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Four kinds of major stars

Translated from here.

開創型 Initiators
開創 kāichuàng = to start, initiate, begin

七殺 Qi Sha

破軍 Po Jun

廉貞 Lian Zhen

貪狼 Tan Lang

領導型 Leaders
領導 lǐngdǎo = to lead, exercise leadership

紫微 Zi Wei

天府 Tian Fu

武曲 Wu Qu

天相 Tian Xiang

支援型 Supporters
支援 zhīyuán = to support, help, assist
太陽 Tai Yang

巨門 Ju Men

天機 Tian Ji

合作型 Collaborators
合作 hézuò = to cooperate, collaborate, work together

太陰 Tai Yin

天梁 Tian Liang

天同 Tian Tong

Using star configurations

Translated from here.

In the horoscope the star configurations are very important. They exert a big influence. Their weight and effect is
not inferior to the impact and importance of the major stars. There are two types of star configurations: 吉格
[lucky/favourable] and 凶格 [ominous/inauspicious].

Even if there are star configurations present in the chart, still one has to take into account the stars involved in the
configurations and how comfortable they are in the horoscope.

If the stars involved are happy and pleased, a favourable star configuration can effectuate much that is useful and
beneficial. If happy stars are involved in an inauspicious star configuration, there may the the instance of 逢凶化吉
féngxiōnghuàjí = to land on one's feet; to turn ill luck into good.

If the stars involved are having a difficult time in the horoscope, lucky star configurations won't be able to bring
about a whole lot of good. But the ominous configurations will be capable of much that is baleful and calamitous.

One should be mindful of the fact that favourable configurations [吉格] ...[?], and ominous star configurations [凶格]