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LS Retail DACH Sveinn Áki Lúðvíksson

Sales Director
LS Retail – The Saga
• LS Retail is a 100% ISV Company
• Developing Retail and Hospitality
Solutions Based on Microsoft Dynamics
since 1988 – Almost 25 Years
• The Biggest Retail Software Developer
for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
• Certified and Tested by Microsoft
LS Retail Value Offering
• Increase Revenue
– Price and promotion management
– Cross-selling & mix-match functionality, member management, loyalty, offers & coupons
• Reduce Cost of Operations
– End-to-End solution from POS, to Store, and to HQ
– Central management of products, prices, promotions and inventory
• Increase Utilization of Assets
– One system for all operations of the retail and/or the hospitality business
– Easy to use, customizable user interfaces for different roles offering fast and reliable service
• Reduce Risk
– Off line capability secures maximum up time and customer service
– Global solution with world wide support and continues improvements in functionality
LS Retail - Today
• 120 Certified LS Retail Partners in 60 Countries
• 90 Employees in 10 Countries
• 2010:
– Sales Revenues up 45%
– 200 New Customers
• 2011:
– Sales Revenues up 35%
– 250 New Customers
• 2012:
– Sales Revenues up 35% in first 6 months
• LS Retail is a Member of Inner Circle and President’s Club
for Microsoft Dynamics®2012
LS Retail Customers

2.100 Customers

40.000 Stores

90.000 POS
Close Cooperation With Microsoft
• Technical Advisory Partner (TAP) on NAV 2013 on Azure
• TAP NAV 2013 On-Premise
• Early Adaptation Beta Program on NAV 2013
• TAP AX for Retail 2012
• Developing Vertical Solutions on AX for Retail in Cooperation With Microsoft
• ISV Partner Advisory Council (ISV PAC)
• Microsoft Global Road to Repeatability (GR2R) Program for Global High Growth ISVs
• LS Retail AX and LS POS.NET Acquired by Microsoft in July 2009
• Among First of ISV Solutions to Become Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) and the First Retail
• LS Retail is a Member of Inner Circle and President’s Club for Microsoft Dynamics®2012
• LS Retail ehf. Gold ERP and Silver ISV Competency Certified
Network of Partners
Over 120 Partners in Over 60 Countries + 90 LS Retail Employees in 10 Countries
• German version done by
LS Retail
• German marketing
material by LS Retail
• German speaking PAM
• Event in Berlin
• 8 partner in Germany
• Some old some new
• 2 in Austria
• 2 in Swiss
• Working on more
DACH-Kunden LS Retail
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