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Magic Missile
Chromatic Orb
Mirror image
Ray of Enfeeblement
Melf's Acid Arrow
Ghost Armor
Hold Person
Melf's minute meteors
Flame Arrow
Skull Trap
Spell Thrust
Fire ball
Spirit Armor
Stone Skin
Improve imvisibility
minor sequencer
Spider spawn
greater mallison
Lower resistance
Spell inmmunity
Animate Dead
improved haste
Protection from Magical Weapons
True Sight
Mordenkainen's Sword
Spell Sequencer
Ruby Ray of Reversal
Finger of Death
Power Word
Horrid Wilting
Spell Trigger
Pierce Shield
Chain Contingency
Black Blade of Disaster
Improved Alacrity
Energy Blades
Dragon's Breath
Summon Planetar
this is better that Armor but it has a much shorter duration
use it to disable enemy mages or archers or even dragons
use one of these before shopping to get a discount
Good to disrupt enemy mages and burn through Mirror Images
Not too important, but helpful early game
Low level Finger of Death spell
webbed the enemy, useful even in TOB
good for improving AC early in the game
better than Blur especially later in the game when AC becomes more useless
useful for a solo person who has no thief skills to unlock things
reduce strength to 3
useful for troll killing
gives the same AC as plate mail for a fairly long duration of 5 turns - 5 minutos
great but watch out for fatigue
good for disabling humanoid enemies but Web is infinitely better
not terribly good for a fighter/mage but the meteors are +5 weapons
Big damage with Robe of Vecna. Replaces Magic Missile.
Huge AOE damage.
Decent low level spell removal.
one of the best spells ever
gives the same AC as full plate for twice the duration of Ghost Armor
get hit and take no damage (except magic or elemental damage)
good to prevent enemy mages from targeting you
put two Webs in this bad boy and watch the fun (webs do stack)
spiders are immune to webs of course and they will tear up webbed enemies
Minus 4 to all enemy saves. Cast this before you use spells like Web.
great for getting rid of enemy mage combat protections like Stoneskin and PFMW
great for a pure class mage but not really good for a fighter/mage
make yourself immune to a spell school (particularly useful to block Maze and Imprisonment)
Ignores magic resistance. Big damage.
Unstopable summon at level 15.
the best spell ever for a fighter/mage
the second best spell ever for a fighter/mage
can be useful but I prefer to fill up on the previous two spells since they are so very important
all hostile Illusion/Phantasm spells in the area of effect will be dispelled
sword acts as a +4 weapon in all respects and deals 5d4 points of damage upon hitting a target
you can save 3 spells, that cast at the same time when the sequencer is activated (lvl4)
protection to +2 weapons
Takes down mages defense spells
Cast Greater Mallison first, then kill anything.
Cast this on most mages and then chunk em
the best direct damage spell 15d6 is awesome
create a copy of the mage whit 60% of the atributes
you can save 3 spells, that cast at the same time when the sequencer is activated (lvl6)
send enemy to astral plane
Takes down lots of defense spells
you can save 3 spells, that cast at the same time when the sequencer is activated (lvl8)
stop time, best spell ever
powerfull, but dangerous spell
shape change into a mindflayer, golem or a grate werewolf
same as mordy but more powerfull
kills everything
Cast spells way too fast
Five 1d4 +1 attacks per round at range. Not great, but nice for range
like a 1000 fireballs jajajaja
a greate ally

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