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7/11/2018 ReRegistrationForm


Re-Registration for Semester 7 Enrollment No. A2305415015


Program B.Tech (MAE) Batch 2015-2019 Date of Birth 18/05/1997

E-Mail ID

Contact Address A-33 SECTOR 34

A-33 SECTOR 34
NOIDA(Uttar Pradesh)

Pin code 201301 Phone 9717374824 Mobile 9910160978 Fax

Father's Name ASHISH

Parmanent Address A-33 SECTOR 34

A-33 SECTOR 34
NOIDA(Uttar Pradesh)

Pin code 201307 Phone 9717374824 Fax 9717374824

Aadhaar No 266098132315

Place of stay during this Semester (Non-Hostellers)

With Parent Guardian Own Arrangement

Address A-33 sector 34


Pin 201307

Telephone 9717374824 Mobile 9910160978


Date of payment of fees and fee receipt number : ______________________________ Please attach fee receipt.

Are You staying in hostel If Yes, Room No. ______________________________


Are you having any evaluation pending for the previous semester _____________________________________________

If yes, mention the course(s) and reasons for it


I understand that my Re-registration for the Semester mentioned above is provisional and it will stand cancelled in case I do not
fulfill the requirements for promotion to the same as per the AUUP Regulations (Regulation No-1 on subject Conduct of
Examinations, Scheme of Evaluation and Discipline among Students in Examinations). I also certify that I do not have any payment
due to AUUP and I have met all academic requirements till now. I shall abide by all rules and regulations of Amity University as
per my undertaking in registration form.

I have also thoroughly read and understood the Policy Guidelines for Information Security. I understand the contents, and I agree to
comply with the said Policy. I further understand that should I commit any violation of this policy, my access privileges may be
revoked and disciplinary action and / or appropriate legal action may also be taken against me. 1/2
7/11/2018 ReRegistrationForm

Date : _____________________________
(Signature of the Student) e of the Student)
Place : _____________________________

Office Seal

Date : _____________________________ (Name & Signature of the Verifying Faculty) 2/2