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(People Who Sleep In The Water)


There’s been a lot of rumors swirling around about how I am dying of cancer or some other
disease. I’m here to report I am still alive and carrying on the fight. I did have a close go of it in
the hospital where I spent 14 days recovering before I could be sent home.

In the 1980’s I was diagnosed with a genetic disorder called hemochromatosis which causes
excessive amounts of iron in the blood. This excess of free iron can cause damage to a variety
of organs including the Kidneys and Liver. The only way to really manage it is to get my blood
periodically drawn so that my body will consume some of the excess iron to make more red
blood cells. I also have to avoid eating foods rich in iron.

During a routine checkup the doctors found something in my lung on a scan and asked me to
return to the hospital right away. Turns out it was a blood clot in my lung. Shortly after being
admitted to the hospital my health began to fail. My kidneys were shutting down and my heart
was pumping at only 20% its power. Had the doctors not caught this early and got a catheter in
me I might not have made it.

On top of that they discovered a bacterial infection in my blood which is being treated with
intravenous antibiotics for the next several weeks. I had some close calls but I am home now
with my family. Every day I get a little stronger but the road to recovery will take several

In the mean time I continue to fight for my rights that were taken away from me. I have
reviewed the Articles of Association and Constitution and cannot find where myself or the
others who also had their rights taken away committed any violation or had any criminal
charges pressed.

If it’s so easy to change the dates on the Constitutional Approval without a General Council vote
then it should be just as easy for my rights to be restored. Robert has been monkeying around
with the Constitution for far too long. From rejecting the 14 recommendations made by Elsie
Lucero to overturning term limits and failing drug tests time and time again Robert has
circumvented Tribal Law.

Why is the BIA so willing to help Robert Smith? Why did Robert Smith tell the BIA that the tribe
was against the recommendations when he never notified the tribe of this? How can the
Executive Committee continue to deny you your rights? If Robert Smith can get the dates
changed with the BIA so easy then why can't they just restore our rights?

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