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Leading Matters
TABLE OF CONTENTS Lessons from My Journey
General Interest.................................. 2-4 John L. Hennessy
Finance........................................................4 Foreword by Walter Isaacson
Innovation............................................. 5-6
Organizational Development
In Leading Matters, current
and Change...........................................6-7 Chairman of Alphabet
Philanthropy and Social (Google’s parent company),
former President of Stanford
University, and “Godfather
Business and Society...........................9
Evaluation................................................ 10
of Silicon Valley,” John L.
Entrepreneurship.................................. 10
Hennessy shares the core
Human Resources..................................11 elements of leadership that
Leadership and Management..........11 helped him become a suc-
cessful tech entrepreneur,
O RDER ING esteemed academic, and
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listed in this catalog. Each chapter in Leading Matters looks at valuable elements
Visit to order online. Visit that have shaped Hennessy’s career in practice and philosophy. He discusses the pivotal role that humility, authenticity and
for information on phone
trust, service, empathy, courage, collaboration, innovation,
orders. Books not yet published
or temporarily out of stock will be intellectual curiosity, storytelling, and legacy have all played
charged to your credit card when in his prolific, interdisciplinary career.
they become available and are in
the process of being shipped. Hennessy takes these elements and applies them to instructive
stories, such as his encounters with other Silicon Valley leaders
including Jim Clark, founder of Netscape; Condoleezza Rice, former U.S. Secretary of State and Stanford provost; John
Arrillaga, one of the most successful Silicon Valley commercial
Blog: stanfordpress. real estate developers; and Phil Knight, founder of Nike and
philanthropist with whom Hennessy cofounded Knight-
Hennessy Scholars at Stanford University.
Examination copies of select titles
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Professor and Former Provost of Stanford University
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Senior Editor for Business 184 pages, September 2018
and Economics 9781503608016 Cloth $24.00  $19.20 sale
regarding new book proposals.

Life Is a Startup
What Founders Can Teach
Us about Making Choices
and Managing Change
Noam Wasserman
After two decades of research
on founders, a best-selling
book on the subject, and
experience teaching and
mentoring thousands of
students in this field, Noam
Wasserman is a prominent
authority on startups. Hear-
ing from countless readers
that his insights helped
NOW IN PAPERBACK them with important life decisions, Wasserman brings us a
A Practical Education new book that applies to everyday life his research on the
Why Liberal Arts Majors methods of successful startup founders.
Make Great Employees
Randall Stross Like entrepreneurs, we all deal with uncertainty, tough
decision-making, and necessary problem-solving. Whether
The liberal arts major is often lampooned:
lacking in “skills,” unqualified for a we freelance or work for large organizations, whether we’re
professional career, underemployed. But married or single, have kids or not, we must be able to think
studying for the joy of learning turns out on our feet, assess risks and opportunities, and recruit others
to be surprisingly practical. Just look to to help us navigate them. This book offers important advice
Silicon Valley, of all places, to see that
for envisioning change in our lives and managing changes to
liberal arts majors can succeed not in
spite of, but because of, their education. which we’ve already committed. With his extensive database
of entrepreneurship case studies—from Pandora to Twitter
A Practical Education investigates the
real-world experiences of graduates
to Nike—Wasserman is able to go deeply into the entrepre-
with humanities majors that would neurial mindset and show us how startups provide specific
seem the least employable in Silicon lessons for crafting our most successful lives.
Valley’s engineering-centric work-
places. Drawing on the experiences of “Noam Wasserman is a leading expert on founders, and he
Stanford University graduates—their makes a compelling case that an entrepreneurial mindset can
education, job searches, and first work help us make important decisions in every part of our lives.”
experiences—Randall Stross show
—Adam Grant,
liberal arts graduates to be multi-
New York Times bestselling author of Originals, Give and Take,
capable majors who thrive in positions and Option B with Sheryl Sandberg
that no one would have predicted.
“The need for critical thinking and liberal 224 pages, October 2018
arts–educated leaders is more relevant 9781503601758 Cloth $29.95  $23.96 sale
than ever. An engaging perspective on this
crucial topic that proves the humanities
pays dividends in the long run.”
—David Kalt,
CEO and Founder, Reverb Holdings, Inc.

304 pages, 2017
9781503608221 Paper $17.95  $14.36 sale

The Gift of
Global Talent
How Migration
Shapes Business,
Economy & Society
William R. Kerr
The global race for talent
is on, with countries and
businesses competing for the
best and brightest. Talented
individuals migrate much
more frequently than the
general population, and
the United States has re-
ceived exceptional inflows
of human capital. This foreign talent has transformed U.S. Pricing Credit Products
science and engineering, reshaped the economy, and influenced Robert L. Phillips
society at large. But America is bogged down in thorny debates In the wake of the 2008 financial
on immigration policy, and the world around the United crisis, pricing loans in a way that is
States is rapidly catching up, especially China and India. profitable for lenders and sensitive
to risk is anything but simple.
The future is quite uncertain, and the global talent puzzle Increasingly, lenders are following
deserves close examination. the lead of other retailers by
segmenting their market and more
To do this, William Kerr uniquely combines insights and lessons precisely targeting customers.
from business practice, government policy, and individual To be successful, lenders must
decision-making. Examining popular ideas that have taken engage analytic approaches, such as
hold and synthesizing rigorous research across fields such machine learning and optimization,
as entrepreneurship and innovation, regional advantage, in setting prices for each segment.
and economic policy, Kerr gives voice to data and ideas that Robert L. Phillips worked with
should drive the next wave of policy and business practice. major banks and financial services
The United States has been the steward of a global gift, and companies for more than a decade
to help them improve their pricing
this book explains the huge leadership decision it now faces capabilities. This book draws on
and how it can become even more competitive for attracting his experience, as well as the latest
tomorrow’s talent. academic research, to demonstrate
how lenders can apply the proven
“A clear-eyed exposition of how talent moves around the techniques of price optimization
world…a must-read.” to responsibly improve the profit-
—Janet Napolitano, ability of their loans.
President of the University of California, former Secretary
“This book does an excellent job
of Homeland Security and Governor of Arizona
of exposing the uninitiated reader
to the main issues at stake, while
“This book is brilliant, lucid, and timely.” offering a substantial review for
experienced professionals.”
—Robert Guest,
—Rene Caldentey,
Foreign Editor of The Economist, and author University of Chicago Booth School
of Borderless Economics of Business

248 pages, October 2018 256 pages, July 2018
9780804787208 Cloth $65.00  $52.00 sale
9781503605022 Cloth $27.95  $22.36 sale

Bubbles and Crashes The Craft of Creativity Beyond the Champion
The Boom and Bust of Institutionalizing Innovation
Matthew A. Cronin and
Technological Innovation Through People
Jeffrey Loewenstein
Brent Goldfarb and Gina Colarelli O’Connor,
While we laud the products of
David A. Kirsch creativity, the stories behind them Andrew C. Corbett, and
In Bubbles and Crashes, Brent are often abridged and elusive Lois S. Peters
Goldfarb and David A. Kirsch give “aha!” moment, the result of a Beyond the Champion argues
us new insights into the causes of momentary stroke of genius. that innovation is a talent and a
speculative booms and busts. They discipline all its own. Breakthrough
Matthew A. Cronin and Jeffrey
identify a class of assets—major wins require an organizational
Loewenstein present a new way to
technological innovations—that can, design with clearly delineated roles,
understand how we innovate. They
but does not necessarily, produce responsibilities, and career tracks for
emphasize the importance of the
bubbles. This methodological twist is those who shoulder the responsibility
journey and reveal the limitations
essential: Only by comparing similar for new products. Drawing on the
of focusing on outcomes. Drawing
events that sometimes lead to booms results of a four-year study and two
on a wide range of scholarship,
and busts can we ascertain the root decades of related research, this
their own research, and interviews
causes of bubbles. Goldfarb and book outlines three fundamental
with professionals and learners
Kirsch identify the factors that play competencies necessary for innova-
who employ creativity in the arts,
a key role in these episodes, consider tion—discovery, incubation, and
engineering, business, and more,
implications for technology bubbles acceleration—and maps these skills
Cronin and Loewenstein argue
that may be in the works today, offer onto roles and opportunities for
that creativity is a cognitive process
tools for investors to identify whether advancement. Companies will come
that hinges on changing one’s
a bubble is happening, and propose away with a pioneering roadmap for
perspective. Breaking new ground
policy measures that may mitigate the sustainable innovation.
in the discussion about how we
risks associated with future speculative
innovate, this book provides “This book is the capstone of 20+
strategies that everyone can use years of longitudinal research that
“A fascinating account of how and to be more creative. has revealed the issues with corporate
when new technologies lead to innovation on numerous levels. It’s
exuberant asset prices. Anyone who “A must-read for those eager for spot on.”
thinks about innovation and financial a new perspective on creativity —Rich Duncombe,
markets will enjoy this book.” and innovation.” University of Oregon
—Jonathan Levin, —Jennifer Mueller,
author of Creative Change: Why We 320 pages, January 2018
Stanford Graduate School
of Business Resist It, How We Can Embrace It 9780804798273 Cloth $35.00  $28.00 sale

256 pages, February 2019 288 pages, April 2018
9780804793834 Cloth $35.00  $28.00 sale 9781503605077 Paper $29.95  $23.96 sale

Fast/Forward Lead and Disrupt Organizational Transformation
Make Your Company Fit How to Solve the How to Achieve It, One Person
for the Future Innovator’s Dilemma at a Time
Julian Birkinshaw and Charles A. O’Reilly III and Bruce J. Avolio
Jonas Ridderstråle Michael L. Tushman It is estimated that approximately
The leading companies of the past A startling fact: companies large seventy percent of organizations
twenty years have all harnessed the and small are shuttering more fail in their attempts to implement
power of information, but as access quickly than ever. Innovation transformative change. This book will
to big data becomes ubiquitous, it guru Clayton M. Christensen has help lessen that rate. Using real-world
can no longer guarantee a leg up. been pessimistic about whether examples, Bruce J. Avolio maps four
Fast/Forward makes the case that established firms can prevail in the states of change that any organization
we are entering a new era in which face of disruption, but Charles A. must go through: identifying and
firms that understand the limits O’Reilly III and Michael L. Tushman recognizing, initiating, emerging and
of bits and bytes will take the lead. know they can! impending, and institutionalizing
Whereas the information age has new ways of operating. Each state is
Lead and Disrupt explains how described in detail, as are the lead-
been described as a meritocracy,
shrewd organizations have har- ership qualities necessary to solidify
we are witnessing the rise of
nessed ambidexterity to solve their and transition from one to the next.
adhocracy. Adhocratic organizations
own innovator’s dilemmas. These These “in-between moments” are an
scan the horizon for winning
luminaries improve their existing often-overlooked key to organizational
opportunities, and then respond
businesses through efficiency, transformation. So too is the fact that
with agility by making smart,
control, and incremental change, organizational change happens one
intuitive decisions. Fast/Forward
while also seizing new markets individual at a time. For transfor-
paints the big picture of a new
where flexibility, autonomy, and mation to take root, each person must
approach to strategy and provides
experimentation rule the day. shift his or her sense of self at work
the necessary playbook to make
your company fit for the future. “One of the perennial puzzles in and the role that he or she plays in the
business is how established companies transforming organization.
“Makes a compelling case for can maintain their core while simul-
spontaneity, speed, and a willingness taneously pursuing new growth. This “Brilliantly presents a progressive
to lead with intuition, and speaks to book provides an insightful perspective guide for leaders to position their
the leadership qualities required to on the important role leadership can organization and envision a path
implement its suggestions.” play in solving that puzzle.” toward transformational change.”
—Jeffrey Pfeffer, Clayton M. Christensen, —Thomas A. Kolditz,
Stanford University, and Harvard Business School, and Rice University
author of Power author of The Innovator’s Dilemma 216 pages, June 2018
240 pages, 2017 280 pages, 2016 9780804797931 Cloth $35.00  $38.00 sale
9780804799539 Cloth $29.95  $23.96 sale 9780804798655 Cloth $29.95  $23.96 sale

Peer Coaching at Work Organizing for Reliability Getting New Things Done
Principles and Practices A Guide for Research and Practice Networks, Brokerage, and the
Polly Parker, Douglas T. Hall, Edited by Ranga Ramanujam Assembly of Innovative Action
Kathy E. Kram, and and Karlene H. Roberts David Obstfeld
Ilene C. Wasserman Increasingly, scholars view reliability This book offers a framework that
Peer Coaching at Work draws on —the ability to plan for and explains how innovators use network
research and practice to deliver a withstand disaster—as a social processes to broker knowledge and
hands-on guide to this powerful construction. However, there is mobilize action. How well they do
relational learning technique, a tendency to evoke this concept so directly influences the outcome of
which many coaches consider to only in the face of catastrophes. attempts to innovate, especially when
be the next wave in professional This book frames reliability as a a project is not tied to proscribed orga-
development. fundamental issue in the study of nizational routines. An entrepreneur
organizations—one that can also launches a business. A company rolls
The authors present a rigorously improve day-to-day operations. out a new product line. Two firms
tested three-part model for facili- form a partnership. These instances
tating peer coaching relationships Bringing together a diverse cast of
and many more like them dot today’s
in one-on-one settings and in contributors, it considers how we
business landscape. Yet we understand
larger groups. With lively case can account for the ability of some
little about the social dimension of
studies, they define peer coaching organizations to maintain high
these undertakings. Disentangling
as a focused relationship between reliability and what we can learn
brokerage from network structure
equals who supportively learn from them. The first of its kind
and building on his theoretical work
from, actively listen to, and in over twenty years, this volume
regarding tertius iungens, David
judiciously question each other, delivers a dynamic base of shared
Obstfeld explains how actors with
which leads to breakthroughs that knowledge and an integrative
diverse interests, expertise, and skills
may otherwise lie dormant in one’s research agenda at a time when
leverage their connections to create
career. A fundamental guide for organizational reliability has never
new ventures and products with
anyone with an interest in mentoring been so important.
extraordinary results.
and transformational learning, this “Contributing fresh insight, this book
book is a must-have for the talent “Taking no shortcuts, Obstfeld’s
has the potential to stimulate
management bookshelf. scholarly tour de force is eminently
substantial new research in the field.”
readable and truly practical.”
“This in-depth treatment of peer —Sara J. Singer,
—Amy C. Edmondson,
coaching is unmatched.” Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public
Health and Harvard Medical School Harvard Business School,
and author of Building the Future
—William H. Hodgetts,
MANAGEMENT 272 pages, 2017
216 pages, March 2018 344 pages, February 2018 9780804760508 Cloth $70.00  $56.00 sale
9780804797092 Cloth $27.95  $22.36 sale 9780804793612 Cloth $75.00  $60.00 sale


Money Well Spent
A Strategic Plan for
Smart Philanthropy
Paul Brest and Hal Harvey
Philanthropy is a booming
business, with billions of
dollars committed to the
social sector each year. Money
Well Spent, an award-winning
guide on how to structure
philanthropy so that it really
makes a difference, offers a
comprehensive and crucial
resource for individual donors,
foundations, non-profits, and scholars who focus on and teach Engine of Impact
others about this realm. Essentials of Strategic Leadership
in the Nonprofit Sector
Behind every successful grant is a smart strategy. Paul Brest and
William F. Meehan III and
Hal Harvey draw on the experiences of hundreds of foundations Kim Starkey Jonker
and non-profits to explain how to deliver on every dollar.
Foreword by Jim Collins
They present the essential tools to help readers create and test
effective plans for achieving demonstrable results. Brest and We are entering a new era—an
era of impact. The largest inter-
Harvey tackle thorny issues, such as how to choose among generational transfer of wealth in
different forms of funding, how to measure progress, and when history will soon be under way,
to exit a project that isn’t working. bringing with it the potential for
huge increases in philanthropic
The second edition accounts for a decade of progress: a rise in funding. Engine of Impact shows
impact investing, the advent of pay-for-success programs, the how nonprofits can apply the
maturation of impact evaluation, and the emergence of a new principles of strategic leadership
generation of mega-donors. Today, the notion of results-driven to attract greater financial sup-
port and leverage that funding
philanthropy is more important than ever. With this book, the to maximum effect. As Good to
social sector has the techniques it needs to deliver on that idea Great author Jim Collins writes in
with impact. his foreword, this book offers “a
detailed roadmap of disciplined
“An indispensable book, offering a comprehensive overview thought and action for turning a
supplemented by a rich trove of examples and insights from good nonprofit into one that can
two masters of the craft.” achieve great impact at scale.”
—Larry Kramer, “As a philanthropist constantly
President, Hewlett Foundation grappling with how I can achieve
more impact, I found Jonker and
392 pages, July 2018 Meehan’s insights to be provocative
and engaging. A must-read.”
9781503602618 Cloth $29.95  $23.96 sale
—Jeff Raikes,
Co-Founder, Raikes Foundation,
former CEO, Bill & Melinda Gates
Foundation, and Chairman,
Stanford Board of Trustees

280 pages, 2017
9780804796439 Cloth $29.95  $23.96 sale

Can Business Save the Earth? The Green Bundle Research Universities and
Innovating Our Way to Pairing the Market with the Planet the Public Good
Sustainability Magali A. Delmas with Discovery for an Uncertain Future
Michael Lenox and David Colgan Jason Owen-Smith
Aaron Chatterji The market for green products Public funding for research universi-
Increasingly, business leaders are has expanded rapidly, but most ties is under threat. But if we scale
tasked with developing new products, consumers need something more back support for these institutions,
services, and business models that than eco-benefits to motivate their we also cut off a key source of value
minimize environmental impact purchases. This book argues that creation in our economy and society.
while driving economic growth. many green products now offer the Countering recent arguments that
It’s a tall order—and a call that is total package—a “green bundle” that we should "unbundle" or "disrupt"
only getting louder. checks the environmental box, but higher education, Jason Owen-Smith
also offers improved performance, argues that research universities are
In Can Business Save the Earth?,
health benefits, savings, and status. valuable gems that deserve support.
Michael Lenox and Aaron Chatterji
To help consumers cut through the While they are complex and costly,
explain just how the private sector
noise and make their best decisions, their enduring value is threefold:
can help. Many believe that markets
we need new strategies. The Green they simultaneously act as sources of
will inevitably demand sustainable
Bundle offers some of the best and new knowledge, anchors for regional
practices and force them to emerge.
most effective communication and national communities, and
But Lenox and Chatterji see it
techniques for pushing consumers hubs that connect disparate parts of
differently. Based on more than a
in the right direction. society. These distinctive features
decade of research and work with
Framing product benefits to motivate allow them, more than any other
companies, they argue that a bright
behavior is the key. Combining institution, to innovate in response
green future is only possible with
insights from sustainable business and to new problems and opportunities.
dramatic innovation across multiple
behavioral economics, Delmas and Presenting numerous case studies
sectors at the same time.
Colgan show managers how to lead that show how research universities
“This marvelous book unites rigorous play these three roles and why
research with in-depth examples to buyers from information to action.
they matter, this book offers a
show how business really might be “Magali Delmas and David Colgan fresh and stirring defense of the
able to save the earth. It’s the perfect have created a roadmap for companies
answer to the question my students research university.
that want to thrive in the twenty-
ask me all the time: How can I make first century. A must-read for any INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY IN
a difference?” consumer facing CEO.” THE WORLD ECONOMY
232 pages, September 2018
—Rebecca M. Henderson, —Tony Pritzker,
Harvard Business School Founder and Chair, 9781503601949 Cloth $35.00  $38.00 sale
Pritzker Genius Award
200 pages, May 2018
288 pages, July 2018
9780804790994 Cloth $29.95  $23.96 sale
9781503606418 Paper $29.95  $23.96 sale

Tackling Wicked Problems Advocacy and Policy Culture and Commerce
in Complex Ecologies Change Evaluation The Value of Entrepreneurship in
The Role of Evaluation Theory and Practice Creative Industries
Edited by Rodney Hopson and Annette L. Gardner and Mukti Khaire
Fiona Cram Claire D. Brindis Art and business are often described
This book is a call to action, focusing Ideal for evaluators, change makers, as worlds apart, even diametric
on the role that evaluators can play and funders, this book is the opposites. And yet, these realms are
in addressing social and economic authoritative guide to advocacy close cousins in creative industries
problems. Evaluation extends and policy change evaluation. Part where firms bring cultural goods
beyond theories and methods, I provides a conceptual foundation to market, attaching price tags to
encompassing a range of proven for navigating advocacy tactics music, paintings, theater, literature,
approaches for addressing ecological within today’s turbulent policy film, and fashion.
complexities that drive inequities landscape. Part II offers recommen- Building on theories of value con-
around the globe. dations for developing appropriate struction and cultural production,
evaluation designs and working Culture and Commerce details the
Bringing together leading thinkers
with unique advocacy and policy processes by which artistic worth is
and problem-solvers, this collection
change–oriented instruments. Part decoded, translated, and converted
traverses the range of contexts at
III turns toward opportunities and to economic value. Case studies of
the frontiers of the field—from
challenges in this growing field. To firms from Chanel and Penguin
inadequate food supply and housing
illuminate and advance evaluation to tastemakers like the Sundance
to unemployment and poverty.
practice, the authors draw on over Institute and the Pritzker Prize
Editors Rodney Hopson and Fiona
30 years of evaluation experience; illuminate how creative entrepre-
Cram demonstrate the effects of an
a new, large-scale survey of evalu- neurs influence our sense of value,
engaged approach to evaluation,
ators; and in-depth case studies shifting consumer behavior and our
in which three considerations
on issues from the environment to culture in deep, surprising ways.
take center stage: its relevance, the
public health to human rights.
relationships it engenders, and the “This remarkable book lucidly and
responsibilities it requires.  “This book definitively announces convincingly reveals the structure
to the world that this is a specializa- and functioning of creativity in the
“The editors have assembled a group tion contributing credible and useful marketplace.”
of internationally renowned contribu- evaluations, documenting its accom-
tors to demonstrate how a complex plishments for all to see.” —Diana Sorensen,
Harvard University
ecology lens can benefit evaluative
thinking and practice.” —Michael Quinn Patton,
author of 280 pages, 2017
—J. Bradley Cousins, Utilization-Focused Evaluation 9780804792219 Cloth $65.00  $52.00 sale
University of Ottawa
288 pages, 2017
296 pages, May 2018 9780804792561 Paper $35.00  $28.00 sale
9781503600713 Paper $55.00  $44.00 sale

Human Resource Excellence 3D Team Leadership The Sincerity Edge
An Assessment of Strategies A New Approach for How Ethical Leaders Build
and Trends Complex Teams Dynamic Businesses
Edward E. Lawler III and Bradley L. Kirkman and Alexandra Christina, Countess
John W. Boudreau T. Brad Harris of Frederiksborg and
Human Resource Excellence delivers In 3D Team Leadership, Bradley Timothy L. Fort
the newest findings about what makes L. Kirkman and T. Brad Harris Recognizing their role as “corporate
HR successful and how it can add present a dynamic new model for citizens,” companies are seeking
value to today’s organizations. This maximizing team performance that guidance on how to be true to their
landmark volume provides an inter- accounts for two often overlooked missions, principled in practice, and
national benchmark against which to components: the individuals well regarded for their contributions
measure a company’s HR practice. who make up the team and the to society. As this book reveals, the key
subgroups that form within teams. lies in sincerity—the sum of values like
For over twenty years, USC’s Center
Drawing on their own research, authenticity, integrity, and trust.
for Effective Organizations has
best-in-class studies, and extensive
conducted the definitive longitudinal Countess Alexandra Christina, a
consulting, they show leaders how
study of the human resource manage- European corporate board director,
to properly diagnose the state of
ment function. Analyzing new data and Timothy L. Fort, a leading
their teams, hone in on the element
every three years, the Center charts American scholar, delineate a clear,
that needs attention, and seam-
changes in HR and offers guidance actionable model for bringing
lessly shift focus among the three
on how human resource professionals sincerity to the business context.
components of teamwork as time
can drive performance. In this latest Their vision complies with law,
goes on. Delivering practical guid-
survey, the authors conclude that aligns corporate social and financial
ance rooted in scholarship, this is a
HR is most powerful when it plays a performance, and values corporate
thoughtful, straightforward guide
strategic role, makes use of informa- ethics in its own right, rather than as
to the challenge of teaming today.
tion technology, and has tangible a means to an end.
metrics. Their insights offer an essential “Great leaders bring out the best in
“This book demonstrates that corporate
understanding of HR’s changing role in their teams. This handbook from two responsibility has its biggest impact
strategy, big data, and social networks. experts makes the latest evidence on when it is pursued sincerely. It con-
team leadership accessible to anyone
“Lawler and Boudreau’s ideas are looking for insight in a complex world.” nects the reader to concrete practices
conceptually innovative, research- and explains why ethical values can
—Adam Grant, drive dynamic businesses.”
based, and useful for anyone committed New York Times bestselling author
to advancing HR.” of Originals, Give and Take, and —John Mackey,
—David Ulrich, Option B with Sheryl Sandberg CEO, Whole Foods and co-author
University of Michigan of Conscious Capitalism
312 pages, 2017
208 pages, April 2018 9780804796422 Cloth $35.00  $28.00 sale 176 pages, 2017
9781503603912 Paper $45.00  $36.00 sale 9780804797450 Cloth $45.00  $36.00 sale

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