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Other Definitions

1. Age when admitted to prison was determined for the date of admission and the birth date listed
in the end of fiscal year prison population snapshot. The snapshot for each fiscal year was taken
on the last day of the fiscal year. So the current age was the age on that date.
2. The Length of stay (LOS) is the difference between the snapshot date and the date of admission.
3. Gender was listed in the snapshot data set as Female or Male.
4. Ethnicity is listed in the snapshot data file and is Hispanic or Non-Hispanic.
5. The the race is also listed and is Asian or Pacific Islander, Black, Native American or Alaska
Native and White. For the purposes of this study Asian, Black, Hispanic, Native American and
White were used to designate the race/ethnicity.

Data sources: Iowa Dept. of Corrections end of FY 2017 population report.
Date posted: 7/10/18