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JULY 11, 2018

Snake Eyes Performance

These guidelines and regulations are set in place to effectively govern Snake Eyes
Performance and affiliated parties. Any disregard or failure to follow set guidelines and
rules will result in immediate dismissal from SNAKE EYES PERFORMANCE.

General Policies and Procedures:

ARTICLE II /Membership:

Membership dues are as follows: $40 New members and $20 New Members (Students) . This covers the
member and their immediate family living at the same address.

Any member whose dues are one month in arrears will be automatically suspended until dues are
brought up to date. This suspension includes not receiving the monthly newsletter or any other club

The officers of the club will deal with any member whose behavior has become disruptive and
membership may be terminated (see Article III – Club Rules).

1) Membership is invitation only: If you have someone interested in joining Snake Eyes
Performance, please have them fill out an application and bring them to the next
available team meeting. They will be interviewed at the meeting, and if found suitable,
allowed to join the Snake Eyes family.
2) Snake Eyes Performance will be periodically reviewed and updated by club officers and will be
available to the entire club membership at any time.
Potential members must meet the following criteria:

 Must have the drive to participate in shows, meets, races, and other relative events.
 Support the unification of the team and understand represent a dignified organization.
 Member must have a decal present on the car. It can be placed anywhere on the vehicle,
including under the hood. Be mindful that displaying the decal, they represent SNAKE EYES
PERFORMANCE at all times in your car.
 Show respect towards all members as well as other enthusiasts. No trash talking, belittling, or
disrespecting any person or their car. Be mindful when coming into contact with other cars, i.e.
touching, leaning against, etc.
2) Membership is a privilege: Many events and functions Snake Eyes Performance represents
have the opportunity for sponsorship, so please remember it is important to be presentable in
the community always. People notice both positive and negative actions.

3) All members are asked to participate in club meetings: Snake Eyes Performance meetings
occur 2-3 times per month and locations vary around the Houston and surrounding area to
ensure the highest possible membership attendance. If you are unable to attend a meeting, you
are asked to contact an officer or board member in advance of the team meeting. Failure to
attend meetings regularly may result in dismissal from Snake Eyes Performance. Furthermore,
if you have suggestions for new meeting locations, please feel encouraged to voice your opinion
to officers/board members.

4) Members are required to obey all traffic laws. If you are found to be road or street
racing IMMEDIATE EXPULSION WILL OCCUR. Snake Eyes Performance has a zero-tolerance
policy towards street racing. Often, we will meet up to cruise to events as a team. If you want to
race, keep it on the track. Do not endanger lives of innocent people.

5) Attend as many events as you can to show support for your team. We all have busy
schedules, but part of what makes Snake Eyes Performance great is the family dynamic and
love for cars we all share. Show support for your team.

6) If you would like a role within Snake Eyes Performance, please enquire. There are many
many positions available and the more help we have, the more smoothly things run. Some
positions may be rotational, where as some will require more stability in who runs it.

7) Almost all club information is posted on the Facebook group page. Please refer to individual
threads for information. If you have a question about an event, please message the event
organizer/officer directly. This will avoid unnecessary clutter on the page, so all the information
is readily available. Please also note to keep conversations on these threads relevant to the
event/activity at hand.

8) If you have a pressing concern about club dynamics please message an officer. Do not post
major concerns on the main page without first having talked to an officer. (Often times an issue
may be resolved before people even hear there is a potential issue, or it may not even effect
half of the team.)


1. Members will conduct themselves in a reasonable and orderly manner at any meeting, activity, or
event representing the club or conducting club business.

2. Members will comply with all Motor Vehicle laws and/or ordinances when participating in or
attending any club activity, event, or gathering. In cases of private property where motor vehicle laws
do not apply, members shall operate their vehicles in a controlled and acceptable manner as warranted
by crowd and conditions or dictated by persons having responsibility for property.

3. All monies received by the Club for Club Participation, etc. at any event shall be deposited in the
Club Account. Exceptions may be made to donate said winnings to worthy causes at the event,
providing a majority of members attending said event approve the donation.

4. Members will respect and encourage other club members, their families, vehicles and all
participants at club activities to include non-members.

5. Any females that join Snake Eyes Performance are to follow dress code as well

-no over sexual/revealing clothing (tops, bottoms)

-Snake Eyes Performance is a DRAMA FREE family so ALL members are to respect everyone.

6. When all members are attending car meets there will be ABSOLUTELY NO videotaping of drugs,
guns or violence on the Snake Eyes Performance Facebook Page.

7. The group chat is strictly for club conversations no posting of drugs, guns or violence AT ALL.


Violation of the above rules may result in a verbal or written warning, or termination of
membership. Once membership has been revoked, that person will not be eligible to ever rejoin Snake
Eyes Performance. The level of punishment is to be determined by the current club officers with
consideration being given to severity of infraction and number of prior offenses. Punishment may be
appealed in writing by member within ten (10) calendar days of notice of termination. Appeals will be
reviewed and considered by all club officers. Decision of appeal, if exercised, is final.
ARTICLE V/Power Vested in the Club:

The control of the club shall be vested in its members.

Making a Motion:

Any eligible member may make a motion, and then must be seconded by another member before it can
be presented for a vote. A majority vote of eligible members attending the meeting will be necessary
for a motion to pass.

ARTICLE VI/Club Officers:

The officers of the club and their duties are described in Article VII – Duties.

Elections will be held annually at the Club’s September meeting. The new officers will assume their
positions immediately. The out-going officers will turn over all club materials to the respective new

Eligibility will be limited to members whose dues are current prior to elections.

Officers may hold the same office with no term limits.

In the event of the loss of an officer who cannot fulfill an entire term, officers will nominate from the
existing membership to fill that position until the next election term and will bring that nomination
before the club membership.

Officers will meet throughout the year as needed to discuss club business, events, etc. For any officer
decision, including but not limited to, event scheduling, disputes, etc., the majority vote of the officers
will stand as the final decision.


Committees will be formed throughout the year to run various club activities. These committees usually
include but are not limited to volunteer club members who have an interest in or knowledge of the
activity for which that committee formed.

Committee members will meet as needed to discuss activity or event issues. As with the officers, a
majority vote of the committed shall stand in settling disputes, rescheduling of events, activities during
the events, and rules for the events that do not override the Club Membership Rules stated herein. That
final decision shall then be presented to the club officers for authorization.

Financial decisions shall not be enacted until voted upon and passed by club officers.
In the event of the loss of a committee member who cannot fulfill their duties, committee members will
ask for a volunteer to fill that position.


The duties of the President shall be to:

Oversee and administrate the activities of the club.

Oversee the duties of the other officers.

Be responsible for all awards, trophies, and presentations as voted on by all club officers.

Preside over all club functions and maintain order.

The duties of the Vice-President shall be to:

Oversee and administrate the activities of the club.

Oversee the duties of the other officers.

Be responsible for all awards, trophies, and presentations as voted on by all club officers.

Assist the President as needed.

Preside over meetings and other events should the President by unavailable.

Help maintain order at all club functions.

The duties of the Treasurer shall be to:

Maintain club financial records.

Help maintain order at club functions.

Tally all monies collected at meetings, shows, raffles, such as dues, entry fees, etc. and make bank
deposits as necessary.

Provide a financial statement to the club membership as requested and notify other officers of any
trends that may be cause for concern to the club.

The duties of the Sergeant At Arms shall be to:

Help maintain order at all club functions.

Assist the President as needed.

Preside over all club functions and maintain order.

Leadership positions, jobs and membership:

Snake Eyes Performance is setup with a governing body to more effectively manage meetings,
events, shows, and members.

This encompasses the majority of Snake Eyes Performance. Members are encouraged to
attend shows, expected to attend meetings, and help staff events. Members may also hold job

Jobs: This is the most important portion of Snake Eyes Performance membership
responsibilities and is the lifeblood that keeps Snake Eyes Performance moving forward in
planning, promoting, and managing Snake Eyes Performance. Every member is encouraged
and eligible to hold a job position.

Officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Admins): These are members who have shown
interest and drive to give a little more. Officers oversee set duties in addition to a job and are
responsible for managing day to day operations. These are the members you go to if you have
questions or concerns.

Board Members: These are the members who are involved in all aspects of planning and
coordinating meetings and all events. This committee of members is responsible for all the
organizational processes that occur, and ultimately responsible for the actions of Snake Eyes

Requirements for leadership offices:

To become an Officer, you must-

a) Hold a job position in which you show proficiency.

b) Show interest in promoting the growth of the team.

c) Be recommended by another officer or board member.

Officers will be voted upon by the team once a year. Unlimited number of terms allowed,
however if an officer fails to perform duties correctly the officer may be removed by the Board
with a 2/3 vote.

Board members are chosen by the board and appointed by the board based on merit and
exemplary leadership/management rolls and skills.

ARTICLE VIII/Club Property:

All club equipment, papers, pictures, records, etc. shall remain the property of SNAKE EYES

All club membership records shall be held confidential and accessible only to the club officers. Requests
for said information must be made directly to a club officer and will not be released without approval of
the members involved.

ARTICLE IX/Personal Liability:

All persons or corporations extending credit to, contracting with, or having any claim against the club or
officers shall look only to the funds and property of the club for payment, for any such contract or claim
for payment of any debt, damage, judgment or any other money that otherwise becomes due or
payable to them from the club, so that neither the members of the club, nor its officers (past, present or
future) shall be liable personally thereof.


The club shall not be held liable for any loss or damage due to fire, theft, weather, vandalism, or
accidents at any function that the club attends or hosts. These by-laws have been adopted by the
appointed officers and voted on by the membership of the Snake Eyes Performance, on February 17,

Revised February 17, 2018

Board Of Directors:






President OF Girls – LARISSA ZEPEDA

Vice President of Girls – ALEXIS MARTINEZ

*Snake Eyes Performance is a different kind of car club. Our goal is to join
people together who love and appreciate their vehicles as much
as we do. We intend to do this by creating an atmosphere in
which car enthusiasts can build friendships, share ideas, and
expand their overall knowledge. *If a member is removed from
club: Decal will be removed from terminated member’s