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PLANNING Organization Leading
Definition :The process of set- Definition : A process of choosing a solid Definition: A process of directing and
ting goals, developing strategies, outlin- team that comprises of employees which
ing task and schedules to accomplish the influencing to motivate employees
have different qualification, styles and
specialties. Approach to 5 core concepts in
Vision: The leading entrepreneurial Departmentalization leadership Leadership
technical university in the country by I.Traits Theory I.Legitimate power
2020 . Process Functional Geographical II.Path-Goal Theory
II.Reward power
(Main Organization) III.Behavioral Theory
Mission : To produce enter pr ising III.Expert power
Matrix Organization structure
global technopreneurs . IV.Referent power

Planning Process WE4ASIA

Chain of Command
Gathering Data Set planning
Definition : Monitoring performance and taking
Responsi- Unity of
Authority action to ensure desired results (John).
bility command
Execute the Centralization 1)Establishments of standard Methods of control
planning 2)Measurement of 1) Feedforward
WE4ASIA President of performance
1)University Experience Involve ide-
3)Compare actual and 1) Concurrent control
2)Academic Excellence as from oth-
3)Graduate Life success Enhancement
standard performances 3) Feedback control
4)Sustainable Enterprise Decision making 4)Taking Remedial

Controlling Definition : Monitoring performance and taking Execute the action to ensure desired results (John). planning CONTROL PROCESS 1)Establishments of Methods of control standard 1) Feedforward 2)Measurement of control 1) Concurrent control performance 3) Feedback control 3)Compare actual and standard performances . President of UniKL •5 core concepts in leadership Process Functional Geographical a)Legitimate power Involve ide- as from other b)Coercive power (Main Organization) employees c)Reward power Matrix Organization structure Decision making d)Expert power e)Referent power Approach to leadership : • WE4ASIA a)Traits Theory Unity of b)Path-Goal Theory Authority Responsibility command c)Behavioral Theory •Motivation : A set of forces that cause people to behave in a Gathering Data Set planning certain positive ways.