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Ukraine Old faces dominate new Cabinet  Back to Home

Old faces dominate new Cabinet

By Interns. Published July 31, 1997 at 1:00 am

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President Leonid Kuchma weeded his Cabinet Friday July 25 in a Popular Daily Mail: Ukrainian mother of 5-
reshuffle praised as courageous by presidential aides but derided as year-old boy who …
on social media
June 16, 6:08 pm
meaningless by opponents on the le and right.
Honest History: Saying
Kuchma ousted five ministers and retained three others, said ‘the Ukraine’ is more Ukraine’s army advances slowly at
presidential spokesman Serhyi Kutsyi, who hailed the moves as a strong than a mistake  2549 Russian front
July 06, 10:59 am
step toward reform under the new prime minister, Valery Pustovoitenko.
Ukraine celebrates
Ivana Kupala, and H&M to open first store in
All the new ministers are supporters of our new premier, and it means
recreates ancient Ukraine, announces …
the beginning of the forming [of the] new governments team for
traditional rituals  644 June 12, 5:55 pm
implementation of the new economic policy, Kutsyi said.
Poroshenko aide
Fired were Economics Minister Yury Yekhanurov, Agriculture and Food
Vashadze says corrupt
Minister Mykhailo Zubets, Coal Industry Minister Yury Rusantsov,
will be jailed  323
Energy Minister Yury Bochkaryov and Industry Minister Valery Mazur,
who was immediately named first depu minister for industrial policy.

The new economics minister is Viktor Suslov, a Socialist who headed Parliaments Finance and Banking

Other appointments include Serhy Tyhypko as depu prime minister for economic affairs and Stanislav
Yanko as coal industry minister. Retaining their posts were Foreign Minister Hennady Udovenko, Finance
Minister Ihor Miukov, Defense Minister Oleksandr Kuzmuk and Interior Minister Yury Kravchenko, the
presidential press service said.

Kuchma and Pustovoitenko have promised to finalize the Cabinet roster this week.

Pustovoitenko was named o weeks ago to replace Pavlo Lazarenko, who quit under pressure from
Kuchma. In a year in the top government post, Lazarenko came to symbolize the bureaucracy and
corruption that have smied reforms and kept Ukraines economy from improving.

Kuchma told Parliament last week that he hopes the new government team will stop the countrys economic
crisis and that Ukrainian citizens will see real changes in the near future.

But opposition leaders reiterated Friday that they doubt the situation will improve soon.

This team cannot do something to improve Ukraines economy, said Petro Simonenko, the Communist
leader. We must break the practice of shuffling the same pack of ministers and announce that our
economic policy already doesnt exist.

Meanwhile, Vyacheslav Chornovil, leader of the nationalist Rukh par, accused the government of
lurching leward, in particular by replacing Yekhanurov with Suslov at the head of Economics Ministry.
This was the pay for several dozen le-wing votes and the decisive vote of [Socialist Parliament Speaker]
Oleksandr Moroz backing Valery Pustovoitenko for prime minister, Chornovil said in a statement issued

In other Cabinet appointments, Yury Karasyk was named agriculture minister and Oleksy Sheberstov
energy minister. Both men are reclaiming posts they have held in past governments.

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