Samplimg Procedure The convenient researchers researchers group have of employed people the most readily as study available or most The the



respondents. based on





availability of the respondents and with the purpose of them assessing and evaluating the different educational activities practiced by

selected nursing schools in Cabanatuan City. Source of Data The researchers were able to utilized fifty five (30) clinical instructors from six nursing schools in Cabanatuan City: 5 from Nueva Ecija Colleges, 5 from Manuel V. Gallego Foundation Colleges, 5 from Good Samaritan Colleges, 5 from Wesleyan University Philippines, 5 from College of Immaculate Concepcion and 5 from Aurollo University, with a total of 30 Clinical Instructors. These clinical instructors¶ serve as the respondents in this study whom will give the information and data needed regarding perception on the educational activities in selected nursing schools in Cabanatuan City. Data Gathering Instrument The questionnaire. on the The above data were gathered nursing from the clinical through




questionnaire. There researchers prepared the tool for data gathering and was composed of three parts, first is for the profile of the respondents; second part is about the different educational


activities. The third part was pertains to the perception of clinical instructors to those educational activities. The response by the respondents will be ranked and interpreted as follows: Scale 5 4 3 2 1 Interval Verbal Description Strongly Agree Agree Uncertain Disagree Strongly Disagree

4.0 and above 3.25 ± 4.0 2.50 ± 3.24 1.75 ± 2.49 1.00 ± 1.74

Validation of the Instruments

The questionnaire was prepared by the researchers based on readings from various books and other journals related to the study. With the enduring help of the research and technical advisers, questions acitivies addition, the researcher towards by was the able to formulate on the series of

directed practiced personal

assessment different were

educational schools. to In


nursing conducted



information from the clinical instructors of nursing in the said schools regarding the research under study.


Data Gathering Procedure Permission from the Dean of Nursing Department to distribute the instrument to clinical instructors was obtained. After the approval, the researcher personally distributed the copies of the questionnaire to the desired respondents, the researcher left the tool with them for a week to give them enough time to accurately fill up what was being asked. Assurance of strict confidentiality was given by the

researcher. Analysis and Statistical Treatment of Data The data obtained were presented in tabular and narrative forms. Analysis was done using the following statistical techniques and

procedures. 1. Profile of nursing students. To describe the profile of the respondents, percentage

rating was used with the formula of Tan9: f P = -----x 100 n Where: P f n = = = percentage frequency total number of respondents


Tan,Cresita. Research Guide in Nursing Education. (Quezon City: Genes Publishing Press Inc.

2005), p.133


2. Educational Activities and Perception of Clinical Instructors. Data on the educational activities and the perception of

clinical instructors will be treated using weighted mean. The formula according to Peatman (2002)10 is TWFS WM = -----n

Where: WM = weighted men TWFS = total weighted frequency score n = total no. of frequency


Peatman, John G. (2002). Introduction to Applied Statistics. New York. McGraw-Hill Book., Inc Tan,Cresita. Research Guide in Nursing Education. (Quezon City: Genes Publishing Press Inc.


2005), p.135.

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