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Programme at a Glance

Time Day 1 (17 January 2019) Time Day 2 (18 January 2019)

9.15 am Opening 9.15 am Keynote II

9:45 am Keynote I 10.15 am Panel discussion: What makes mentorship different?

10.45 am Tea break & poster walk 11.00 am Tea break & poster walk

Research Methods Symposium
I: Geriatric research: way forward
11.15 am 11.30 am I: Scientific inquiry: why mixed methods study matters?
II: Women health research: way forward
II: Scientific inquiry: why qualitative methods matter?
III: Palliative care research: way forward

12.45 pm Lunch break & poster walk 12.30 pm Lunch break & poster walk
Workshop Workshop
2.00 pm for C1 C2 C3 1.30 pm for meta- C8 C9 C10
publication regression
3.30 pm Tea break & poster walk 2.30 pm Tea break & poster walk

4.00 pm C4 C5 C6 C7 2.50 pm EAFONS Doctoral education survey: sharing of results

Student-led roundtable discussion: Academic

5.00 pm End of Day 1 3.05 pm
development and research leadership: are we ready?

6.00 pm Optional event: Cultural walk & dinner 4.10 pm Closing & awards presentation