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(as of July 6th, 2018)

Note: All jurisdictions will maintain the federal 30g possession limit (non-medical)
British Alberta Saskatchewan Newfoundland New Northwest
Manitoba Ontario Quebec Nova Scotia PEI Yukon Nunavut
Columbia & Labrador Brunswick Territories
Provincial / Cannabis Control An Act to Cannabis Cont. Safe & Cannabis Act, Cannabis Act to Amend Cannabis Cannabis An Act to Cannabis Cannabis Cannabis
Territorial and Licensing Act Control & (Sask.) Act & Responsible 2017 & Ontario Regulation Act the Liquor Control Act & Control Act Respond to the Control and Legalization and Statutes
Act & Cannabis Regulate Cannabis Cont. Retailing of Cannabis Retail Corp. Act & Cannabis Legalization of Regulation Act Regulation Amendment Act
Distribution Act Cannabis (Sask.) Cannabis Act Corporation Control & Sale Management Cannabis Implementation &
Consequential Cannabis Harm Act, 2017 of Cannabis Act Corporation Act Act Cannabis Act
Amendments Act Prevention Act
Framework / B.C.’s Approach to Alberta Cannabis in Cannabis Use What will and Regulation of Cannabis in I’m In Control Cannabis Cannabis in Non-Medical Cannabis in Cannabis in
Education Legalization Framework Saskatchewan in Manitoba won’t be legal Cannabis in QC Nfld/Labrador Legalization PEI Cannabis NWT Nunavut
Min. Age 19 18 19 19 19 18 19 19 19 19 19 19 19
Must be in a Closed package Possession in In trunk or Must be packed Unbroken seal Restriction only Must be stored Packages must Must be in Must be Must be in
Transport sealed package, or out of reach of vehicle solely behind last in closed or not readily on consumption in a closed, be secured & closed unopened or closed
Restrictions inaccessible to driver & for transport to seat of baggage or as available to a within a vehicle fastened inaccessible to container & resealed & packaging and
vehicle occupants occupants place of lawful van/wagon/SU per regulations person in the package out of anyone in inaccessible to inaccessible to inaccessible to
use or storage V/hatchback vehicle or boat reach of all ppl vehicle occupants occupants occupants
Permitted where Not at hospital, No public No No Prohibition at Private Private dwelling No smoking or Private dwelling For now, Permitted on Same as
Recreational tobacco smoking is school, consumption – consumption inconsumption in enumerated residences only w consent of vaping in or vacant land restricted to private property tobacco -also
Consumption permitted but not daycare, etc. or consumption of vehicle or public, at enclosed and occupant or restricted with consent of privately owned (with LL restricted in
Restrictions where children are wherever lighted cannabis enclosed public
workplace or in public spaces vacant land w places, as set occupant residences and permission) vehicles, school
present (beaches, smoking is in private places spaces vehicle or boat consent of out in Smoke- (with potential adjoining and in grounds,
parks,playgrounds) prohibited may be limited owner or free Places Act for designated property, where restricted public hospitals,
or in vehicles occupant only spaces) owner consents areas playgrounds
BC Liquor Alberta Gaming & Private, Liquor, Gaming Ontario Société des Cannabis NL Cannabis Nova Scotia PEI Cannabis Government of NWT Liquor Nunavut Liquor
Provincial Distribution Liquor Comm. regulated by and Cannabis Cannabis Retail alcools du Management Liquor Corp Management Yukon Commission Commission
Distributor Branch Sask Liquor & Authority (priv. Corporation Québec Corporation (NSLC) Corporation (NULC)
Gaming Auth. dist. possible)
Public & Private Private. Private. Delta9/Canopy Ontario Société Private (public New subsidiary NSLC PEILCC Private (but NWT Liquor Public and
Permitted Applications NAC Cannabis Store Québécoise du only where no of NB Liquor Cannabis gov’t to start) Commission Private
Retailer(s) opened March 6 Hiku/BOBHQ Cannabis private retailer) under name
10552763 -Tweed to have “Cannabis NB”
Licensing Guide Can.Corp. 4 locations
No cap on 250 retail 51 successful Announced # 40 stores in 20 stores at 24 applicants/ 20 government- 12 locations Four in 2018 One Initially, within No physical
Number of licences, but licences retail applicants of stores: 2018; 80 by outset. Market locations run locations by (Charlottetown, government- existing 6 liquor locations in
Retail municipalities must anticipated in announced on Delta9 – 2 2019 and 150 demand to released incl, October 17/18 Summerside, owned location stores 2018
Locations approve locations Yr. 1 June 1/18 Hiku – 10 by end of 2020 determine Loblaw x 10, Montague, to start
NAC (Meta) - future stores Canopy x 2 West Prince)
Licensing Process 10

No co-location with No co-location Co-location w Municipalities Unclear Restrictions No co-location/ >300m from Co-location Stand-alone No co-location Municipalities Proposed that
Retail alcohol or tobacco. with anything access./ ancill. can prohibit whether may be shared access schools with existing government- with alcohol can prohibit ‘dry’
Location Cannabis & other than items only – retail sales – municipalities imposed by with pharmacy - liquor stores, owned sales retail sales / communities will
Restrictions accessories only in cannabis communities no co-location can delay or regulation no adjacent but in separate locations est. restrictions not be permitted
urban areas accessories can opt out with alcohol prohibit retail lounge where area via plebiscite
-no minors alcohol served
Starting Seeds Retailers can sell Seeds/
Materials seeds/plants seedlings
online & in store
Yes, by govt Yes, by private Yes, by private Yes, by govt Yes, by govt By govt for now Yes, by govt Yes, by govt Yes, by govt Yes, by govt Yes by govt Yes, by govt
Online Sales retailers retailers Shop Cannabis but only where
NL no liquor store
Announced RFI published Supply deals Supply deals MedReleaf Canopy Growth Organigram, RFI closed Organigram, Tilray (High
LP Supply March 13th – signed with 13 signed with 11 Hydropothecary Canopy, February 23rd Canopy, Park)
Deals closed March 27th licensed licensed Canopy, Aurora Zenabis, Canada’s Canopy (Tweed)
producers producers Aphria, Tilray Nuuvera Island Garden Broken Coast
No visible plants Expected to be Permitted as No home Permitted as No home Permitted as Indoors in Permitted as Permitted as Permitted as Permitted as No home
from public. permitted in per Cannabis growing per Cannabis growing per Cannabis separate locked per Cannabis per Cannabis per Cannabis per Cannabis growing
Home Grow No growing in regulations Act. permitted Act permitted. Act space. Act but can be Act, but must Act Act permitted
Restrictions daycares /assisted Landlords may Private Outdoors in restricted by be inaccessible
living homes. set & enforce possession of locked encl. at residential to minors (other
Deemed grow ban “reasonable” >150g least 1.52m landlord (even restrictions may
in existing leases cannabis rules prohibited high existing leases) also be in regs)
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