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Hello dear Dante Pocci

Business manager- powergen, Aerospace & Defence Material, Technology & Innovation

I’m Hassan Ghorbani from Iran, if you remember I had a meeting with you in last March 2018 during
your workshop. I’ve been working on Additive Manufacturing and advanced repair process in land based
gas turbine industries. I would like to collaborate with you in prior subjects.

We have shop repair for hot gas path components and need some raw materials. For instance, we need
some wire welding and brazing powder to repair blades and vanes. Following are given as requirement

1- For repair, we need some wire weld and powders as raw materials.

No. Trade designation Size Main source
Wire/ powder
GTAW-Rods for welding
1 Nozzaloy/ Cobalt base 0.045-0.060 inch United states
Nozzle-alloy /
2 Wire/ Mar-M918 Mar M 918/ Cobalt base 0.045-0.060 inch Germany, France
EMS 55447/ nickel based
3 Wire/ Mar M 247 0.045-0.060 inch Germany, France
Wire/C263 nickel based C-263 GE B50A783/ nickel Germany, France,
4 0.045-0.060 inch
super alloy based superalloy United state
Nickel based super alloy
5 Wire/ L3367 0.045-0.060 inch ----
for repair tip blade
Wire/ Inco 738 nickel IN738- PWA 1451, GE Germany, France,
6 0.045-0.060 inch
based super alloy B50TF191 United state
Brazing Powder/
7 Brazing powder 0.045-0.060 inch ----
IN738 LPM (Liburdi powder
8 Brazing Powder/ IN738 0.045-0.060 inch ----
Pre-Sintered Perform/ We need to repair the large
9 ----- ----
plate and rod damage on blade and vane

2- I would like to collaborate with BeamIT company that is located in Italy for additive manufacturing
project. I think you have a good connection in this company.
3- Do you know a good company for repair of gas turbine components that we can collaborate with