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English II

Exercise Task I


Ydalia Álvarez Sosa

MATRICULA: 16-2473


Orelvis Felix Arvelo Rojas

Nagua, Dominican Republic

12 de July de 2018
Unit 5 Exercise D, E, F a page 58.

Bubble in the correct answer.

1. Do you buy clothes at the supermarket? Yes, I do No, I don’t

2. Do you buy videos at the shoe store? Yes, I do No, I don’t

3. Do you buy milk at the supermarket? Yes, I do No, I don’t

4. Do you buy shoes at the supermarket? Yes, I do No, I don’t

5. Do you buy medicine at the pharmacy? Yes, I do No, I don’t

6. Do you buy cookies at the video store? Yes, I do No, I don’t

Write the question

Do you
1. _____Do you________ like milk and cookies? Yes, i like milk and cookies.

2. ____ Do you ________ live in San Francisco? No, I don’t live in San Francisco.

3. _____ Do you _______ he need help? Yes, he needs help.

4. _____ Do you _______ she lives in Costa Mesa? No, she doesn’t live in Costa Mesa.

5. ______ Do you _____ buy food at Jasper’s Market? They, buy food at Jasper’s Market.

6. _____ Do you ______ like school? Yes, I like school.

* Answer de questions about you.

1 Do you buy clothes at a department store? Yes, I go buy the clothes at department store

2 Do you like milk? Yes, I like milk

3 Do you need new shoes? Yes, I Need it

4 do you buy food for your family yes, I boy food for my family
Page 60. D, E, F, G

Write the words in the chart.

In California Birch street Mobile home a house

Los Angeles walker drive west palm st on second street.

They live in California They live on second street

I live in Los Angeles I live on birch street

He lives in mobile home (housing)

We live in west palm st (housing)

Check the correct answer.

1 Lien live ___ an apartment in on

2 they live ___ Texas in on

3 we live ___ Main Street in on

4 we have a house ___ Bush Avenue in on

5 live ___ a house in on

6 he lives ___ Mexico City in on

Write about Youssef

I’m Youssef

I’m from Saudi Arabia.

I live in a house.

I live on market st in San Francisco

Write about you

I’m Idalia Alvarez Sosa

I’m from Dominican Republic

I live in Samana

I live in Los Robalos

Page 63 B

Bubble in the correct word.

1 Casper walks to school. Walks drives rides

2 Gilberto take a bus to school rides take drives

3 Alfonso rides a train to school. Walks rides takes

Page 64 D, E, and F

Complete the sentences.

Marvin rides a bicycle to school.

Anya drives a car to work.

Alexi and Humberto rides the train to work.

Peter and I walks to the store.

You take a bus to the store...

I walk to school.

Omar walks in a house,

Lien and Duong take on First Street,

Look at exercise A. Complete the sentences.

1 Alfonso walk in a house, and he take the train to school.
2 Gilberto and líen go a house and they wakls to school.
3 Nadia and Gilda drive an apartament.
4 Carina ride a bicycle to school.
5 Carina live in a condominio.
6 Nadia and Casper take the bus to Work.

Talk to students or friends and complete the chart

What’s your name? How do you come to school? Do you live in a house?
My name is Omar I come on in the car Yes
My name is Luisa I come on in the Bus Yes
My name is Victor I come on in the bicycle Yes

Page 66 D, E, and F
Match the location with the directions. Use the map on page 65.
1 start on city mall drive at the shoe store. A. Polly’s pets
2 go straight. Turn left on Radcliff. Go B. shoe emporium
To the corner of main street
3 turn around. Go to Broadway. Turn right C. Claudia’s restaurant
On main street. Stop next to the bank.
4 go straight. Go to the restaurant between
Luigi’s pharmacy and taco town fast food. D. taco town fast food

Page 68 D

Bubble in the correct word. Use: the / ---

1 john goes to__the____ market on First Street
2 _the____ Polly’s pets is next to the bank.
3 we like _---_ store on city mall drive.
4 _the__bank is next to Polly’s pets.
5 the pest store is in of_the_ advantage market
6 we buy medicine at __--- luigi’s pharmacy.

Page 70.
Complete the sentences, use present progressive. (ing+is/are/am)

1 Maritza is walking to work.

2 we are take…. (take) the bus to school.
3 they are riding (ride) bicycles to the store
4 Gilberto driving (drive) a car to school.
5 the children are riding (ride) the bus.
6 I am walking (walk) to school
7 john and Mary are driving (drive) to work.
8 maxime is taking (take) a taxi to the airport.
F-PAGE 70 Rewrite the simple present into the present continuous.

1 They drive to school.

They are driving to school.
2 I drive to school.
I am driving to school
3 we walk to work
We are walking to work
4 Natasha and I ride our bicycles to the store.
Natasha and I are riding our bicycles to the store
5 anh walks to the market
Anh is walking to the market
6 you take a bus to the market
You are taking a bus the market
G-PAGE 70 Write sentences about what you do for transportation.
I go to the university on Saturdays, I take a public transport vehicle to get there.
to go to my work, I take a public transport vehicle and to carry out any activity