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The Philippines-Canada Local Government Support Program (LGSP) was founded to help

decentralisation efforts of the Philippine government. LGSP is basically focused on capacity

development of local government units (LGUs). Multi–sectoral planning processes developed
under LGSP (Phase I) aided the regional and provincial governments in formulating their
development plans. These plans were considered the driving force for local governance.

LGSP Phase II worked with local governments and central government departments to help
identify their own priorities and needs in consultation with their stakeholders. It then collaborated
with them to develop capacity, improve performance and ultimately provide better governance
services to citizens. The program partnered with local NGOs, educational institutions,
consultants and government agencies as well as Canadian municipal practitioners to deliver
technical assistance, training, coaching and on-the-job mentoring to elected officials and public
servants throughout the local government system (AgriTeam Canada, 1986)