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Word Limit: 3000 words (Plus or minus 10%)

Case Study based Assignment Questions

Assignment Questions based on the airline company ‘RYANAIR’.

Internal Environmental Analysis & Evaluation of Strategic Options

This individual 3000‐word assignment (10% margin) builds on

the theoretical knowledge gained in the Strategic management

Referring to the case study of Ryanair, the purpose of

this assessment is to assess the strategic capabilities of
the company by addressing the following:
1. A ‘VRIO’ or analysis of the company [max 25 marks]

2. A ‘SWOT’ and ‘TOWS’ analysis of the company [max 25 marks]

3. Propose effective change management methods and theories that

Ryanair could have used to ensure transformational change and
how barriers can be overcome to achieve success [max 20 marks]

4a) Your strategic recommendation developed from your

VRIO and TOWS analyses [max 10 marks]

4b) An overall evaluation of your recommendations in terms of ‘suitability’,

‘feasibility’ and ‘acceptability’ [max 20 marks]
Assignment Structure
Title page: Title of Assignment, Full name, Student Number, Submission Deadline
Contents page: A list of key headings and associated page numbers
Executive summary: summarising the key issues facing Ryanair and briefly identifying the
findings and recommendations of your internal analysis of the company.

Introduction: Which very briefly introduces Ryanair and European Budget airline industry;
followed by a brief overview of the main areas to be addressed in the main body of your report.

Main body:
Section 1: VRIO analysis in which the key internal strategic capabilities of the company
are addressed, as well as possible limitations in terms of Ryanair’s
strategic capabilities

Section 2: SWOT in which internal and external factors are identified and TOWS analysis,
which SO, ST, WO and WT options for the company are identified.

Section 3: Models of Change Management. You need to include a diagram of the change
model that you have decided to use in your analysis.

You may want to consider any of the following Models:

John P Kotter's eight steps to successful change;
Kübler-Ross five stages transition (grief) cycle;
Prosci’s five building blocks ADKAR (awareness, desire, knowledge,
ability, reinforcement) model;
McKinsey’s 7S (strategy, structure, systems, shared values, skills, style,
staff) framework;
Kurt Lewin’s change management model - unfreeze, transition and
Burke-Litwin’s causal change model;
Action research;
Gap analysis

Section 4: Which needs to include two activities:

4a) Strategic recommendations developed in light of the analysis presented sections 1 and
4b) An overall SFA (suitability, feasibility, acceptability) evaluation of the forwarded
recommendations presented in 3a.

Summary and conclusion: reiterating the main findings and concluding with your strategic
Appendices (if any)

1. VRIO analysis Maximum 25 marks

2. SWOT and TOWS analysis Maximum 25 marks

3. Change Models Maximum 20 marks

4a) Strategic Recommendations Maximum 10 marks

4b) Suitability, Feasibility, Acceptability Maximum 20 marks

TOTAL Maximum 100 marks

See below the broad marking criteria rubrics, in terms of synthesis

referencing and structure.

Marking Criteria Max – Marks

Synthesis 50%
Referencing 40%
Structure 10%