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Name: Mhel Vianney D.

Bariquit Methods of Research 3:00PM to 6:00PM



Quantitative research is a means for Qualitative research is a means for

testing objective theories by examining exploring and understanding the meaning
the relationship among variables. individuals or groups ascribe to a social or
human problem.
The approach of Quantitative Research is The approach of Qualitative Research is
Objective. Subjective.

The variables, in turn, can be measured, The process of research involves

typically on instruments, so that emerging questions and procedures, data
numbered data can be analyzed using typically collected in the participant's
statistical procedures. setting, data analysis inductively building
from particulars to general themes, and
the researcher making interpretations of
the meaning of the data.
Specific methods exist in both survey and Purposeful sampling, collection of open-
experimental research that relate to ended data, analysis of text or pictures,
identifying a sample and population, representation of information in figures
specifying the strategy of inquiry, and tables, and personal interpretation of
collecting and analyzing data, presenting the findings all inform qualitative
the results, making an interpretation, and procedures.
writing the research in a manner
consistent with a survey or experimental
Those who engage in this form of inquiry Those who engage in this form of inquiry
have assumptions about testing theories support a way of looking at research that
deductively, building in protections honors an inductive style, a focus on
against bias, controlling for alternative individual meaning, and the importance of
explanations, and being able to rendering the complexity of a situation
generalize and replicate the findings. (adapted from Creswell. 2007).

The final written report has a set structure The final written report has a flexible
consisting of introduction, literature and structure.
theory, methods. results,
and discussion