caffeine: More than

just a study buddy?
Alaina Pangelina “I generally drink coffee four to
staff writer five days a week and usually just one
cup,” said senior social science ma-
On a regular day, Cornerstone jor Lorna Stergios. “I genuinely love
Coffeehouse has over 1, 200 separate the taste and the pick me up.”
transactions. The Quickimart sells Others who consume caffeine
1, 100 to 1,000. Hillside Grounds daily, usually coffee, say it is either
Coffeehouse sells 550 drinks a day. for a “pick me up” or energy on work
Paws’ N Go sells anywhere from or school days, or just to de-stress.
700 to 850 items a day. “The only time I exceed one cup
Most of these are energy drinks, [of coffee] is if I have not gotten a
David Corning PHoto followed closely by coffee. lot of sleep,” said senior liberal arts
Students mingle at APU’s black-and-white attire affair in University Park last Friday. The reasons and scientifically- major Erika Creveling. “The only

Yacht Club serves local community

proven benefits for caffeine use time I drink it
points at everything from added
energy to focus and even
also try to raise awareness?” Jonny Liu, Residence Di- prevention of some dis-
Cari Strate rector of UP, said. eases. However, col-
news editor
The city of Azusa contacted the Residence Life Of- lege students list using
fice and shared with them the condition of displaced coffee or caffeinated
Advertised as a “Vintage Modern Evening,” the people groups and homelessness in Azusa and surround- drinks in many different
Yacht Club made changes in this year’s black and white ing cities. times and for different
themed event. “We said ‘this year’s Yacht Club seeks to benefit the reasons.
Last Friday night, Sept. 24, the Yacht Club event was greater issue of homelessness and displacement groups Most commonly, the response
in University Park [UP] as it is annually held, only this in our local community,” Liu said. “So for us, we de- for those who do not regularly con-
year, instead of profiting Residence Life, proceeds and cided to do so because we wanted to help. We didn’t sume caffeine daily is it was on a
donations are all going to help the local community. know how best [to help], we didn’t think a workshop, a coffee date with a friend or for spe-
Emily Bryant PHoto
“We thought we could use something like Yacht newsletter or cial circumstances like pulling an
Club that attracts so much attention anyway. Why not See yacht club, PG. 4 all-nighter. See Caffeine, PG. 3

Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun Mon Tues

Sept. 29 94º Sept. 30 89º Oct. 1 89º Oct. 2 90º Oct. 3 90º Oct. 4 89º Oct. 5 90º
Calendar Thursday, September 30 Tuesday, October 5
37th Annual Los Angeles Kore- RE: Signs – Opening Reception
5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
an Festival Duke Art Gallery
Seoul International Park Signs signify otherness and are always in re-
The Los Angeles Korean Festival Foundation lation to another entity that has significance,
will host its 37th annual Festival from Thurs- meaning or importance. This exhibition fea-
day, September 30th to Sunday, October 3rd tures the work of both Sant Khalsa and Thomas
in Koreatown. The four day festival will feature McGovern who use documentary photography
cultural shows, food and beverage booths that to critique and celebrate signs and signage in
highlight Korean cuisine, and will host various our communities. The exhibition will be open
international stars in the world of sports and until October 28th.
entertainment. Admission is free. Visit for more information
Battle of the Bands
7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
Friday, October 1 UTCC
Join Communiversity for the annual battle royal
Sabor Latino Coffeehouse for musical supremacy on campus! This year’s
8:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. contestants include Soul Therapy, Whitney
West Campus Courtyard Wood, and Aaron Encinas.
The Latin American Student Association invites
you to take part in the tenth annual night high-
lighting the many talents of our Latino commu-
Friday, October 8
nity. Enjoy music, song, poetry and dance as
we showcase the beauty of the Latino cultures. Branches Album Release Party
Finish off the night dancing under the stars. 8:00 p.m. – 11:30 p.m.
Admission is free. Foothill Church, 901 S. Grand Ave, Glendora
Branches, made up of APU students Tyler
Madsen, Natalie Nicoles, Jacob Montague, Ty-
Saturday, October 2 ler Goerzen, Mitchell Dong, and Brandon Bur-
roughs, is celebrating the release of their new
Eagle Rock Music Festival EP “O, Light” with a night of singing, music
4:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. and fun. Admission is $5 at the door and $2 of
Center for the Arts, 2225 Colorado Blvd, Los each ticket sale will go benefit local organiza-
Angeles tions.
The Eagle Rock Music Festival is a nationally-
noted non-profit community street festival
showcasing a diversity of innovative, multicul-
Happening Now
tural and local music annually each October
since 1998. The all-ages free festival has set The Birth of Coffee
itself apart by showing a commitment to book- Tuesday – Friday: 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
ing the emerging artists who live and work in Saturday – Sunday: 12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
the community. The Craft and Folk Art Museum
The Birth of Coffee documents coffee’s ex-
traordinary journey from seed to cup. The ex-
Monday, October 4 hibition, based on the book of the same name,
features black-and-white photographs spe-
Red Cross Blood Drive cially toned in and with coffee are interwoven
9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. with eclectic anecdotes and facts, bringing to
Trinity Lounge life the stories of the diverse people who pick,
The Red Cross is holding a blood drive Octo- plant and produce coffee. Admission is $5 for
ber 4th through the 6th to benefit local blood students.
Residence Life courtesy banks. Currently only three out of every 100
Old Town Haunt
Real Talk: Knowing God
people in America donate blood, while one do-
nation can save up to three lives. For appoint- Every Friday – Sunday Through October 31st
ments contact All donors will Starting at 7:00 p.m
receive a $5 El Torito coupon. Old Town Haunt, 20 N Raymond Ave, Pasa-
Thursday, September 30
6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Missions Night Pasadena’s most fearsome haunted house will
9:00 p.m. again pull out all the stops in hopes of scaring
7 Palms Cougar Dome the living daylights out of visitors of all ages.
Smith Hall invites you to an open discussion about knowing God, In preparation for this summer’s mission teams, Live actors, frightening surprises at every turn
featuring APU professors Bruce Baloian, Michael Bruner, and Terri the Office of World Missions will be hosting and spooky set designs all contribute to one
their annual Missions Night to discuss their vi- great haunted house experience. Tickets are
Merrick. Each of the panelists will take time to share what it means to
sion for 2010-2011 and how students can ap- $14 each.
them to “know God” and how that looks in their life. The discussion
ply to be a part of a Focus International trip.
will then be opened up to questions from the audience, submitted Team leaders will be on hand to answer ques-
via text message, in what will hopefully be a night of engaging and tions about locations, ministries, and length of To submit a calendar event, e-mail us
diverse thoughts. Admission is free and all are welcome . service. at

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What goes together to
decide where students live
and how the community is
Erica Redmond
senior staff writer

Randomly placed roommates can be a

great fit, or it can be difficult, or somewhere
in between. How does the Office of Hous-
ing Services make room and apartment as-
Associate Director of Housing Service
Charles Konoske said that one of the main
factors that plays into who students are
placed with has to do with how early they
Emily Bryant PHoto got their applications in and how similar
their interests are.
Sugar Free Rockstars are just one of the forms of caffeine students reach for during late night study sessions.
“Essentially, people get matched based

Caffeine: More than a study buddy?

on similar interests, sleeping habits, clean-
ing habits, majors and hobbies. We look
at folks in those regards. We don’t look at
what their name is, what their ethnicity is or
Caffeine, from PG. 1 things of that nature. We don’t look at their
daily is working at church camp.” such as vitamins or teas, are more healthy and efficient for their de- names or their hometowns because we’re
Many studies are researching if this is a negative pattern for par- sired uses, or if it comes down to dosage, whether in the vitamin B12 looking at their shared interests,” Konoske
ticularly young adults. or a triple shot espresso. said.
“They are cranking out the caffeine and staying up late in con- Either way, all studies conclude that caffeine does more than Occasionally, out-of-state students will
junction with being stressed and tired,” Todd Emerson, the medical keep a person awake or more alert, and experts are being ques- request a local roommate so they can learn
director of APU’s Student Health Center said. tioned now as to whether such consumables may affect personali- the area, and the Office of Housing Services
According to the National Coffee Association, the average amount ties and behavior patterns soon after consumption. tries to accommodate those requests, ac-
of coffee consumed per person is around three cups. “As to whether it could lead to what someone does, I’m not cording to Konoske.
Emerson said three to five, cups is a moderately healthy amount sure of any studies that could corroborate any sign of psychologi- There are many different interests when
per day. cal changes from caffeine toxicity,” Emerson said. the applications come in every year, in re-
Emerson added that most questions or concerns he gets regard- However, according to AP wire sources, the effects on the sponse Office of Housing Services always
ing the side effects of caffeine intake are at key points of a student’s human body from forms of caffeine were recently evaluated in a makes sure to do one thing: Pray.
semester, from a big game day to finals week circuit court case in Ohio after a man accused of murdering his “The first thing we do is pray over all
These times are when the negative effects can take place. wife pleaded insanity based on his caffeine intake that day. of the applications. It’s a paper process so
“I have felt over-caffeinated,” regular coffee-drinker Alee-a Lind- Reports earlier this week stated the lawyers of defendant when we get all those applications, literally
sey said, “[with a] racing heart, jittery hands, can’t focus.” Woody Will Smith planned on arguing he was in such a “buzzed” our whole office stops what they’re doing
Increasingly, studies are taking this side of caffeine more serious- state from caffeine at the time of the argument that it was the for three or four days, and we go in prayer
ly and acknowledging its power to change one’s behavior patterns. equivalent of alcohol “intoxication,” causing him to strangle his about it and systematically look through
Three ongoing studies ask participants to refrain from caffeine wife. who wanted to live in the same building and
intake 12 to 24 hours before the study because it can change the out- Smith and his lawyer claimed the combination of his diet which of those folks share interests. It’s a
come of brain scans, effect cardiovascular responses, and even make pills and energy drink consumption had then rendered him in- collective combination of everything they
drug screenings show up as positive. sane, so much so that he could not remember what he did beyond put down. There’s no perfect match so we
“[A caffeine product] releases endorphins and other stress hor- his morning activities that day. rely heavily on God,” Konoske said.
mones, which can lead to palpitations and anxiety and a host of other The jury convicted Smith, disagreeing that the combina- Freshman English major Jennifer Bour-
symptoms,” Emerson said. tion could not “make” him commit murder or be so far gone he deau lives in Trinity and was randomly
Studies are also looking into whether natural forms of caffeine, wrongly confessed. placed with her two roommates.
“It seems like it’s been going pretty well.
I mean, getting to know each other, getting

APU sets up to run Surf City Marathon

used to operating on each other’s schedules
and being considerate of each other has
been a growing process, but it seems like
it’s been going well so far. I’m friends with
some of the girls across the hall and we like
Everyone talks and we discuss marathon strat- will be running 26.2 miles through Huntington our RA a lot,” Boudreau said.
Erica Redmond egies and stuff. It’s a really fun bonding time. Beach. There will be stations along the way
senior staff writer Konoske also said that they do not pur-
You bond with people so much when you run with music, water, energy food, and snacks. posefully place people with similar interests
long distances with them,” sophomore nursing The course limit is six hours, meaning runners on the same floor. When it does happen, he
Last Saturday, Sept. 18, a group of 58 major Victoria Pennell said. will, on average, have to run each mile in less attributes it to God and Residence Life.
APU students began training for the 2011 Surf Pennell ran the marathon last year, and is than 14 minutes. “[Residence Life] has such an impact
City Marathon in Huntington Beach on Feb. training again this year. Pennell said that she ran the whole mara- on how people view each other. Right away,
6, 2011. “I don’t want to run the whole thing again, thon in four hours and 28 minutes last year af- orientation weekend has tons of great events
The students, staff and faculty involved I think it was a once in a lifetime experience ter only being able to complete a 17-mile run and you’re getting to know people. It’s just
meet every Saturday at 9 a.m. to train. They for me because it was so hard on my body, during training. a great starting point for the year. It prob-
will do this until the end of January 2011 to but I definitely want to train again and run the “I did the 26 and we didn’t even stop the ably has more to do with their involvement
train, leaving the participants about four and a half,” Pennell said. whole way. It gives you so much self-confi- than our matching them,” Konoske said.
half months to prepare. Some people are running the marathon for dence because if I can do this I can do any- Freshman theology major Will Roelofs
“[Training] builds up, and we give them a P.E. credit, in which case they have to run the thing. One really important thing is to have a and his roommate, freshman Biblical stud-
break now and then. What we try to do is get whole marathon. Others have the option of group of people to run with, a support group. ies major JR Glyman, live in Smith Hall.
the real long run in before Christmas break, so running the half marathon. It’s so much fun. You get addicted to running,” “Our RA is awesome. Right off the bat
they don’t have to run real long distances at Paul Anderson has been in charge of the Pennell said. he had us getting together all the time,”
home. When they get back we do 22 [miles], APU marathon team for the past three years, Pennell said that running the marathon is a Roelofs said.
which is our longest run. Then we taper be- and he said that the group used to run the LA great idea for freshmen and transfers because Because of their RA, Roelofs and Gly-
cause the most important thing in the last few Marathon instead of the Surf City Marathon. you get to know the people so well. In fact, it man agreed their hall has become close.
weeks is rest,” Associate Professor for the “What the kids used to say to me after the was her favorite part of running the marathon. “I wouldn’t say it’s due to similar inter-
School of Business and Management Paul An- LA marathon was, ‘I am so tired. I’m pretty “I would definitely recommend it to any- ests. I mean, if one person on the hall is do-
derson said. glad I did it but I’m so tired and I’m never do- one because even if you think you can’t run it, ing something, he’ll tell everyone and we’ll
After each Saturday practice, Anderson ing it again.’ At the finish line at Huntington it’s a good pace of progression. I think anyone all do it,” Roelofs said.
has a tailgate party with bagels and other food Beach, pretty much without exception, they’re can do it,” Pennell said. “We just kind of do everything together.
for the runners. He said it is a great way to saying, ‘That was a blast. That was so much The APU marathon team is still welcom- We’re like a unit,” Glyman said.
create community among the runners because fun.’ It has everything to do with environ- ing new participants. The close-knit communities formed on
they can talk, hang out, and be there when the ment,” Anderson said. “Even though we started on the 18th, we’ll some floors cannot be attributed to the Of-
slower runners finish. Anderson went on to say that the Surf City certainly take anyone that still wants to join. fice of Housing Services, but rather to God,
“As you run, especially as the distances Marathon has more of a small town atmo- Early on we’re doing such low mileage that according to Konoske.
increase, everyone kind of gets spread out, so sphere, as it is not as crowded, it is a closer, you can catch up,” Anderson said. “We wel- “It’s a long process. It’s a systematic
when you finish, you just wait by [Anderson’s] cooler course, and better experience over all. come anyone who wants to join us, including process. It’s a complex process, which is
car and cheer for everyone as they come in. At 6:30 a.m. on Feb. 6, 2011, the team faculty and staff.” why it’s a prayerful process,” Konoske
4 Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2010 Clause

Campus Safety Report

The following are selected incidents
as reported from the Daily Media Log,
courtesy of Communications Super-
visor of Campus Safety Bonnie Wat-

Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2010

12:46 a.m. Segerstrom
Subjects were reported on the roof.
Officers responded and found no
subjects on the roof.

tuesday, Sept. 21, 2010

8:53 p.m. University park
Reported party advised that a stu- Haley Oram photo
dent had cut the bottom of her foot Students socialize on the observation deck at the recent Yacht Club event, escaping the chaos in the courtyard below.

Yacht Club serves community

severely when moving a couch out
of her apartment. Reported party ad-
vised that she had stepped on a piece
of metal in the bushes near the apart-
ment. Student advised that she was canned goods can be donated anywhere, and These changes, and even more and better
in an extreme amount of pain and Yacht club, from PG. 1
the money is the same way, we’re sitting on advertising as noted by Woods, influenced
requested medical assistance. Para- it until we can find the right one,” Liu said. more students to attend this event.
medics and fire were contacted. The something like that would necessarily do Senior social work major CJ Woods at- “In my mind, it was the best Yacht Club
student was not transported by the anything. So we thought, why not raise tended the event bearing a can of tomato I have ever been a part of. This was the sev-
paramedics. awareness through this fun, social event that sauce. enth one. The way that everything came to-
we normally do?” “I liked how they did it this year. The gether, I was very, very pleased. I think even
Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2010 Some worried the new requirements for objects showed that APU was actually work- more pleased because it was for benefit, and
11:43 p.m. Parking lot i admission might have discouraged atten- ing toward a tangible goal and not just for people still decided to come,” Liu said. “I
Officer called to advise that a subject dance, but the event proved their worries un- paying for the event,” Woods said. just asked for one article of quality cloth-
was sitting under a tree in Lot I star- necessary. Other changes were also made to this ing, an unexpired canned good, or two dol-
ing at the officer. The officer advised “Traditionally the numbers keep grow- event, including the opening of the observa- lars, and some people came with nice stuff
that the subject was a ing, and actually, I thought that maybe mak- tion deck. to give. They really took it on themselves to
Hispanic male with a long sleeve ing a price or donation would make them not “Overall, the event has been growing ev- find a quality article of clothing.”
blue t-shirt. Once the subject saw the come, but it increased even more,” Liu said. ery year and has become very popular. The According to Liu, Residence Life is con-
“We had about 800 [people turnout] last year, RA’s do a great job every year, and this year sidering having a small garage sale in order
the unit and jumped over the soccer
and this year we had over a thousand.” was no exception,” Woods said. to sell some of the “nicer” items that were
gates into Azusa Gardens. Officers
They are currently in the course of count- Freshman marketing major Vanessa Ruiz donated at Yacht Club this past week so that
advised that he continued to stare at ing and processing all of the donations from paid her admittance with canned goods and the money received can be donated locally
the school and at the officers even the event. So far, they have found half of the commented on the Yacht Club’s allowance as a more tangible resource for the local
after the subject left the campus. donations to be made up of money, a quarter for donations. people in need.
of canned goods, and a quarter of clothing “I think that is good. Money can go any- “We [at Residence Life] are always ac-
Thursday, sept. 23, 2010 items, according to Liu. where, but if I donate, I know where it goes tively trying to seek opportunities to just be
4:12 p.m. Mary hill “I don’t know [where we are donating] and that it helps people,” Ruiz said. “It was a a service for our community,” Liu said. “It
Reporting party advised of a student specifically, but we’re actively working with lot of fun, the speed dating was the best part. is something we want to do again in the fu-
who had fallen and landed on the side the MAS Office to figure it out. Because the I would definitely go to it again.” ture.”
of his face. An officer responded to
the area and paramedics were called

Space crunch felt in mailbox shortage

and responded. The student was
checked by paramedics but denied
transport to a hospital.

Friday, Sept. 24, 2010

2:21 p.m. cougar stadium APU works to accomodate them to pick up their mail from the student post
office window.
Officer observed a subject running on
the track when it was closed. The of-
students left without boxes “Many of those students love the special at-
tention they are getting,” Bartholomew said.
ficer contacted the subject and found The student post office staff helped new stu-
that it was a staff member cleared to Mariya Wilson dents with any questions they had about their
be in the area. staff writer new box unit.
“We are happy to say that everybody now
saturday, sepT. 25, 2010 Increased enrollment caused APU to ex- has a mailbox of their own and we have more
3:58 a.m. Trinity hall perience a mailbox shortage at the start of this space for students who will realize they have no
Someone placed the golf cart in the year. place for their mom to send a package,” Student
lobby of Trinity Hall. The current total full-time undergradu- Post Office Coordinator Suzane Hancock said.
ate enrollment is 4,843 with a record of 1,022 If students still need a mailbox there is room
Monday, sept. 27, 2010 freshmen enrolled. Many of these students get to accomodate them.
1:37 p.m. Cougar walk mail on campus. “It was frustrating on both ends. Mail Ser-
The mail room provides 4,320 mailboxes to vices gave me a temporary mailbox and had to
Reporting party advised of a subject
students, which is about 60 short of the number check it personally. In the end, it worked out
in the area passing out fliers. Subject
of mailboxes they originally needed. fine,” Gioia Rhldel said, a student who previ-
is described as a white female with
“What a great opportunity we have to think ously did not have a mailbox.
blonde braids and wearing a pink out of the box and meet the customers’ needs,” A student tryin to use campus resources cre-
striped shirt and short.Officers re- Director of Auxiliary Services Aaron Bartho- atively suggested using empty boxes.
sponded and made contact with the lomew said. “At the University Village by the pool in
subject. Subject was advised to con- Mail Services purchased additional mail- the Club House area, there are a whole bunch
tact Communiversity for permission Jennifer Young PHoto
box units, which were delivered on Sept. 17. of P.O. Box slots. Nobody knows what they are
to be on campus. New mailboxes installed behind Smith Hall used for,” SGA Senator Ann Dreiling said.
These new mailboxes were installed right be-
accomodate those who were without. Residence Director of Shire East,
hind Smith Hall, where adequate lighting and
NUmber of reports of an overhang for poor weather were installed. Ronnie McGee said the mailboxes were used
“The facts have been stated and that’s what “More students attending Azusa Pa- by residents prior to APU’s purchasing of the
wallets found: 4 we’ll stand on; the situation has been resolved,” cific means more and better ways to serve,” property. There is no indication that these boxes
id cards found: 5 manager of Mail Services David Thompson Bartholomew said. are actually used by APU today.
Id forged: 1 said. While some students may have already had According to the Mail Services’ key lead-
With expanding student body numbers, a mailbox, those who did not were accommo- ers, the mailbox shortage at APU has been re-
service offices on campus have felt the space dated. The student post office emailed those stu- solved, so there is no need to use these mail-
compiled by Cari Strate crunch. dents and assigned them a number that allowed boxes at UV. Clause Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2010 5
APU football takes part in ‘Coach to Cure MD’
Bobbi Salcido several other teammates. MD].. There is a lot of eyeballs on this
sports editor “A lot of us don’t recognize the game [college football] from ESPN
chance and opportunity [we have] to to every channel. If we can use our
On the windy afternoon of Sept. come out here and play football,” van platform to create more awareness
24, as the Cougar football team pre- den Raadt said. “It reminds us not to then that is a great thing,” Santa Cruz
pared to go 4-0 for the first time since take advantage of what God has given said. “We’re going to make a state-
2004, mother and son Kim and Nich- us and the ability we have to come ment and hopefully that statement, in
olas Innabi of Pasadena, dressed in play football. It’s an honor to meet a someway, sets the ball rolling with
their brick and black, watched from kid like Nicholas. He’s a strong man.” some influence when it comes to bud-
the sidelines as the Cougars finished Nicholas, who turned 14 yester- getary decisions about research.”
up their Friday practice. day, was sung “Happy Birthday” by As he observed practice, Nicho-
The next day, as APU proved vic- the team and prayed over, sitting in las, who loves playing Call of Duty:
torious over Chapman, head coach his motorized wheel chair that he’s Modern Warfare 2 and reading the
Victor Santa Cruz and coaching staff been in since January. Harry Potter series, was continually
wore “Coach to Cure MD” patches “Sometimes if it doesn’t neces- meeting members of the team, who
on their sleeves in hopes to beat a dif- sarily affect our life, we don’t believe came up individually and voluntarily
ferent type of opponent. its real,” Santa Cruz said. “Nicholas to introduce themselves to Nicholas
Through the partnership between is real, Nicholas is amazing. His mom and his mother.
the American Football Coaches As- is real and his family is real and that Along with his coaching staff
sociation (AFCA) and Parent Proj- is someone’s reality.” and players, Santa Cruz hopes APU
ect Muscular Dystrophy, over 350 As an 8th grader at St. Philip the can make a difference for boys living
universities and 5000 coaches wore Apostle, Nicholas is 4.0 student and with muscular dystrophy.
the patches to spread awareness and member of the student council, where “We have a brand new science
raise funds for Duchenne Muscular he helps organize spirit week and building. We want students to come
Dystrophy, the most common fatal sends out announcements. through there with a God first men-
genetic disorder diagnosed during “He has to watch things he can’t tality and realize ‘you may have the
childhood and the disease Nicholas participate in. But he finds a way,” cure for something like this’. You
was diagnosed with at age four. Kim Innabi said. “He’s an honor stu- may be the physician that does that,”
“We’re just trying to spread dent and does really well in school. Santa Cruz said.
awareness because muscular dystro- Just being apart of life everyday en- For the members of the team,
phy has no cure, Kim Innabi said. “It riches his life. “ meeting Nicholas gives these young
is considered a rare disease and one in During college football games men perspective, something Kim
3500 boys [worldwide] is diagnosed all across the country on Saturday, takes note of everyday.
with it. It’s estimated that only 15,000 Coach to Cure MD asked fans to do- “When you see what someone
boys in the United States has it.” nate $5 by texting the word “cure” to else has to deal with, it makes your
Shortly after they arrived at prac- 90999. Among the 350 plus schools problems seem even smaller, even
tice on Friday, Santa Cruz greeted that participated were Boise State, for me,” Kim Innabe said. “I can take
Nicholas and Kim with APU apparel, Auburn, Ohio State, UCLA, Florida, care of him but when I look at him,
a football and other souvenirs that Oregon and Stanford. he’s the one that actually deals with it
were signed by Santa Cruz, junior “We’re thankful for the opportu- everyday. I just help him but he has to
quarterback John van
Half den Raadt and1 9/14/10to 10:16
nity be a part
AM of it [Coach to Cure be the one in the wheelchair.” Jeff Schlotzhauer PHoto
10913_clause_ad Page:Layout Page 1
Santa Cruz and Nick Tezak meet 14 year old Innabi of Pasadena.

Listen Process Help

Life is complex. You can help prepare
people to manage its challenges.

Azusa Pacific University’s

Clinical Psychology with an emphasis
in Marriage and Family Therapy offers:
Alignment with current California
licensure requirements.
Professionally active faculty who teach
from personal experience.
A curriculum that integrates spirituality
and values.
A blend of the theoretical and practical
elements of psychology.

CALL // (800) 815-5009

CLiCk //
Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology eMAiL //

Marriage and Family Therapy

901 E. Alosta Ave. Azusa, CA 91702

A zusa
Vulcan proposal approval ruffles feathers
rate of revegetation.
Local residents as “At APU, if you score a 40 per-
well as neighboring cent in a class, you take it again. That
was on the Environmental Impact
cities are upset with Report. 40 percent was not accept-
able,” Rocha said.
the city of Azusa’s The final costs of the EIR were
just recently calculated. According to
approval of the assistant city manager James Maksh-
Azusa Rock Quarry anoff, Azusa originally expected the
EIR to cost around $331,000.
“The final cost was $625,000. I
Lauren Belanger don’t think we had an expectation of
staff writer what the cost would be. We thought
it would be closer to $330,000, but
In a 4-1 decision by the Azusa obviously it went higher than that,”
City Council, the Vulcan Materials Makshanoff said.
Co.’s Azusa Rock Quarry mining Azusa required Vulcan to pay
proposal was passed on July 6. those costs, which Vulcan did
Last spring Azusa city hall was through a fund set up for the city. In
brewing with debate over the Vulcan the original development agreement,
Environmental Impact Report [EIR]. laid out by the Azusa city council
Azusa and surrounding area residents contained some other payments that
young and old attended the city hall Vulcan would have to pay to the city.
meetings to discuss the impact of the However, Azusa recently received a
mining proposal. This summer, that referendum request from local resi-
plan was discussed and voted on by dents that could possible negate the
the council members. original agreement.
City of Azusa Mayor Joseph If the referendum receives the
Rocha was the only council member adequate amount of signatures and Jeff Schlotzhauer photo
who did not approve of the proposal. passes through necessary Los Ange- Vulcan Materials Co. received favorable decision from the Azusa City Council to allow expansion.
“I don’t agree with the deci- les County offices, Azusa will poten-
sion, but I respect it. Majority rules,” tially be putting the referendum on Duarte filed a lawsuit against the city Prior to this lawsuit, Duarte said
Rocha said.
Vulcan Materials Co. is a crushed
a ballot somewhere in December or
of Azusa and the Vulcan Materials
Co. The lawsuit attempts to overturn
that it sent many letters to the city
of Azusa, citing flaws that the city
The Clause
stone, sand and gravel corporation lo-
cated in Azusa. Approval of the pro-
Along with local residents who
started a grassroots campaign against
the ruling by Azusa City Council that
allows Vulcan to mine over Duarte’s
saw in the draft Environmental Im-
pact Report. Some of those supposed will continue
posal means that Vulcan will now be
able to exchange 80 acres on the east
the Vulcan mining expansion called
“Save our Canyon,” the city of Du-
Duarte is also filing suit against
flaws related to air quality, soil, water
and other environmental issues. to monitor
Azusa alleging that the City Coun- “With the filing of this lawsuit,
the situation
side of its property to mine 80 acres arte has been a strong opponent of the
on the west side of its property. plan since 2008, when the proposal cil violated the Brown Act, ensuring the City of Azusa will no longer be
Rocha had multiple objections to was first being laid out. The Duarte open meetings, when the city coun- able to turn a deaf ear to Duarte. It
the proposal.
“It will destroy the Van Kassel
City Council created a $700,000
fund called the “Fight Against Vul-
cilre viewed and approved Vulcan
revisions to case items following the
will now be up to a judge in a court
of law. We are very confident that
and keep you
Ridge, and once it’s gone, it’s gone
forever,” Rocha said.
can Expansion” against the proposal
in 2008, $200,000 of which has been
May 17 decision after adding them to
the Council’s meeting on June 7.
the judge will be in agreement with
the City of Duarte,” said Duarte City
updated on
He also had concerns for the air
quality in Azusa and the fact that Vul-
used so far, according to Duarte.
According to a city of Duarte
“The city followed all the proper
steps in regard to the Brown Act,”
Manager, Darrell George.
Duarte does not expect a court the issue.
can had a 40 percent baseline success press release, on Aug. 3, the city of Makshanoff said. date for the lawsuit until early 2011.

Citrus Avenue received Spotlight Services

a full reconstruction Canyon Breeze Church
Stephanie Cano for a few weeeks. I think people got
entertainment editor frustrated with it, but the street looks
nice overall.”
Citrus Avenue received a full re- The Citrus Ave. Reconstruction
construction, from Alosta Avenue to project was funded by the Ameri-
the northerly part of Foothill Boule- can Recovery and Reinvestment Act
vard. (ARRA) which provides funding for
“Citrus Avenue has deteriorated preservation projects and important
over the years due to heavy traffic, purposes. The project was overseen
utility trenching and poor surface by Sully-Miller of Brea, Calif. and
drainage,” City of Azusa Public S.A Associates.
Works Department Engineering As- Public works has budgeted for
sistant Christina Curiel said. “The future improvement projects for this
project involved a full pavement fiscal year. Various streets will be
reconstruction, traffic loop replace- paved throughout the city, Traffic sig- Jeff Schlotzhauer photo
ment, striping, and concrete improve- nal modification project on Baseline Canyon Breeze Church is a 12 minute drive from APU’s East Campus and most on-campus housing.
ments such as sidewalk, curb & gutter, Avenue and Citrus Avenue as well as
wheelchair ramps, drive approaches improving traffic signal equipment Transportation: None provided.
and new concrete bus pads.”
During construction there were
on Cerritos Avenue and Gladstone.
“Traffic signal equipment was
Service Hours College group: Recently started and
meets once a month
no major negative impacts on the damaged during the rain storms of Celebration service: Sunday at 10 a.m.
community. Reconstruction began January 2009. The city is currently Quote from church leader: Senior
Children’s service: Sunday at 10 a.m.
early summer in order avoid heavy leasing the signal equipment. Sig- pastor Gabriel Jaramillo, “We pray that
school traffic. nal pull boxes, poles and controller you will be encouraged by the warm
“The contractor (Sully-Miller), are all antiquated and in disrepair,” Denomination: Assemblies of God welcome, uplifted by the music, inspired
APU facility staff, and the City’s En- Curiel said. “Reconstruction of the Location: 922 N. San Dimas Ave. San by the Word and touched by the prayers
gineering Division worked together traffic signal will greatly lessen the
to make sure the project would have
Dimas, CA 91773 of Canyon Breeze Church.”
need for repairs and improve the in-
minimal affect on school and local tersection.” Contact number: (909) 592-0229 Size of church: Approx. 100 each Sunday
traffic,” Curiel said. These projects all promise to have Service length: Approx. 1 1/2 hours
Junior English major Daniel Hil- a positive impact on the city as issues long To submit your own reviews or ideas for churches of
debrandt lived in University Village with traffic signals and street deterio- any denominational or Christian faith you would like
Type of worship: Contemporary to see profiled in “Spotlight Services,” e-mail news@
over the summer during the construc- ration have been continuously report-
tion. ed in the past. Each project is another
Small Groups: Mixed Adults-Wednesdays
“They had to close Foothill,” Hil- way in which the City of Azusa plans at 7 p.m., Couples- Tuesdays at 7 p.m. compiled by Myke Clements
debrandt said. “It was rough traffic to improve its community. Clause Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2010 7

Rick Reidy Photos

TOP: The Donut Man

The Donut man tells a Tiger’s ‘Tail’ opened in 1972 and

has been a local and
statewide favorite
since. INSET: Owner,
APU’s favorite donut The love for Donut Man extends
further than the immediate commu-
Donut Man recognizes the Cougar
Jim Nakino features a
seasonal fruit-filled donut
shop featured on nity; many celebrities have had their “The most popular donut, espe- every year. strawberry
share of visits throughout the years as cially for APU students, is the Tiger’s being the most popular.
The Food Network well. Tail, which [when] originally created Jim recalls Elvis Presley
Roy Rogers, Lisa Lu, and Huell in the 70’s [had] a red filling. My as a fan of the fresh
Howser have all had their share of favorite is Devil’s Food-Chocolate strawberry filled donut.
Erika Marmolejo donut runs. Donut Man also sends Cake, and therefore, I decided to
staff writer donuts to different celebrities upon make a chocolate filling for the Ti- strawberry and peach-filled pastries. of working at Donut Man all these
request. One such person is Rev. Jes- ger’s Tail instead,” Nakano said. “The livelihood of Donut Man years, but one that stands out to him
Jim Nakano, founder of Donut se Jackson, who specifically requests With Tiger’s Tail being the most has been a great success. [It has] al- the most is creating a lifelong friend-
Man in Glendora, CA, received a seal the strawberry-filled donuts. highly demanded donut from APU lowed my wife and me to send my ship with APU’s Vice President for
of approval from The Food Network “Roy Rogers was a regular for us students, Donut Man tried chang- son, who recently graduated from Student Life and Dean of Students,
on September 23rd. at Donut Man. He always ordered the ing the name to correlate with the college,” Nakano said. Terry Franson.
The widely popular Donut Shop Buttermilk Bars,” Nakino said. Cougars, but it did not work out as Co-workers love what Nakano “APU students and faculty mem-
was founded in 1972 and is still going Numerous people from all over planned. has brought to the shop, and enjoy bers are always here, but I especially
strong after all these years. visit Donut Man, but students from “We tried to change the Tiger’s coming to work to see familiar faces remember Terry Franson from when
“My wife and I wanted to start a schools within the area are the most Tail to Cougar’s Tail specifically in throughout the day. he was just a coach and now he has
new adventure together, and since she popular visitors. recognition of APU students, but too Zach Weaver, a student of Cal earned his doctorate title. I’ve really
loved donuts so much, we decided to “I like Donut Man, because they many colleges started asking to have Poly Pomona, is an employee of Na- enjoyed my friendship with Franson
open a donut shop,” Nakano said. have unique donuts that you cannot a donut named after them as well,” kino and enjoys the work and envi- throughout the years,” Nakano said,
The Food Network did a feature find anywhere else. They are also Nakano said. ronment as well as the benefits. “I would like to specifically thank the
on Donut Man back in the nineties. open 24 hours a day, which is good The donuts and their names don’t “I love working for Jim, he’s real- students of APU for being consistent
Now, because of their unique for people with a sweet tooth,” junior necessarily have any meanings be- ly nice and funny. [He] works around visitors of Donut Man, whether it’s to
strawberry and peach filled donuts, sociology major Natalie Barnaby hind them, but that doesn’t lessen my school schedule and pays pretty buy donuts or just to say hi and see
the network decided to feature it said. their originality. Nakano’s wife in- well,” Weaver said. how things are going.”
again. Aside from being the most fre- spired him to get creative by creating Nakano has many memories
quented donut shop by students, the shop as well as donuts like their Clause Wewdnesday, Sept. 29, 2010 9
Top 10
things to do while waiting
in line for Kaleo
As Kaleo early birds flock, the
waiting lines for Wednesday night
chapel have extended well past the
mailboxes. Here are some produc-
tive ways to spend your chapel

1. Read the book of Psalms...

2 .Finally learn all the lyrics to
Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.
3. Empty your purse/wallet of
all those Chipotle receipts from
last month.
4. Decide if you’re Team Ja-
cob or Team Edward. You can’t
wait forever, although Edward
5.Offhandedly mention to
someone nearby that you have
swine flu. Repeat with the next
person in line. Continue until you
have made your way to the front.
6.Teach someone how to
7.Update your Facebook
status about how much you love
waiting in line.
8.Send a Twitter update that David Corning photo
you’re still waiting in line, and Disneyland, Six Flags and Universal Studios add fall colors, scary attractions, mazes and spooky characters for October festivitiers.
still loving it.
9. Before the big night, ask a
friend to wait in line for you while
you watch the premiere episode
Halloween haunts, horror nights and hootenanies
of Glee.
10.Ponder whether Terry October brings and 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday
pires, and more.
In addition to the new thrill of
the park and concert.
For some, Halloween is about
Franson really owns anything else
other than sweater vests.
many changes to In those 90 minutes, the park
will change to offer more than 1, 023
rides in the dark, Fright Fest adds
in comedy, music, scary shows, and
fall and the yummy treats, both in ac-
tivities and foods. For these people,
various theme parks ways to get scared. With everything revamped rides. Disneyland is the perfect magical
from roaming monsters in themed A new high-speed roller coast- land for the end of October before the
with scares for all
How to areas, to mazes, shows and improvi-
sational comedy acts, Knott’s offers
something for everyone.
er in area 19, which is overrun by
aliens, has been added to the park.
Visitors also have the opportunity
transformation to Christmas.
There are well-known attractions,
from the Haunted Mansion to the
Not become Alaina Pangelina “I am saving up money to buy a to ride on Colossus backwards. Nightmare Before Christmas. How-
staff writer ticket to Knott’s Scary Farm and go Also, guests with iPhones do
internet famous with a big group of friends,” junior not have to worry about being lost
ever, new things have been added
as well. There are also new firework
In case the recent heat wave has social work major Alexa Douglas for too long if they separate from shows, private parties on Tuesdays
By Myke Clements said. their friends. Six Flags now offers and Fridays, costume parties with
left you wondering what season it is,
don’t worry. Fall is in the air. Offering a variety of attractions, a tour guide, park map, and event Disney characters dressed up as they
1. Create a YouTube account. Just like Thanksgiving decora- including: psycho circuses, ghost reminder app, including showing walk around, pumpkin carving, ci-
The more ridiculous the name is, tions and red Starbucks cups, the cue towns, and haunted boardwalks, how close you are to your favorite ders, candies, and new additions to
the better it is. You want to stand for the change of seasons is occurring Besides the chance to roam the ride, ATM, restroom, or that friend enjoy.
out. A example of a good name is: at theme parks, in preparation for scary mists and chance meeting Jack you lost near the zombies. “I like how The Haunted Man-
“SparklyStickerDragon49386.” Halloween. Each park offers its own the Ripper, Dr. Jekyll, El Chupacabra, Besides Universal Studios’ sion changes to Nightmare Before
2. Make and upload 1 or 2 vid- version of a Halloween bash or sea- the Weeping Woman, and others, Horror Nights of 3D shows, mazes, Christmas,” Douglas said, “I like all
eos a year. sonal deal, with different hours, par- Knott’s is offering deals for groups and shows, guests can experience the decorations.”
3. Take every comment seri- ties, shows, and options. and ways to make this Halloween the tram tour in a terrible new way- Fantasyland and the Tower of
ously. When a person says your For the 38th year in a row, Knott’s extra special and memorable. These Hootenannies. Terror in California Adventure have
video is bad, it means that they Berry Farm will be transformed for deals include: a dinner party before At strategic sets, the tram lets also been re-done for the month, and
don’t like you personally. select nights this month. admission, special tours, and hotel the tourists off to risk exploring the newer park also offers the debut
4. Respond negatively to ev- Every day except for Mondays deals for groups coming out of town. such locations as the Bates Motel of the “ElecTRONica” dance party to
ery comment. and Tuesdays, Knott’s Berry Farm Every weekend through Hallow- and Psycho House. celebrate the upcoming film TRON.
5. Kick people off of your will close at 5:30 p.m. and re-open at een, Six Flags: Magic Mountain will September 30th, Alice Cooper All other rides and shows are also
7 p.m. as Knott’s Scary Farm. It will be hosting Fright Fest, a combination and Rob Zombie headline a concert ongoing. Disney is also promoting
stay open until 1 a.m. on weekdays of seven themed areas of terror cover- at the Gibson Amphitheater. Tickets Legoland, for families who want to
ing zombies, haunted mansions, vam- are on sale to combine entrance to celebrate at a newer venue.

YouTube enables average users to become Internet superstars

Myke Clements from his iPhone. The second channel on the list
online editor in chief is The Annoying Orange, a comedy series about
talking fruit created by Dane Boedigheimer.
The talking fruit creator is estimated to make
Since the birth of the Internet, many have $288,000 a year.
used it to make a quick buck. Whether through The third highest grossing channel accord-
spam e-mails to scam you out of your money ing to is sxephil. His news
or legitimate businesses such as, commentary show, The Philip DeFranco Show,
there are many people that are making a living updates every Monday through Thursday. In
off the internet. conjunction with his VLOG channel, Phillip De-
While much of the video content on You- Franco is estimated to make $181,000 a year.
Tube consists of prank videos and copyrighted YouTube stars begin first by making these
music set to picture slide shows of the band, simple VLOGs or comedic videos. Many get their
there is an increasing amount of substantial and shot at stardom simply by getting an abundant
serialized content. number of views on a simple three-minute video
One specific group of Internet profiteers, YouTube Courtesy showcasing a quirky habit, hobby, or blooper.
the YouTube stars, has found a way to become Youtube is becoming a modern twist on the classic 15 minutes of fame. These Internet superstars are redefining the
famous as they make a living on the Internet. these ads and continue to those sites. takes to upload a video, coupled with the average road to 15 minutes of fame. In addition, they
These creative groups of YouTubers are mak- There are many YouTube members that are time a user will stay on the page long enough to have become the modern America’s Funniest
ing a large amount of money on their daily or making a substantial living from the talents they see the ad. However, these are only estimates and Home Videos.
weekly uploaded content. showcase online. recently aren’t necessarily indicative of everyone. In order for a user to make money they need
While YouTube doesn’t pay them directly came out with estimates of what some of the According to Business Insider, at the top of to become a partner with YouTube. However,
for their content, they receive revenue through top YouTube channels are making, in a year’s the list is Shane Dawson, who is estimated to not everyone is eligible to become a partner.
AdSense, a product of Google. AdSense enables worth of advertising. By their estimates, there make $315,000 a year. Dawson has three chan- YouTube has a vague list of requirements. Biz-
users to be paid for the eyes and clicks their are at least 10 channels that make over $100,000 nels: a main channel, filled with comedy skits, has a more specific list of require-
content brings to advertisers. YouTubers have a a year in advertising. The revenue measured is a channel used for a series called Ask Shane, ments. A YouTube user must have at least 2000
featured ad on each video and viewers can click only from banner ads, and is based on the time it and a channel that features videos filmed only subscribers, 50,000 channel views, and 1000
views per video.
10 Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2010 Clause

Underground dance club gets into the swing of things

Brett Johnson “It was hard to get our hands on a
staff writer room we could use.”
The campus swing club has had
its fair share of problems in recent
Despite past history. Junior social work major
Emilee Cook recalls that during
challenges, Swing her freshman year swing club had
problems with finding a location.
Club now has space “They needed to find a bigger
spot,” said Cook. “I liked going to
to dance swing a lot, but they needed a place
where they could actually dance.”
Don’t let the name deceive you The campus swing club faced
– the APU Underground Swing another major challenge last year –
Club is not exactly underground. the APU dance policy. The school’s
The university-sanctioned, stu- website states within the Commu-
dent-led swing-dancing club looks niversity section under rules and
to thrive in the spotlight this year. guidelines that no unsanctioned
Professional instructors, growing social dances are permitted in on-
membership and a newly estab- campus residential areas. The in-
lished location to meet reveal that terpretation of the policy proved
Underground Swing is ready to to be a significant obstacle to the
shine this semester. operation and growth of the swing
Club president and sophomore club.
physics major Dean Rowley said After being denied use of the
the name of the club comes from a Trinity fourth floor patio, the club
student swing dance event he heard struggled to find a consistent loca-
of in Claremont. Underground tion to hold meetings last year. The
Swing receives funding from Com- constant re-location of meeting Regina Robles Photo
muniversity and practices on cam- places affected membership, which Underground swing club prepares for an eventful semester of classic swing -style dance.
pus. dropped from about 20 members to
The Underground Swing Club about six members. rector Chuck Strawn. “We want to be competing the club and attend a meeting. Al-
meets Tuesday nights at 7:30 This year however, due to a Now that the club has a consis- within the next couple years,” said ternatively, a semester membership
on the University Village tennis policy re-evaluation by the Office tent place to dance, Rowley looks Rowley. with the club costs a one-time fee
courts. The first club meeting of of Communiversity this past sum- forward to a big year for the Un- While the swing club may be of $5. All club fees go directly to-
the year drew 26 members as well mer, the club is free to dance in derground Swing Club. He hopes headed in a more serious direction, ward benefiting the club through
as 25 prospective members. Sam on-campus residential areas. The to see membership rise to 100 stu- students new to swing dancing are advertising, events, and instruc-
Chan, a member of the nationally- current dance policy allows the use dents by the end of the year. Row- still encouraged to join. tors.
renown dance team Jitterbugs, pro- of on-campus facilities for educa- ley and other club officers also “It’s a very approachable Underground Swing will con-
vided instruction and coaching for tional and/or cultural purposes, as plan to organize a campus-wide dance, and we’re always welcom- tinue to meet on the University
the swing club. Rowley explained long as appropriate steps are taken swing event each semester. With ing new people,” said Rowley. “We Village tennis courts this semes-
that meetings for the swing club to reserve a facility. professional instructors new to the want to make this more like a team ter, although Rowley said the club
haven’t always been this success- “We wanted a policy that re- club this semester as well, the club where everyone is welcome.” leadership is looking into other
ful in the past. flected a spirit of acknowledgement leadership is definitely trying to All students of all skill levels venue options that are open to the
“Last year’s swing club was between social and educational solidify Underground Swing and are welcome to the meetings. stu- club.
very 1 9/14/10
inconsistent,” 9:33 AM
said Rowley. Page 1
dancing,” said Communiversity di- grow. dents pay a $1 fee To dance with

Justice Compassion Action

Azusa Pacific University’s Master of Social Work Program prepares
you for a career dedicated to improving the lives of others in a variety
of professional settings, locally and around the world.
Internships in the Greater Los Angeles area
Integration of faith and social work practice
Full-time, part-time, and advanced standing options
Two specialized concentrations

Community Practice and Partnerships Concentration //

International social work, global relief and development, community
advocacy, organizational leadership, grant writing, and more

Clinical Practice with Individuals and Families

Concentration // Clinical practice in hospitals, schools, mental
health care, child welfare agencies, older adult services, shelters,
group homes, corrections, and more

CAll // (877) 679-9995

ClICk //
emAIl //

Master of
Social Work Department of Social Work
BSW and MSW Programs

901 E. Alosta Ave. Azusa, CA 91702 10976

Wall Street film has
captivating elements
with her father.
However, an unexpected twist
shows Moore that his fiancé could
have been right about her father.
Sandra Marquez I found the movie to be inter-
office manager esting, as this is the sequel from the
original 1987 Wall Street, which
What would one give up to at- also starred Michael Douglas. It
tain money and power? Wall Street: tawkes place in our time, with eco-
Money Never Sleeps tells the story nomic tribulation and the idea that
of Jake Moore (Shia LeBouf) who (to quote Gordon Gekko) “greed
begins to believe that “only money got greedier, with a little bit of envy
is green.” mixed in.”
Moore is conflicted with the Shia LeBouf does not disap-
love of his life and fiancée, Win- point his audience, as he plays a
nie Gekko (Carrie Muligan), who is great role of Jake Moore, coming
against ambition and love of money. into the world as a more serious and
After having her father Gordan Gek- adult role, leaving behind his teen-
ko (Michael Douglas) eight years in ager roles.
prison, Winnie objects to share in The main characters tend to be
his money games. cliché as New York is portrayed as
Sony Pictures courtesy
Gordon Gekko comes out of the typical “city that never sleeps”
Marianne (Amanda Bynes) scouls at Olive (Emma Stone) for her “indiscretions in Easy A
prison, and is given a handful of

Easy A makes the grade

with skyscrapers, business men, and
belongings he had upon entering as stocks.
he takes his last steps out of prison. Although I must admit my ig-
The officer hands him, ironically, norance in stocks left me a little
a silk handkerchief, a gold watch, unsure of what was happening, the
one ring, a gold money clip and a structured plot and clear ending left
The film’s unexpectedly witty Christian faith in the movie. How- twenty-pound cell phone that seems
ever, the commentary could provide all confusion behind.
and intelligent dialogue led to a to come out of the 80’s. Aside from the length of the
movie that reached well beyond its Christians with another stepping With these being the only be- film, which I found to be a little
90s teen movie predecessors and stone to remolding the way Holly- longings in his life at that moment, long, Wall Street is different from
Lauren Belanger did justice to the brilliant age of 80s wood sees us. he walks into the world again, writ- the usual Friday night movie in
staff writer teen movies, like 16 Candles and Emma Stone’s breakout perfor- ing and presenting his new book, as which you choose either comedy
mance has established her as an ac- he finds out that greed is good, now or action. It has broad themes, and
Can’t Buy me Love. Olive’s vocabu-
The new movie Easy A easily it seems it is legal. promises to be captivating to even
lary stands a level above most of the tress that can not only play a comedic
deserves an A+ for humor, depth, It seems as though Gordon was those who have not seen the original
other student’s at her school, besides teen role, but can play it with such determined to gain the love of his
performance, and story line. It is cer- Wall Street, because of its ambition,
her crush, “Woodchuck” Todd, who substantial depth that the character daughter back, Which leads to his
tainly one of the funniest teen movies passion, and insight into the world
seems to understand her dry humor. reaches out and connects with audi- collaboration with Jake Moore as
we have seen since Mean Girls, the of economy.
The movie parallels the story of ence members. Jake hopes for his fiance’s reunion
cult comedy that everyone has been
Hester Prynne in “The Scarlet Let- Her co-stars provided even more
quoting for the last six years. Easy
ter,” which Olive sums up in the depth and intelligence to the story.
A will prove to be the new quotable
movie if you happened to forget the Her parents are hilariously funny and
movie for our generation. Top 5 Box Office Hits Out Friday
plot since reading it in high school. were probably my favorite characters
The film tells a story reminiscent
Within the story lies commentary in the movie. Stanley Tucci plays her Wall Street 2 $19 M The Social Network
of classic 80s teen movies, of an out- Case 39
on many teen issues, including judg- father, Dill, and Patricia Clarkson Legends of $ 16 M
cast high school girl that beats her the Guardians Let Me In
ment, bullying, double standards, plays her mother, Rosemary. Of all
invisibility through very unconven- The Town $ 15 M
and “the rumor mill” in the digital the quotable dialogue in the movie, I
tional ways. Emma Stone’s charac- Easy A $ 10 M New on DVD
age. Marianne (Amanda Bynes) is think Olive’s banter with her parents
ter, Olive Penderghast, starts a web You again $ 8M Frozen
the school’s cliché judgmental Chris- is the funniest. Get Him to the Greek
of lies when she tells her best friend
tian character, leading her group of This film is one you cannot miss, Robin Hood
that she lost her virginity over the
minions on a rampage to get Olive because you will definitely be quot-
weekend. No one would have sus-
kicked out of school for her promis- ing it in conversation for years to
pected how quickly word would get
cuity. Marianne and the other Chris- come! It was brilliantly written, per-
around, what troubles would unfold
tian characters may well have left formed superbly and commented on
for Olive, or how she would deal
some audience members aghast at many issues relevant to teens today.
with the rumors of her indiscretions.
the portrayal of the members of the As Olive said in the movie, “A is for

Qdoba: A Better Alternative

menu item. Two popular ones are the The service was also very friend-
“3-Cheese Queso” burrito, highly ly, with employees asking how your
recommended, and the “Ancho Chile food was and making sure to get your
Josh Ouellette BBQ” burrito. Both are sauces that order correct the first time.
staff writer can be added to the burrito for only While Qdoba does not offer free
a dollar more. Another “Signature WiFi, it is a calm and relaxing place
Qdoba is a chain restaurant, Flavor” item is the Qdoba Mexican in which one could very easily study
much like “Chipotle,” that is making Gumbo which includes rice, beans, or do homework. Also the restau-
its way into California. Prominent in tortilla soup, salsa, cheese and sour rant gives a free drink as a student
other states, with many in Colorado cream. discount with the showing of your
and states further east, Qdoba’s ex- The price range of the menu goes school I.D. card.
pansion west has brought a new loca- from about $5 to $8 on everything in- My personal favorite was the
tion only five miles, (ten minutes,) cluding burritos, the two “Signature “Queso Burrito.” The mixture of ei-
away from APU. Flavor” burritos, three tacos, nachos, ther steak or chicken in the burrito
Qdoba offers burritos, na- or a taco salad. The only additional with the delicious “3-Cheese Queso”
ked burritos (burritos without a costs are for guacamole or additional sauce creates a delicious explosion
tortilla),tacos, quesadillas, nachos, meat. Other than those items you of flavor in your mouth. I also en-
and taco salads. These all feature can have everything from five dif- joyed the many options of compli-
a selection of a meat, either grilled ferent types of salsa, rice, pinto or mentary items in the burrito. The free
chicken, steak, pulled pork or sea- black beans, lettuce, cheese, and sour drink was also cool. I also felt like
soned ground beef they can all so be cream as ingredients for your burri- the friendliness of the employees and
ordered vegetarian style with grilled tos, tacos, or any other menu item. cleanliness of the restaurant made it
veggies and guacamole. There are inside and outside seat- unique for a chain-style place to eat.
On top of the standard items ing areas for the option to eat. Both With massive burritos and stuffed
there are the Qdoba “Signature Fla- were very clean. The inside is air tacos, along with an array of other
vors”. “Signature Flavors” are ad- conditioned, providing nice eating menu choices Qdoba is a pleasant
ditions to the regular menu items Jeff Schlotzhauer photo
conditions on these hot California and affordable alternative to on-cam-
with an additional sauce or style of days. pus dining and other local eateries.
APU’s Recycle: A blue attempt to go green
reason to not throw trash in the recycling bins help give money to the school we already pay the school would reward us. If the goal was
The university has around campus. We all have done it. Even if an arm and a leg for? Is it to keep Facilities reached, the school could take off 100 dollars
provided many accidentally. Not enough people even know
where the recycling deposi-
Management from having to pick through all
the rubbish to get those
from tuition.
That’s not much, but it’s better than noth-
opportunities to recycle, tory bins are in our respec-
tive living areas. This does
elusive bottles? If these
are the reasons, then why
ing. It’s a hundred more cougar bucks to buy
coffee or snacks. It’s book money. It’s one
but students lack not include freshman, who have the recycling depos- hundred less dollars for your parents and you
have them in the middle itories at all? to worry about paying for your education.
motivation to participate of their halls. In the Mods What is to stop us What should happen if we didn’t reach the
in greater numbers they are located in the
middle of walkways. Spe-
from recycling our items
ourselves at the recycle
goal amount of money? If we failed to reach
the set amount, the school could take that
cifically, a couple of blue stations in the parking money and put it into scholarships or improv-
bins are located in the lots of grocery stores? ing the campuses. We should be made aware
Josh Ovellette “green” Mods of I Court, You can most likely pay of where the money goes, because unless we
Staff Writer where the residents have your share of your util- know, what is our motivation to recycle for
to do weekly environmen- ity bill every month. You the school?
tal community service. In don’t have a utility bill? With incentive comes awareness, and with
Bright blue trash bins, cans, and waste- Bowles and University You could spend the ex- awareness, the school can double, or even tri-
baskets scattered across campus. These are to- Park, they are hiding in tra money on places like ple its recycling potential. Then, whatever
kens of our school’s attempt to recycle. They the laundry rooms. In Alberto’s, Taco King, goal is set could be reached, or whatever the
are in every living area on campus. They are University Village, they McDonalds, or any of school needs could be procured.
next to the trashcans in our coffee shops. We can be found in the mid- the other local eateries, There are other benefits as well. As Chris-
all know they’re there and all students have dle of the courts. when the food on cam- tians at APU we are called to make the world a
one in their rooms for their convenience. These are places we pus gets old. better place. What better way than recycling to
Therefore, there is an awareness of a need to all go to, or walk by, What if we had an in- make our earth a little more natural? It would
recycle and be environmentally friendly at on any given day. They centive? Would you want begin to make a difference in the world. May-
APU. But is there a practical application to are places where we go to partake in helping the be if we start truly being green here in Azusa,
this awareness? without even noticing planet and earning the other schools will follow and then we can re-
The mentality we currently have seems to these bright blue bins. school money as well? I know I would, ally make this world a better place.
be thi: we simply have these cans, bins and What is our incentive to recycle and I have the perfect incentive. What
wastebaskets there. They are just there. There here at school? Is it to feel good about could be better than an opportunity to cut Josh Ovellette is a sophomore journalism
is no pressure to recycle. There’s no pressure ourselves, or to feel we made a differ- tuition costs? If we earned a set amount of major. Ovellette enjoys watching and also
to use them in our living areas. There is no ence by using the big blue can? Is it to money, by recycling in our allotted places, playing all sports.

start oUt on top.

Tea party the new third party? START RAISING THE BAR.

vative politics. However appealing such a

Matthew Atha move is, it would likely lead to a resurgence Start commanding attention.
Staff Writer of Democratic victories, as traditional Repub-
lican Party support would be divided between
both the GOP and the Tea Party.
This scene has become routine in the past Additionally, it is still unclear how much
few years: hundreds of protestors dressed in support for the movement is stemmed from
red, white and blue garb, armed with Ameri- a simple frustration with the current state of START HIGHER.
can flags, bullhorns, and signs depicting Pres- American politics, and how much is truly a
ident Obama as Hitler and Nancy Pelosi as push for more conservative policies.
Satan. Primaries from earlier this year, suggest
This now commonplace depiction of the that the push is simply incumbents who the
Tea Party embodies the anger and frustra- public is fed up with, not “liberal” politicians.
tion of America’s newest political movement. Senator Bob Bennett of Utah, often seen as
However, as the group gains strength, both in one of the most conservative voices in the
public opinion and political clout, we have to Senate, failed to gain the GOP nomination
wonder if it will eventually take a place as a after being accused of not being conserva-
full-fledged political party. tive enough. In Arkansas, Democratic Sena-
The Tea Party movement emerged in tor Blanche Lincoln, seen as a moderate by
2009 as a result of conservative fear, frustra- many, narrowly beat out a much more liberal start one step ahead.
tion, and anger over the policies of President challenger in this summer’s primary.
Obama, the Democratic Par- Nonetheless, the tea Start moving up.
ty, and even the Republican party has an important role
Party. Although no central
Tea Party organization ex- There is a to play in American politics.
It can serve as an excellent
start leading from day one.
ists, the movement gener- internal critique of the GOP
ally calls for smaller gov-
ernment, less spending, and
long way to leadership and policies and
help the Republican Party
go before we start strong.

lower taxes. regain momentum and en-

In less than two years, ergy. The movement show-
the movement has grown
from simple rallies, pro- have a full- cases the power the people
can still hold over their poli-
there’s strong. then there’s army strong. Want
to be a leader in life? Joining army rotC at
tests, and outcries to a ma-
jor political force, fielding fledged party. ticians. It seems that those
in Washington need to pay apU is the strongest way to start. you’ll learn
leadership skills. and can earn a full-tuition
candidates in Republican more attention to the aver-
primaries throughout the age American. scholarship up to $50k. after graduation, you’ll
country. These anti-establishment, sometimes However, the Tea Party is not the third also be a U.s. army officer.
inexperienced candidates are proving to be party America needs. The Tea Party serves to get started, contact ltC Bill fitch
real challengers to those backed by big names as another pull on the traditional “liberal vs. or visit
in the GOP. Most recently in Delaware, Tea conservative” political spectrum. As a party,
Party-backed Christine O’Donnell beat out it would just lead to even more of the same
nine-term Congressman Mike Castle to win polarized politics. What America needs from
the Republican nomination for the Senate. a new party is a new perspective. A third party
Despite recent successes and the recent in America could play the role of watchdog ®

comment by pollsters Scott Rasmussen and over both Republicans and Democrats, seek-
Doug Schoen report in the Washington Ex- ing not to promote “left” or “right”, but to
aminer, that “over half of the electorate now force both sides to find true compromises that
say they favor the tea party movement [and] focus on people, not on ideology. That’s the
around 35 percent say they support the move- shift in politics that we really need. add some strength to yoUr fall Class sChedUle at apU.
ment.” There is a long way to go before we Enroll in Army ROTC. Find out more about
have a full-fledged party. leadership, offiCership and sCholarships!
Some tea partiers have pushed for a clean Matthew Atha is a junior political sci- Call 909-607-7752
or email
break from the GOP, which they see as cor- ence major who enjoys hiking and read-
rupt, broken ineffective, and soft on conser- ing the news. ©2008. paid for by the United states army. all rights reserved.

Claremont McKenna Rock BW Ad 4x10.indd 1 7/27/10 11:18 AM Clause Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2010 13

So many more than Sainz

Pa nting a
Continued controversy over Ines Sainz is not an accurate
reflection of all female sports journalists. By Bobbi Salcido
pearance, but never blamed herself for being at fault.
These women being those who set the progress of
equal rights for women in the United States back 50
P cture
By Rachel Gresham

M aybe you have heard of Ines Sainz, maybe you

have not. Maybe you have seen a picture of
her and a cut to a New York Jets player. As each day
I am saddened by
I sincerely hope you’re not basing the progress
of women’s equal rights movement on your choice of
clothing, Mrs. Sainz.
At the beginning of each year,
I try to set some goals that will be
difficult to reach. My quintessential
passes and other sports stories worthy of that day’s at-
tention arise, it seems like another angle in the Sainz
Sainz’s inability to focus While I continue to hold the stance that Sainz
is in no way at fault for being the recipient of inap-
goal of junior year is to learn how to
long board. This will consist of me
situation comes up. “She was harassed.” “She was
fine.” “She asked for it.” “Women don’t belong in
beyond herself and propriate and harassing comments, I am saddened by
Sainz’s inability to focus beyond herself and address
standing on the long board, holding
my fiancés hand, as he drags me
the locker room,” and so it goes. And though I find
most of this offensive and unfortunate for Sainz, I fear
address the underlying the underlying problematic culture of the locker room
in men’s professional sports.
over sidewalk crevices and big hills
that make me scream.
that the credibility of all female sports journalists and
their place in professional sports is being placed on the
problematic culture of In that way, the AWSM has been able to turn this
into positive. At $160,000 expense of the New York
On one such occasion last
week, I happened to be returning
shoulders of one woman.
With her miss universe and modeling background
the locker room in men’s Jets, the NFL will undergo a league-wide training pro-
gram in consultation with the AWSM.
an oversized bundle of birthday bal-
loons to my friend who recently cel-
to accompany her bachelor’s degree in law and mas-
ters in tax law, Sainz has done a great job in finding
professional sports. “The creation of the league-wide training pro-
gram is a fantastic opportunity for AWSM to share
ebrated her 21st birthday. I chuckled
as freshmen unknowingly cheered
her niche among sports media in Mexico as a sports- its message of respectful and professional treatment “happy birthday” and I bamboozled
show host. But I believe the distinction needs to be for all women in sports media. We have advocated for a bystander by smacking him in the
made, not all hosts are journalists, though many are, My bigger issue with Sainz, however, is how she this since our inception. We look forward to further noggin with one of the balloons.
and not all journalists can be hosts. Sainz is well spo- has responded to media attention since the incident, dialogue with the NFL and all of its 32 teams. This However, the best reaction I re-
ken and knowledgeable, but some of her sideline and especially toward other women in sports. Repeatedly, is a chance to use this as a teaching moment that will ceived, occurred when the late night
post-game actions lead many to question her profes- the Association of Women in Sports Media (AWSM) benefit female reporters now and for years to come,” trolley stopped mid-road, opened
sionalism—way before the incident with the Jets on has come to Sainz’s defense with the demand for a the ASWM said in a press release on their website. the door, and all 23 of the passen-
September 11. proper and respectable work environment for women While discussion threads continue to grow on gers started singing the happy birth-
Several members of the Jets made harrasing com- working in a male-dominated atmosphere. In response, Sainz and this incident, some commentators note the day chorus.
ments towards her and doing their drills particularly Sainz wrote she felt the AWSM acted “impulsively” best possible solution to cease these problems would While I immensely enjoyed this
close to her. While Sainz was waiting for an interview and was not on her side. As Sainz appears entirely be to not allow women in men’s locker rooms, ignor- comical attention, it was all because
with Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. unappreciative, justifiably swift is probably more ac- ing that this would be entirely against the law. But of false pretenses. Reflecting on
Was her outfit inappropriate? Probably. Any per- curate. The AWSM wasn’t just trying to protect Sainz, in the locker room, women can still take responsibil- this event, I realized that I so often
son in that setting, or any professional setting, should it was coming to the defense of all female sports jour- ity and set the standard for which they are treated walk through life with a façade that
wear clothes appropriate to their job. Does that mean nalists—to protect their jobs and their security in the such as refusing to speak to any athletes not appro- I present to everyone around me.
she had it coming? Absolutely not. Instead of focusing workplace—when the backlash of Sainz’s attention priately covered up—a lesson I hope future female I fake a smile to please the people
on what she wore, maybe the better question is under- was being forced on its members. Several women in sports journalists take from these happenings over I walk past. I pretend to have my
standing why she feels she has to dress in such a way sports media have acknowledged the impact Sainz’s Sainz, failure to align herself with the community busy life figured out, when inside I
as a sports reporter. It certainly isn’t the norm, but if attention has had on female journalists in general, ex- of journalists. sometimes feel like I’m a crashing
that is the tendency of Sainz, the bigger problem prob- cept perhaps Sainz. plane.
ably lies in the expectations placed on her from her In a column Sainz published in El Universal on This realization set in during Li-
network. I doubt Curt Sandoval has the same dilemma September 18 to explain her experience, she accused Bobbi Salcido is a senior journalism major who turgical chapel when I tried to sing
each day he shows up for work. women of commenting on herself inappropriate ap- is the current sports editor for The Clause. “I surrender all.” I lost my ability to
form the words of the song, at the
moment I thought about what I was

University ‘Park’ does not live up to its namesake

saying. My thought was, “I have too
much responsibility that I need to
handle on my own. If I let Jesus try
to carry my burdens he would have
to reject at least three of them.” Oh,
Anthony Montes the lies I tell myself.
Staff Writer
I am writing this more of a re-
minder for myself than for readers.
I’m frustrated and I know I’m not the only Living in the mundane motions of
one. This frusteration has been brought on by the everyday life does not compare to
parking on campus. With a university this large it the full life Jesus had in mind for
seems easy to find a decent spot. Well, don’t get us. I want to look back to college
your hopes up. and remember what I did right. This
As a resident of University Park, I have decided starts with being true to who I was
that parking here is to say the least a major head- made to be.
ache. The best stalls lie between the two courts, Whether this means showing
because they are gated. my true emotions or skipping a po-
When that happens to be full, which is most tentially homework-heavy weekend
of the time, you will have to pray that there is an to make time for the relationships
open stall on the east side of the complex, facing that matter, I want to grasp each mo-
Alosta Place. ment of college for what it’s worth.
On a bad day, your car will have to be parked I want to read textbooks with an
on the street. The problem with that is that every eye that can apply them to my life.
Thursday and Friday there is street cleaning be- Mary Rockey photo I want to gain from the abounding
tween 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Breaking this rule results Parking problems in University Park and on campus have provided headache’s for students. wisdom professors have to offer.
in a ticket from the Azusa Police Department. In my traveling, I discovered
If luck is not on your side, a nice trip to Lot H are made, it seems as though it will always be a It seems that all we can do is come to terms and
that more than half of the world
is in order. At least you get some exercise on the race back to our respective living area to grab the just deal with this problem. I suppose that there is
would give up life with the people
walk back. last stall. always a give and take. We will just have to wait
they love the most to have any form
I have been discussing this with peers, as it is One idea that has been suggested, is a parking and see what happens.
of higher education. The privilege
brought up regularly in conversation. We purchase structure possibly built on Lot A on east campus.
of having full access to overflowing
a permit to park in our living area, not in Lot H. I understand that that would be a massive project. Anthony Montes is a sophomore journalism
knowledge is not one that should be
We want to walk a few steps to our vehicles, not Even if it was approved, everyone attending APU major who enjoys working as a disc jokey at
taken lightly. In this unique college
a mile. Unfortunately, until some serious changes now would be long gone. KAPU.
experience, where faith and scholar-
ship converge, not a moment can be
Poll of the Week
Results From Last Week (Top 3 Vote Getters):
Your chance to respond Be intentional about relation-
ships with professors who have
connections that could make your
Where are you feeling the on campus space crunch?
options soar. Be deliberate about
61% Parking Write a letter to the editor creating friendships that will endure
17% Chapel beyond graduation, well into your
first career, your first child, your
9% Dinning Areas Please include a phone number for verification of all letters to the
mid-life crisis, and even longer.
editor. Anonymous and unverified letters to the editor will not be
Live simply. Evaluate what you de-
8% I Dont printed. The Clause reserves the right to edit the letters for length
vote the most time to. Love gener-
and journalistic style. The opinions expressed in this newspaper
5% Living Areas Number of voters: 66 ously. Most of all, don’t get caught
do not necessarily reflect the views of the faculty, staff or adminis-
living the same day on repeat.
tration of Azusa Pacific University. Letters should be 200 words or
Vote online for next week’s poll at: less and turned in by Sunday at 4 p.m. Please e-mail your letters
Rachel Gresham is a junior
or text your answer to 626.385.7655 to
journalism major who loves
What Keeps You Awake while studying?
traveling and dancing on roof
Caffiene, Music, Power Nap, Going to the Library
Leaders emerge as GSAC continues
Returning cougars pretty much the same as last year and
have done well so far,” junior middle
a conference record of 15-5 and 28-9
overall with Baker leading in kills.
make foundation for blocker and captain Ariel Beetstra
said. “We have built up to this point
“Jill was a solid player, we knew
she would put it away every time,”
nationally ranked since the beginning of last year.” Beetstra said. “This year’s offense
With big losses to California is a little more spread out and every-
volleyball teaam Baptist and Biola, comfort is some- body has to play an intense role.”
thing the team definitely cannot take This year’s captains consist of
into play. senior defensive specialist Julia
Erika Marmolejo “As a team Wehsener, junior
staff writer we’ve learned that Amy Alkazin and

Women’s volleyball head coach

we cannot get too
comfortable and we “Every team junior Ariel Beet-
With the new
Chris Keife expects an exciting sea-
son to look forward to.
constantly have to
have a sense of ur- we face is season underway,
With 11 returning players this gency; every team this year’s players
season, APU seeks a Golden State we face is beatable,
but we have to
beatable, to watch out for
are junior middle
Athletic Conference (GSAC) title
this season and will continue to build
off of new and previous chemistry.
play at a high level
the entire match,”
but we have blocker Amy Alka-
zin and junior right
“My expectations for this season
are quite different from a coach’s
Beetstra said.
Every athletic
to play at a side hitter Whitney
point of view,” Keife said. “With
our team’s talent, we have the po-
team has their own
rivals, but APU as high level Some other
key role players to
tential and capability to regain last a whole has always be on the lookout
year’s placement by always giving had a vengeance the entire for are junior setter
Raechel Jones and
our best.” for Biola, which
With a solid base of returners,
chemistry is definitely there; but the
will definitely
bring eagerness for
match.” junior right side hit-
ter Krista Brenner.
graduation of All-American Jill Bak- the rematch. —Ariel Beetstra “We have a lot
er is still painful. “Everyone of expectations for
“Losing someone like Jill will knows how good our team,” Brenner
always cause a big impact on any APU’s athletic program is,” said. “With a new balanced offense
team,” Keife said. “She was a quiet Keife said. “The teams show up to we can be more effective, but as long
leader, leading by example with re- play against our school, and ready to as we keep our team goal of playing
spect due to the way she lived her life play hard always giving their best. hard and focusing on our side, we
as well.” In a way, that kind of makes us the will be hard to beat.”
With a record of 4-2 in conference rival.” This year’s volleyball team is still
play and 16-2 overall the girls are on As of September 21, women’s a team of competitive nature even
the right path of seeking success. volleyball is nationally ranked num- though the loss of Baker has been Lauren Walter photo
“I have high expectations of ber seven out of 25. difficult emotionally, physically the Junior setter Raechel Jones (3) and junior rightside hitter Whittany
our team, especially because we are Last year, volleyball finished with team is still driven for victory. Radcliffe (97) prepare for offensive attack.

Athletic department accepts to four year Nike agreement

A new deal with representatives in March. To tend chasing cycle,” a period where the
to his medical needs, Odell put As- department orders uniforms, equip-
Nike has all APU sociate Athletic Director Gary Pine, ment, etc. Therefore, as of now the
who was assisted by Head Football
sports in new home Coach Victor Santa Cruz, in charge of
home uniforms are first priorities on
the ordering list. When fans attend
uniforms this fall product negotiations until Odell was
healthy enough to return.
any APU home games, all athletes are
sure to wear Nike uniforms.
The team in the athletic depart- When winter and spring sports
Kia Gilstrap ment weighed the pros and cons of get closer to their seasons, they also
staff Writer the deal. They looked at how it would will receive new Nike uniforms and
help the program and found the move equipment.
Cougar athletes are looking a would be beneficial. It would also Nike does extensive testing on
little different on the field, course and help the program financially while some of the nation’s top athlete’s.
court this year. producing top quality products for They test their products to ensure the
APU athletics and shoe, sports their players. best quality for all who wear their
apparel giant Nike agreed to a four “In the world of sports market- products.
year partnership earlier this May that ing, Nike is the champ right now,” “Our jerseys are lighter and
will make the brand the schools offi- Santa Cruz said. “Nike does a great they breathe better,” Radcliffe said.
cial uniform and apparel supplier. job with the product, the players en- “They’re very comfortable to play in.”
The players are excited to wear joy their stuff. You get more people The players aren’t the only ones
the same brand that some of the enjoying the equipment with being to benefit from this Nike switch.
world’s most elite athlete’s practice, the brand that they are.” Fans, students, alumni, and parents
train, and compete in everyday. With six straight Director’s Cups, can now get Nike’s APU athletic ap-
Jeff Schlotzhauer photo
“A lot of guys are excited about it’s safe to say that APU has held the parel online as well. All one needs to
Junior starting quarterback John van den Raadt (10) and teammates,
it,” junior quarterback John van den talent to gain recognition throughout do is go to the Cougar athletics home
along with all APU sports, revieved new home uniforms as part of a four
Raadt said. “Nike is a pretty big collegiate sports. page and click on the Nike link. There
year agreement with Nike.
company.” Now that the Cougars are spon- they can purchase Cougar hats, shirts,
The deal, which looks as though coaches would seek deals for their However, Odell and the department sored by the world-wide leader in sweats, and other gear.
it will help the athletics department individual teams. The athletic de- decided not to go with Under Armour sports apparel this could be the extra Nike sponsors some of the big-
both in the short and long term replac- partment believed it would be best due to connections with other compa- push they need to get to the next lev- gest athlete’s in the world, they cover
es several other contracts throughout if all sports were to contract to one nies, including Nike. el. Nike is a well known and widely almost every sport.
the APU sports community. Now, all brand. It would help the program, as “I really wasn’t trying to put one used product; a product that might Notable Nike athletes include
sports in the community will wear a whole, in the long run. company against another. It just felt catch recruits eyes. NBA hall of famer Michael Jordan,
one brand. It wasn’t until earlier this year like because one of our former soccer “I think that when a recruit comes women’s tennis star Serena Williams,
“It definitely helps that finally our when up and coming sports apparel player’s father was very high up on to school and they go, ‘You’re a Nike NFL quarterback Brett Favre and
school is combining into one sponsor. company Under Armour contacted Nike, since he had given quite a bit school?’ We say, ‘Yes, we’re a Nike APU alumni Bryan Clay.
Before volleyball was AG, football and presented to the athletic depart- to men’s soccer, I’d let him know,” school.’ There’s something there.” Nike also sponsor major univer-
was New Balance,” junior volleyball ment, this dream of unity became a Odell said. “I did that and the next Odell said. “It says this is pretty first sities, including University of South-
player Whittany Radcliffe said. “It reality. thing I know, Nike is saying, ‘hold class, so I think that’ll be a big help.” ern California. The Azusa Pacific
kind of helps with our unity.” The presentation was satisfactory on, let us talk with you.’” There has been somewhat of a University Cougars are now a part of
Prior to this season, individual to APU Athletic Director Bill Odell. Odell began to speak with Nike delay in what Odell calls the “pur- this elite list. Clause Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2010 15
Coaching changes in cougar football Games this week 9.29 to 10.5
dinals. Paopao and Santa Cruz also
Bobbi Salcido go back, as Santa Cruz played for and
sports editor Cross Country
coached under Paopao’s father, An-
Off until 10-9-10
thony, in Oceanside, Calif.
“I never really left here,” offen- “I thought it was a great opportu-
sive coordinator Rudy Carlton said. nity to finally be able to coach my own Football
In his first year overseeing the of- position,” Paopao said. “Plus I had Saturday, 10-2-10
fense and his third year as a Cougar always respected what Azusa Pacific @ Webber International
coach, alumnus Carlton has consis- stood for in terms of developing spiri- Babson Park, Fla.
tently been part of the APU football tuality and developing people not just 1:00 p.m (EDT)
community since arriving on campus in academics or on the athletic field
in 2002 as an undergrad. As well, fel- but developing well-rounded people.” Men’s Soccer
low alumnus Ben Buys, who holds the The process was different for
Wednesday, 9-29-10
record as APU’s all time leading scor- Buys and tight ends coach George.
er, is in his first year as an assistant After praying about it with his @ Hope International
coach overseeing the running backs. wife, Buys decided to pursue a differ- Fullerton, Calif.
Newcomers Jordan Paopao, Kyle ent career path and try coaching after 3:00 p.m.
Shoemaker and Matt George, along working in a church for the past few
Jeff Schlotzhauer photos
with recent players-turned-coaches years. Originally, when Buys contact- Saturday, 10-2-10
From left to right: Coaches Ben
Trevor Love and Matt Johnson join ed Santa Cruz there were no open po- vs. Point Loma Nazarene
Buys, Rudy Carlton, Damon
head coach Victor Santa Cruz, defen- sitions, but the running backs coach Azusa, Calif.
Hicklin, Matt George, Kyle Shoe-
sive coordinator Brian Willmer and job soon opened up and became a
maker and RB Jeremiah Zargha- 1:00 p.m.
returning coaches Bo Beatty, Jack perfect fit for Buys.
mi. Below: Offensive line coach
Coppes, Damon Hicklin and Peder “I basically showed up at the
Jordan Paopao gives instruction Tuesday, 10-5-10
Moore to round out the 2010 Cougar doorstep and asked coach if there
during game. @ Concordia
football coaching staff. were any openings,” George said. “I
Carlton, who took over playing started as the video guy and eventu- butes to the APU coaching staff that Irvine, Calif.
calling duties in the last two games of ally became the tight ends coach.” they share with team. 3:00 p.m.
the 2009 season, was with his family Defensive assistant Love helped For Buys, having experienced the
in Colorado in January when Santa George set up an interview. George, life of a Cougar football player him- Women’s Soccer
Cruz called to inform he was being Shoemaker and Love were all high self, he is able to share perspective Saturday, 10-2-10
considered for the recently vacant of- school teammates at Santa Fe Chris- with the team. vs. Point Loma Nazarene
fensive coordinator position. tian and joked about coaching togeth- “I try to encourage them to enjoy
Azusa, Calif.
“I could never see myself leaving er as graduates. the opportunities around them and
this place so when the opportunity “In high school we joked about it appreciate it,” Buys said. “Sometimes 3:30 p.m.
came to have a chance at a full time but never really thought it would actual- you get so ahead of yourself you start
spot, I jumped at it,” Carlton said. ly happen,” Shoemaker said. “But here thinking of the next day, the next Swimming and Diving
Similarly, Santa Cruz reached out we are a couple years down the road.” game or the next play and you forget Off until 10-8-10
to offensive lineman coach Paopao George also noted the signifi- to enjoy those moments out there.”
and mikes and rovers coach Shoe- cance of coaching alongside his two George and Shoemaker both add Volleyball
maker, who were both recruited by of his best friends. fresh perspectives coming from out- Saturday, 10-2-10
APU out of high school, with poten- For Paopao, coaching was some- side programs, sometimes acting as a APU is the desire he has for his time vs. The Master’s
tial job openings. thing he definitely knew he wanted to ‘devil’s advocate’ to properly prepare with the team.
Azusa, Calif.
As undergraduate at Cal Poly San pursue as the son of a career coach. the defense. “I’m competitive and I want to
Luis Obispo, Shoemaker served as a “My dad has been coach for prob- Having experience in several win games, but the biggest thing is 7:00 p.m.
student assistant under Rich Ellerson, ably 25 years now. He’s coached in different stages of college football, to see a young man grow into being a
who had been Santa Cruz’s college the CFL (Canadian Football League), Paopao hopes he can help build the man, to see their relationship with God Tuesday, 10-5-10
coach in Hawaii. After meeting again at San Diego State and been a long- confidence of individual players become their own, to see them mature @Hope International
at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes time high school coach,” Paopao said. and encourage confidence and trust and go through the ups and downs of Fullerton, Calif.
camp two years after being recruited, “I always knew I was going to be a among the team. football and life, and get a chance to 7:00 p.m.
Shoemaker says the two stood in coach, you can almost say that this “I have been on both sides of mentor them,” Carlton said.
touch through the remainder of his career was predetermined for me.” scholarship and non-scholarship foot- Coaches have already had an im- Visit Cougs Play at the
college career. Coaching at the college level ball and am able to tell a lot of our pact on players, both in the wins col- for up-
Graduating from the University was an aspiration expressed by all kids that they are just as good as or umn and in their personal lives.
of San Diego in 2008 as a four-year five coaches. To do so, Shoemaker, even better than some of the players “They’re good people and good dated scores and highlights
starter for the Toreros, Paopao has George, Buys and Paopao are all pur- I’ve been around,” Paopao said. coaches and they care about us,” throughout the week.
spent the last two seasons as recruit- suing master’s degrees here at APU. For Carlton, getting to share the sophomore defensive linemen Jimmy
ing coordinator for the Stanford Car- Each also brings unique attri- experience and passion he has for Young said.

Childhood friends to collegiate teammates

Molly Lavin visited several California colleges It was at the end of the 2009 sea-
but after enjoying APU’s friendly at- son in which Lavin scored a game-
and Jacqueline mosphere, practicing with the team winning goal vs. Fresno Pacific.
and developing an overall apprecia- Who was credited with the assist?
Conforto have been tion for the camaraderie of APU soc- Long-time friend and teammate,
teammates prior to cer, she made the decision that this
was the school for her.
“On the field I feel like we can
arriving on campus “I went and practiced with Jason
Surrell and the team at the time. I
tell where each other are, just be-
cause we’ve played on the same
in 2009 really like how hard they worked at team since we were like five or six,”
practice and how hard they pushed Lavin said. “I always kind of know
each other,” Lavin said. “They all where she’s going to be or what kind
had a really good relationship and of passes she’s going to make so we
Kia Gilstrap you could tell that they all played can read each other pretty easily on
staff writer
for each other. I came and I was like, the field.”
‘This is my school. This is where I As they continue into their sec-
Sophomore defensive midfielder want to go.’” ond season at APU, Lavin hopes to
Jacqueline Conforto and sophomore Conforto also did a school tour, contribute to her team by holding
midfielder Molly Lavin have been searching for the university that suit- possession of the ball and distribut-
friends since they attended kindergart- ed her the most. APU was the only ing, assisting her team in the way
den together. The two played soccer on school in which the two shared dur- that she feels is her strongest asset.
the same team from a young age grow- ing their search. It was during one She feels that Conforto is an ex-
ing up, all the way to high school. of their friendly conversations they tremely versatile player that can also
Lavin’s mother coached the two discovered their love for the same contribute in more ways then one.
while they played on a recreational school, Azusa Pacific University. “She can play forward and make
soccer team called “The Sisters.” Now both are in their second runs,” Lavin says about her teammate.
Even though they attended different season competing for the Cougars. “She can also switch to a midfielder
high schools, the two continued to Last year, Conforto played in 22 and distribute and run off people.”
play together through a premier club games, adding two goals and two as- Conforto and Lavin have grown
team throughout their high school sists for the season. up together. Now they get the plea-
careers. Lavin also appeared in all 22 sure of sharing their athletic college
Sports Information Courtesy Jason Surrell, head coach of the games during her freshman season experience together as well, continu-
In 2010, Jacqueline Conforto (above) and teammate Molly Lavin have women’s soccer team, went to Seat- in 2009, giving the team a total of ing their journey with APU women’s
contributed to the teams 5-0-2 record. tle to recruit the two players. Lavin three goals and two assists. soccer.

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