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You’re on the Right Track

or world-class hand-to-eye coordination like Aikman. And if your

golf wisdom were anything close to Byron’s, you wouldn’t be read-
ing an instructional book. But we can always learn from great exam-
ples. Picturing eighty-seven-year-old Byron Nelson practicing for
several weeks in order to hit one perfect tee shot is a great reminder
that golf takes dedication and that the importance of rehearsal can-
not be stressed enough.
As in Troy’s case, realize that many, if not most, pro athletes are
crazy about golf. They play several days a week during the off-
season, and during their post-career years they play year-round.
Despite being athletically superior to most people, most pro athletes
are fortunate if they ever break eighty. If you ever watch those
celebrity events on TV, you know what I’m talking about. Charles
Barkley comes to mind.

Photo 1.3 Shawn and Troy appearing on the Golf Channel’s “Academy